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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Discover Valle Camonica - Italy

Bienno - BS -

Bienno is renowned for its long tradition in iron working, forges and mills situated along the Vaso Re
a mountain stream crossing the village.  The town centre is full of Renaissance and medieval
buildings, hidden in a gird of small alleys.

Cerveno /Via cCucis - BS
A must stop is the wonderful Via Crucis. preserved in the chapels of Cerveno:  an artwork of wood and plaster made of 198 statues dated 1752 - 64, created by the sculptor Beniamino Simone from
Saviore with Donato and Grazioso Fantoni. A religious  tribute to the population made prosperous by
the mining activity.

Cividate Camuno  - BS -

Cividate Camuno is a small town in the middle of the Valley, built by the Romans about two
thousand years ago.  It houses a national archaeological park with roman ruins (theatre, amphitheater
and forum) and the Museum, with many valuable remains, mosaics, inscriptions and statues, as a great Minerva Igea on marble, found in the Spinera Sanctuary.

Incision Rupestri - BS -

Localita'  Naquane - Capo di Ponte

Localita' Darfo Boario Terme

In Valle Camonica there is is a countless amount of symbols carved on the rocks, from Mesolythic
to the last centuries.
The Valley is the first Italian Unesco Site included in the World Heritage list since 1979. The images
tell a lost world with hunting scenes, dwellings, weapons, animals and other mysterious figures.

Lovere - BG -

In the northern end of Lake Iseo, where the Valle Camonica begins lies Lovere. This elegant city boasts the Basilica of Santa Maria in Valvendra , the Accademia Tadini with important works by Antonio Canova, the Torre Civica with internal climb,the Sanctuary of Lovere saints, Gerosa e
Capitano and the marina, one of the biggest and most modern on the European lakes.

Pisogne - BS -

Pisogne is an ancient fishing hamlet at Lake Iseo shores, in the historical centre, the medieval Bishop's tower and the late Gothic church of St Maria della Neve, frescoed by Girolamo Romanino,
one of the best Renaissance North Italy painters.

Restaurant La Storia - Valle Camonica, Italy

Restaurant La Storia
Valle Camonica

Tel:  +39 0364 53 87 87



F:  Ristorante "La Storia"

Ristorante Pizzeria Archeopark - Italy

Ristorante Pizzeria Archeopark
Valle Camonica

Tel:  +39 333 58 05 730



F:  Ristorante Archeopark

B&B La Teiera - Darfo Boario Terme, Italy

B&B La Teiera
Vicolo Torrente Dezzo 13
Darfo Boario Terme

Tel:  +39 349 80 41 502



F:  Bed and Breakfast "La Teiera"

B&B Contrada del Re' - Angolo Terme, Italy

B&B Contrada del Re'
Via San Silvestro 31
Angolo Terme

Tel;  +39 339 87 96 509


W:  www.contradadelre'.it

F:  B.b. in Contrada del Re

Terme di boario e Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel & Spa - Darfo Boario Terme, Italy

Terme di Boario e Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel & Spa
P'zzale delle Terme 3
Via G Carducci 11
Darfo Boario Terme

Tel:   +39 0364 52 50 11
         +39 0364 53 16 17

E: /

W: /

F:  Terme di Boario S.p.A / Rizzi  Aquacharme Hotel & Spa

Hotel Sorriso - Darfo Boario Terme , Italy

Hotel Sorriso
Via Roccole, 1
Darfo Boario Terme

Tel:  +39 0364 53 14 18
        +39 0364 53 42 62

Fax: +39 0364 53 55 18


F:  Hotel Sorriso

Le Forsterie della Riserva - Nadro di Ceto, Italy

Le Foresterie della Riserva
Via Piana, 29
Nadro di Ceto

Tel:  +39 348 45 95 374



Cantina Bignotti - Piancogno, Italy

I Cultivar delle Volte

Cantina Bignotti
Via Monte Grappa 5

Tel;  +39 347 79 67 563



F:  Cultivar Delle Volte

B&B I Viandanti - Piancogno, Italy

B&B I Viandanti
Via Vanzolino 13 C

Tel:  +39 349 80 59 776


W:  www.

Ostello Centro Concarena - Ono San Pietro, Italy

Ostello Centro Concarena
Piazza Roma 6 / 8
Ono San Pietro

Tel:  +39 0364 43 30 38
        +39 333 23 12 969



F:  Ostello Centro Concarena

Friday, 28 April 2017

Osteria Capo di Lago - Italy

Osteria Capo di Lago
Via Lago Moro, 6
Capo di Lago

Tel:  +39 0364 5298 78 / + 39 335 67 49 786


F:  Osteria Capo di Lago

Hotel Ristorante Diana - Darfo Boario Terme, Italy

Hotel Restaurant Diana
Via Manifattura Vittorio Olcese, 12
Darfo  Boario Terme

Tel;  +39 0364 53 14 03



F:  Hotel Diana Darfo Boario Terme

Artintavola Ristorante - Capo di Ponte, Italy

Artintovala Ristorante e Catering
Via Nazionale 38
Capo di Ponte

Tel:  +39 0364 42 380 / +39 389 07 39 017



F:  Artintavola Gastronomia e Bistrot

Trattoria Moro du Gigi - Albino, Italy

14-14-15-16 July 2017

 Sagra degli gnocchi ripieni

Trattoria Moro da Gigi
Loc. Perola,
Albino BG

Tel:  035 751.296

Albino Classica Concert XVI Edizione - 2017

Calendar of Events:

- Sabato 6 Maggio ore 21.00
  Albino, Auditorium Benevenuto E Mario Cuminetti
  Milano Luster Brass
  Quintetto D' Ottoni
  Musiche di:  M-ACharpentier, W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach, G. Verdi
                       F.Lehar, S.Joplin, A. LKachaturjan, G. Gershwin e N. Piovani

- Domenica 7 Maggio ore 17.00
   Albino , Chiesa Di S. Bartolemo
  Fiabe E Suoni D' Organo
  Lettrice :  Veruska vedovati
  Organista:  Fabio Nava
  Consigliato per famaglie E Bambini

-Sabato 13 Maggio ore 21.00
  Cenate Sotto, Chiesa Parrocchiale
  Alchima Duo
  Arpe:  Alice Caradente e Alessandra Ziveri
  Musiche di:  J.B. Cardon, C Franck, G Caramiello, AZamara, MRavel e C Saint - Saens


Bistrot Spadari - Milan, Italy

The oldest Fish Shop of Milan invites you to discover Bistrot Spadari from the sea to the table nearby the Dome.

From Wednesday to Saturday  7.00 - 10.30pm

Saturday and Sunday  12.30 am - 2.30 pm

Bistrot Spadari
Nearby Dome

Tel:  +39 0287 8250Milan,

Churches in Brescia - Italy

-  Duomo Nuovo

 - Duomo Vecchio

 - San Giuseppe

- Sant' Agata

- San Faustino

- Santa Maria Del Carmine

-  San Giovanni

- Madonna Delle Grazie

- Santi Cosma E Damiano

- Santa Maria Della Pace

- San Francesco D'Assisi

- Santi Nazaro E Celso

- Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

- San Lorenzo

- Sant'Alessandro

- Sanctuaire De Sant' Angela Merici

- Sant' Afra In Sant'Eufemia

- Santa Maria Calche

- San Clemente

- San Zeno Al Foro

- Santa Maria Della Carita'

- San Cristo

- San Pietro In Uliveto


Franciacorta, Lake Iseo, Trompia Valley - Brescia, Italy

The area of Franciacorta, Lake Iseo and the Trompia valley extends to the North West of the city of Brescia.

These three areas all have their own unique geography, history and economy; this is an original and pleasant land, offering delightful surprises to tourists.

Franciacorta is one of the most important wine growing areas in Italy, producing Franciacorta DOCG

Lake Iseo is very picturesque and romantic place, nestled among the mountains with Monte Isola at its heart.

The Trompia Valley is the iron valley, home to mines and forges, with workshops of artists and sculptors.


In Franciacorta - The history of Franciacorta is built on the the presence of monastic sites which,                                     since the year 1,000 AD, have been major land owners in the area.  Local abbeys
                            monasteries, churches and convents contain valuable collections of works of art,
                            paintings, frescoes and wooden sculptures.  There are also many castles and                                         patrician homes which are now museums or prestigious wineries.

Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa XI century - Provaglio d'Is

Annunciata Convent - Rovato

Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola - Rodengo Salano

Palazzo Torri - Nigoline di Corte Franca

Oldofredi Castle - Iseo

Castle Quistini - Rovato

Palazzo Bargnani Dandolo - Adro

Palazzo Oldofredi - Cazzago San Martino

Palazzo Bettoni - Cazzago - CazzagoSan Martino

Castle and Villa Orlando Cazzago San Martino (Bornato)

Palazzxo Lana Berlucchi - Corte Franca (Borgonato)

Palazzo Oldofredi - Cazzago San Martino

Palazzo Bettone - Cazzago Cazzago San Martino

Castle and Villa Orlando Cazzago San Martino (Bornato)

Villa Fenaroli - Erbusco

Ricci Curbasto Agriculture and Wine Museum - Capriolo

Museo della Guerra - Iseo

MUSIL ( Museum of Labour and Industry)
             Rodengo Saiano (Mole)

Borgo dei maglio - Orne
 Trompia Valley

Known by its historical mining tradition, offers a huge number of museums, artistic and religious sites, exhibits and events.
Guided visits and worships available (for the sites listed below) T:  +39 030 8337495

San Aloisio di Collio Museum

Mining Museum Pezzaze

The Forge Museum Tavernole

Ethnographical Museum Lodrino

Armamentsa Museum Gardone V.T

The Forges Sarezzo

Pope Paul VI Nativity Museum Concesio

Art and Religion Route

The Pope Paul VI Contemporary Art Collection in Concesio


- Ancient Valerian way

- Leonardo and Sale Marasino



Franciacorta Golf Club

Mountain Bike

Franciacorta Speedway

Swimming, Sailing and free time

Monte Gugliemo

Trompia Valley

Ski in Trompia Valley

Trekking and mountain bike

Valtrompia sport


Lake Iseo And Franciacorta

Torbiere del Sebino
Corte Franca, Iseo and Provaglio d' Iseo

Peripio della  Santissima - Gussago

Botanical Gardens - Orne

Oglio Park - Palazzolo sull'Oglio to Paratico

From Paratico to Brescia

Quistini Castle Rose Garden- Rovato

Monte Isola

Monte Isola is one of Italy's most beautiful towns. A daily ferry service connects it to all the major lakeside towns.  No cars are allowed on the island,
There are several tiny hamlets.

Peschiera Maraglio, a delightful village with a small port where typical traditional fishing boats are

Siviano, located on high ground with fantastic views to the coast

Sensole, a short walk from Peschiers Maraglio, with a picnic area located among olive trees, as well
               as bars and restaurants, in front of San Paolo island.

Carzano, with the traditional homes of the fishermen, in a picturesque site overlooking Loreto island

Cure, on the highest point of the island, site of the popular sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola,
          dating from the thirteenth century

Loreto Island lies on the north of Monte Isola and

San Paolo Island lies to the south.

Zone Pyramids

Nature reserve with unusual rock pyramids created over thousands of years through erosion by the atmosphere

Trompia Valley

Constellations Museum

Explore the heavens in Lumezzane, with the Serafino Zani Observatory telescope (Colle San Bernardino) or visit the P.lanetarium and the picturesque view of the starry night skies.

Tales of the Forest

A itinerary with 6 ethnographical -nature routes, presented by the Trompia Valley Ecomuseum to
illustrate traditional local life and work.

Tourist Info:

Lake Iseo and Franciacorta
Lungolagl Marconi, 2 c
25049  Iseo

Tel:   +39 030 3748733
                030 980209


Trompia Valley

Trompia Valley Mountain Community
Santa Maria degli Angeli Tourist Office
Via S Francesco d' Assisi
25063 Gardone VT (BS)

Tel:  +39 030 8337493




Thursday, 27 April 2017

Line Service and Tourist Service - Lake d'Iseo, Italy

Navigazione Lago d'Iseo ns.r.l
Via Nazionale 16
24062 Costa Volpino (BG)

Tel:   +39 035 971483

Fax:  +39 035 972970



San Antonio - Days Inn - Texas, USA

San Antonio - Days Inn
1-10 West Fiesta Park /Medical Center
11790 IH - 10 West
San Antonio, TX 78230

Tel:  (210) 696 7922


Round Rock-Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Round Rock - Days Inn & Suites
North Austin
1802 South IH-35
Round Rock, TX 78681

Tel:  (512) 246 0055


Florence- Days Inn - Florence, SC, USA

Florence - Days Inn
1-95 Exit 157 /South
3783 W Palmetto St.
Florence  SC 29502

Tel:   (843) 665 8550


Beaufort - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Beaufort - Days Inn
Parris Island
1660 Ribaut Rd.,
Port Royal  SC 29935

Tel:  (843) 524 1551


Club Table & Vin de l'Aude - France

Club Table & Vin de l'Aude



Domaine Lerys - Villeneuve - Les - Corbieres, France

Appellations:  AOP Corbieres, AOP Fitou, AOP Rivesaltes, AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes

Domaine Lerys
1 Chemin de Pech de Gril
Villeneuve-Les- Corbieres

Maguy Labatut

Tel;   04 68 45 95 47 / 06 73 41 04 42



Chateau de Nouvelles - Tuchan, France

Appellations:  AOP Corbieres, AOP Fitou, AOP Rivesaltes, AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes

Chateau de Nouvelles
Tuchan, France

Jean & Jean -Remy Daurat-Fort

Tel:   04 68 45 40 03



Domaine de Clarmon - Tourouzelle, France

Appellation:   AOP Minervois

Agriculture biologique

Domaine de Clarmon
4 bis, Rue de l'Egalite'

Frederique Josserand

Tel:   04 68 41 60 12 / 06 15 87 19 75


Chateau Saint - Esteve - Thezan - Des - Corbieres, France

Appellations :  AOP Corbieres, AOP Corbieres Boutenac, IGP Pays d' Oc, IGP aude

Agriculture raisonnee'

Chateau Saint- Esteve
Domaine de Saint - Esteve
Thezan - Des - Corbieres

Eric Latham

Tel:   04 68 43 32 34 / 06 88 26 73 01


W:   www.chateau-saint-esteve,com

Chateau Aiguilloux - Thezan Des - Corbieres, France

Appellations:  AOP Corbieres, AOP Corbieres Boutenac, IGP Pays D'Oc

En conversion vers l'Agriculture biologique

Chateau Aiguilloux
Domaine des Aiguilloux
Thezan - Des - Corbieres

Francois Lemarie

Tel:   04 68 43 32 71 / 06 8143 38 83

E:   aiguilloux


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

KokoBello - Sweden

KokoBello is the small children's shop with the big heart. We offer children's clothes, toys, ergonomic baby sings, gifts and other bits and pieces for small children and their parents.

Fun, ecological, educational and hard wearing. Our aim is that you will be able to find beautiful and imaginative goods in our shops that maintain a high level of quality in terms of durability and design.  We choose our stock with care. We promote environmental and global solidarity and prefer to sell goods in natural materials that are manufactured under equitable conditions.  Welcome to KokoBello!

Nygatan 12
Sodertajle cerntrum

Tel;   073 941 50 93



Kringlan Department Store - Sweden

Welcome to the Gilt Edge Department Store.

The department store was built in 1965 and underwent a major refurbishment in 2006 - 2008, resulting in a modern, new shopping centre, Kringlan has almost 40 shops, restaurants and companies that offer everything from the latest fashion to good food and services of various kinds.  You can park in our heated garage in the basemen,which has some 300 spaces and 2 hours free parking on
Saturday and Sunday.

Storgatan 4
Sodertajle centrum

Tel:   08 550 397 85


Sioux Falls - Days Inn - South Dakota, USA

Sioux Falls - Days Inn
Airport /1-90 Exit 399
5001 N Cliff Ave.
Sioux Falls , SD 57104

Tel:   (605) 331 5959


Citta' Di Lissone - Brescia, Italy

2,020 mt

Citta' Di Lissone
Val Adame'

Tel:   0364 638296


Gnutti - Sonico, Brescia, Italy

2,166 mt

Val Millet
Sonico, Brescia

Tel:  0364 72241


Cima Rest - Magasa , Brescia Italy

1,000 mt

Cima Rest
Magasa, Brescia

Tel:   338 8660577


Garlibaldi - Brescia

2,550 mt

Val d'Avio Venercolo

Tel:  0364 906209


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Rapid City-Days Inn - South Dakota, USA

Rapid City - Days Inn
1570 N LaCrosse St
Rapid City, SD 57702

Tel:  (605) 348 8410


Locanda del Lago Rosmunda - Italy

Specialita' Tinca al Forno

Locanda del Lago Rosmunda * * *
Lago d'Iseo - Francia
Via Ponta 2/A
25040 Clusane (BS)

Tel:   030 989018

Fax:  030 9898076



Domaine Serres-Mazard - Talairan, France

Appellation:   AOP Corbieres

Agriculture  raisonnee

Domaine Serres- Mazard
6, Place Fontvielle

Famille Mazard

Tel:   04 68 44 02 22 /
         06 85 56 13 39

E:   mazard


Restaurant Le Potager - Sigean, France

Pork cheeks cooked in Fitou wine, Grilled squid, Roast leg of Lamb

Restaurant Le Potager
28 Avenue de Perpignan

Dominique Macquart

Tel:  04 68 48 4276



Monday, 24 April 2017

Campei De Sima - Brescia, Italy

1,107 mt

Campei De Sima
Campiglio di Cima

Tel:  368 3456328

Baita Adame' - Brescia, Italy

2,150 mt

Baita Adame'
Valle Adame'

Tel:   333 2039852

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Markets dei Prodotti Biological in Piazza - Brescia, Italy

Programme 2017

12 February     Piazza Vittoria

19 March         Piazza Vittoria

 9 April          Largo Formentone

14 May          Largo Formentone

10 September  Piazza Vittoria

8 October       Largo Formentone

12 November  Piazza Vittoria

10 December  Piazza Vittoria

Open;  9.30 to 19.00


F /MeglioBio

Museo monastero Domenicano "Matris Domini" - Bergamo, Italy

At this museum you find:  

  "Visitazione"  Affreschi XIV sec  (Particolare)

"S. Domenico" Affreschi XIV sec ( Particolare)

"Ultima Cena"  Affreschi X111sec (Particolare)

"Angelo"          Affreschi XIV sec (Particolare)

"Gesu in Croce tra Maria e Giovanni"  Affreschi XIV sec  (Particolare)

"Madonna col Bambino"  Vetrina XIV sec (Particolare)

"San Pietro martire"  Vetrina XIV sec (Particolare)

"Apparizione di Cristo risoto alla Madre" Affreschi XIV sec (Particolare)

"Madonna in trono" Affreschi XIV sec (Particolare)

"SS Giovanni Battista e Giacomo"  Affreschi XIV sec (Particolare)

"Cristo in Croce tra Maria e San Giovanni" Affreschi  XXIII sec (Particolare)

Open:  Saturday  15.30 - 11.15

           Sunday       9.00 - 11.15

Monastero Matris Domini
Via A Locatelli n 77
24121 Bergamo, Italy

Tel:   035 3884811
Fax:  035 3884837



Classic Jewellery - Sliema, Malta

Classic Jewellers
The Strand,
Sliema  SLM 1026

T:  +356 2203 5110

F:  +356 2124 8207



B&B La Casa Della Zia - Sarnico, Bergamo, Italy

B&B La Casa Della  Zia
Via Lucia Piccinelli 9
Sarnico,  BG

Tel:   +39 334 2903079


Pierre-Days Inn - South Dakota, USA

Pierre -Days Inn
520 W Sioux Blvd,
Pierre  SD 57501

Tel;   (605) 224 0411


Spartanburg - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Spartanburg - Days Inn
578  N Church St
Spartanburg  SC 29303

Tel:  (864) 585 4311


Spartanburg - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Spartanburg - Days Inn
1-85 Exit 75
115 Rogers Commerce Blvd
Spartanburg  SC 29316

Tel:  (864) 814 0560

W:   www,

Seneca - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Seneca - Days Inn
11015 Radio Station Rd,
Seneca SC 29678

Tel:  (864) 885 0710


Chateau d' Angles - Saint-Pierre-La-Mer, France

Appellation:  AOP Languedoc la Clape

Agriculture  raisonee'

Chateau d' Angles

Eric Fabre

Tel:   04 68 33 61 33



Restaurant La Distillerie - Saint-Marcel-sur-Aude, France

Poached egg, duxelle of morels, farmhouse snails cooked in milk, milky snail foam, crispy smoked bacon - Raw and cooked heirloom vegetables, vanilla shortbread, yellow pumpkin puree', horseradish, beetroot, carrot purple vitelotte potato and baby salad leaves

Restaurant La Distillerie
3, Chemin des Cooperatives

Thomas Ratabouil

Tel;   04 68 33 56



Cellier des Demoiselles - Saint- Laurent De-la-Cabrerisse, France

Appellations: AOP Corbieres, AOP Corbieres Boutenac

Agriculture traditionelle

Cellier des Demoiselles
5 Rue de la Cave
Saint-Laurent De-La-Cabrerisse

Tel:   04 68 44 02 73



Agriturismo "La Cascina dei Prati" - Bergamo, Italy

Ristorazione - Alloggi -Didatitica

Agriturismo "La Cascina dei Prati"
Via del Dossi, 23
24060 Credaro (BG)

Tel:     035 927325
 Cell;  347 5036364


Cantina Lantieri - Sarnico, Bergamo, Italy

Cantina Lantieri
Via Lantieri, 53
24067 Sarnico, BG

Tel:   035 0145512


B&B Gledizia - Credaro, BG Italy

B&B Gledizia
Via Pietra di Credaro, 27
24060 Credaro BG

Tel;   035 935595
Cell: 338 1031979


B&B Osteria Curtie - Tavernola, Italy

B&B Osteria Curtie
Via Chiesa S Michele 11
Fraz Cambianica
Tavernola, Brescia

Vista lago do Capoferri Cateria

Tel;   035 931000

B&B Vegan La Rocca - Sarnico, Italy

B&B Vegan La Rocca
Via Rocca 8
24067 Sarnico,



Ristorante Pizzeria "Leon d' Or" - Iseo, Italy

Ristorante Pizzeria "Leon d' Or"
Largo Dante 2
25049 Iseo

Tel e Fax;  030 981233


Closed Tuesday

Cekcik Ethnic & Vintage Bazaar - Valletta, Malta

Keith Monaco

Tel;   2788 8945
         7940 2108

Cekcik  Ethic & Vintage Bazaar
15 Melita street
Valletta VLT 1126



Museo Mille Miglia - Brescia, Italy

1927  - 1957   Cars, Customs and Curiosities

30 Years of Faces, Engines, Dust and Emotions

The Monastery of Sant' Eufemia della Fonte, built in AD 1008 is now the shrine to one of the most
fascinating races in the world:  the Mille Miglia. Thjs is the perfect monument to preserve the history and relive the myth, living again the emotions which have now become a legend.

A Great Collection of past items.

Legendary Cars That Made History

Along the Museum pathway you will be able to admire the most beautiful veteran cars that took in the Mille Miglia race from 1727 - 1957.  All cars exhibited are perfectly pre served or restored and even today they take part in the most important evocative races in the world.

An Interactive Pathway of A Thousand Miles

Along the pathway, audiovisual computer stations are installed where you can experience the race emotions through heroes' comments, exciting films and images of the period.
A dedicated area for movies will allow you to select and enjoy one of the several available films through an interactive system.

An Historical Archive With About 130,000 Documents

Taverna Mille Miglia; a Stopping Place of Great Flavours

Taverna mille Miglia, a myth in the myth. A place where the drivers used to meet before and after
the challenge of the great race.  Today, within its peaceful millenary charm, you will taste flavours and traditions of the local cuisine, surrounded by the atmosphere of the Red Arrow cars.

A Great variety of Books, Clothing, Stationery, Accessories and gifts.

Style and Elegance In the Name Of A Myth

In the big store inside the Museum you will find the name of exclusive and important brands on clothes, leather goods, accessories for leisure time, gifts, watches, clocks and many other items.  A
section of the store is dedicated to specialized publishing where you can buy books, regarding the world of veteran cars and races.

Museo Mille Miglia
Viale Bornata, 123
25135 Brescia

Tel:    +39 030 336 5631

Fax;   +39 030 3366411


Taverna Mille Miglia

Tel;   +39 030 3365680


Antonioli - Brescia, Italy

1, 780 mt


Tel:   338 7825951


Alpini Di Campovecchio - Brescia, Italy

1,130 mt

Alpini Di Campovecchio
Valle di Campovecchio

Tel:  0364 74108


Almici - Brescia, Italy

1, 865 mt

Monte Guglielmo, Zone

Tel:   339 8255153


Alla Cascata - Brescia, Italy

1, 480 mt

Alla Cascata
Via Paghera,
Vezza d'Oglio

Tel:   329 6338406

Van Horn- Days Inn - Texas, USA

Van Horn -Days Inn
1-10 Ex 140b
600 E Broadway
Van Horn  TX 79855

Tel: ( 432) 283 1007


Tyler - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Tyler - Days Inn & Suites
1-20 Exit 556  S  Hwy 69 Loop 323
2739 W Northwest Loop 323
Tyler  TX 75702

Tel:   (409) 296 2868


Winnie - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Winnie- Days Inn 7 Suites
14932 FM 1663 Rd
Winnie  TX 77665

Tel:  (409) 491 0300


Lunagallerian - Sweden

Lunagallerian is located in the heart of Sodertajle with entrances from both Nygatan and Storgatan.
With its three floors, the mall has a wide range of shops and services, restaurants, arts centre and gym, there is something for all tastes.

The mall is also home to Sweden's only tied statue, the fountain sculpture " Dafne" by Helga Henschen.

Lunagallerian was built in the 1970s and is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment and modernisation.

Open:   Monday - Friday - 10.00 - 19.00
                         Saturday-   10.00 - 16.00
                           Sunday-   11.00 - 16.00

Apotek                                                     Konditori                                          Skoglunds Kott

Athinas Tyger & Gardiner                       Luna kulturhus                                 Systembolget

Clas Ohison                                             Luna Pizzeria & Kebab                    Teknikmagasinet

Grekiska Kolgrilsbaren                           Luna Zoo                                           Tsuki Sushi

Gursac Guildsmed                                   Nagelsalong                                      Tartdecor

In & finn                                                  Pajas Godslander                              Talje Connection

KappAhi                                                   Salong Michel                                  Younan

Sodertajle centrum


Robotics - Malta

Four kids 4 - 10 years

Mondays - Art Explosion

 ( 2D/3D Shapes, crafts, Online Colouring....)+

Tuesdays - Create Designs

  (Create Movies, Photo Editing, Publisher...)

Thursdays - Fun Tech

   (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, E Safety....)

Fridays - Crazy Science

(Google, Using VR Glasses, Youtube, Science....)

10 Weeks every Morning starting from July till September in   FREE 7" Android Tablet &

                                                                                                        VR Glasses
                     Naxxar and Paola

For more information contact :  Naxxar    21 410 852/ 21 421 784

                                                    Paola      21 820 819



Thursday, 20 April 2017

Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle - Bergamo, Italy

Animali Del Parco

Mammiferi : -  Antilopi - Cammelli - Canguri - Dromedari - Elefanti - Foche - Ghepardi - Gibboni -

                        Giraffe - Ippopotami - Lama - Leoni - Leopardi - Mara - Orici - Orsi - Panda Minori -

                        Rinoceronti - Scimmie - Tapiri - Tigri Bianche - Tigri Siberiane - Zebre

Rettili :           Alligatori - Serpenti - Testuggini

Uccelli :-       Anatre - Are - Avvoltoi - Aquile - Cacatua - Cigni - Civette - Emu - Fenicotteri - Gru -

                      Gufi - Ibis - Nandu' - Pappagalli - Pavoni - Pellicani - Struzzi

Apart from the animals you find a Bar, Restaurant, Self - Service, Pizzeria, Birreria

Other Services:  Souvenirs - Area Picnic - Nursery - Parking - Isola Aldabra - Lab Didattico -

                           Toilets - Stazione Trenino - Darwin Info Point

Opening Hours: -  February / March       9.00 - 17,00
                              April /September       9.00 - 19.00
                              October / November  9.00 - 17.00
                               December / January   Closed

Park Le Cornelle
Via Cornelle, 16
Valbrembo - Bergamo

T:  035 527422


Available on App Store

                    Google Play

Hotel Cumili - Brescia, Italy

Hotel Cumili * * *
Via Stazione, 1
25044 Capo di Ponte (BS)

Tel:   +39 0364 42034



vieni a trovarci anch su F

N.O.I. Restaurant - Bergamo, Italy

Come and taste the flavors of Italy and specialties of Bergamo
Just steps from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, in the heart of the city,
N.O.I. Restaurant welcomes you.

Our chef will delight you with a simple, yet sophisticated cuisine grounded in the traditions of our territory yet influenced by his work experiences abroad, in some of the best restaurants in the world.
in such places as Michelin 3 Star Restaurant Eleven Park Madison in New York City.

Closed om Sunday
Closed on Monday for Lunch

N.O.I Restaurant
Via Pitentino, 6 (BG)

Contact :   +39 035 237750



Chateau Canet - Rustiques, France

Appellations:  AOP Minervois, IGP Pays d'Oc

Agriculture raisonnee

Chateau Canet

Floris & Victoria Lemstra

Tel:   04 68 79 28 28 / 04 68 79 28 25


Terra Vinea - Portrel-Des-Corbieres, France

Appellations:  AOP Corbieres, IGP Pays d' Oc, IGP Pays de l'Aude, AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes

Terra Vinea
Chemin des Platneres

Gilles Frances

T:   04 68 48 64 90


Chateau - De Mattes - France

Appellations:  AOP Corbieres, IGP Pays d'Oc

Agriculture:  raisonnee'

Chateau de Mattes
Portel - Des - Nrouillat

Marie Alyette  Brouillat

T:   09 77 78 21 35
      06 86 85 10 87



Accademia Nazionale di Mountain Bike - Brescia, Italy

Associazione P.I.R

Post industrial for a new rurality.

Centro 3T
Via Scianca 6,
Loc. fornaci
25050 Sellero (Bs)


Reposabile progetti e visite sul territorio

Daniela Poetini    T:   3497921873
                             M:  +39 349 79211873

Guida di Mountain Bike


Williansport - Days Inn - Pennsylvania, USA

Williansport - Days Inn
234 US Hwy 15
Williamsport, PA 17702

T:  (570) 323 9801


Wilkes.Barre - Days Inn - Pennsylvania, USA

Wilkes. Barre - Days Inn
1-81 Exit 1
760 Kidder St.,
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

T:   (570) 826 0111


Stephenville - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Stephenville - Days Inn
701 South East Loop
Stephenville, TX 76401

T:    (325) 968 3392


South Padre Island - Days Inn - Texas, USA

South Padre Island - Days Inn
3913 Padre Blvd.,
South Padre Island, TX 78597

T:  (956) 761 7831

W:   www;

The Cathedral of Bergamo - Italy

The Cathedral is the centre of the religious life of the town and of the diocese: it is the Bishop's church, the home of his "cathedra", the symbol of his ministry as a pastor and as a master.  It is a living church, where the christian community gathers to pray and to celebrate the Sacraments and where the Bishop's presence marks the most solemn days of the liturgical year and of the pastoral life
of the Bergamasque Church.  The Cathedral, therefore, is not just a monument:  all the art treasures housed here are a symbol of faith, a means to glorify God and to teach mankind the truth that leads to
heaven. it welcomes you with its impressive baroque interiors, as in a heavenly dream. You will not only find valuable artworks, but also the peace and the calm breath that only holy sites are able to offer.  Do not haste to spot a masterpiece or to discover some amazing details.  Whether you believe in God or you are just looking for as hope, respect this house as if it were your home, as if it rekindled a never-ending sense of nostalgia: this is the very reason why it was created.

The Martyrdom of Saint Alexander  is at the high altar, catches the eye of the visitor.


Visit Bergamo in 12 Hours - Italy

You've come to Bergamo, you have a few hours to spare and you're hungry? for food, but also for history, culture, art and, why not, for fun and relaxation.

Bergamo is worth more than 12 hours, but one day may be enough to enjoy all its charm.  We want to
provide you with the correct "recipe" a mix of art galleries such as the GAMeC and the Accademia Carrara with historical museums, theaters and churches from every era.

Thyen we add in artisan and fashion stores.  The dressing is the fascinating medieval Citta' Alta
sprinkdde throughly with the green of the Parco dei Colli, the Botanical Garden and the pre-Alps of Bergamo, the "Orobie"

We serve it with dishes such as polenta or casoncelli and wash it all down with local wines  such as
valcalepio or Moscato Scanzo. Losing yourself among all these courses can be charming, but if you prefer to have some advice on where to go and what to see, we have created the right path for you.
You will find the Bergamust, everything that you can  not miss in Bergamo.

Porta Nuova to the Church of San Bernadino  (from 9.00 to 10.30)

Visiting the Piacentiniano Lower Town Center (1)  a coffee in the elegant bar of the Sentierone (2)
              the muscular architecture of Piazza della Liberta' (3) as well as the sweet sounds of the                        Donzetti Theatre (4) a visit to the churches of San Bartolomeo (5) Santo Spirito (6) and
             San Bernardino (7) with their masterpieces by Lorenzo Lotto.

Piazza Vecchia, Piazza Duomo and San Viglio

Visiting   now you're close to the heart of Bergamo:  Piazza Vecchia (15) You can see the whole city
                from the top of the Campanone (16) or enjoy the majesty of the Colleoni Chapel (17). To
                better understand  experience the Museum of the Venetian Age (18)  a must see is
                 Santa Maria Maggiore (19) and last is the Duomo (20)
  Finally you just have to choose if you prefer to have dinner in one of the many places in the romantic alleys of the medieval hamlet or enjoy the view of the Plain and the Apennines eating your last bite at San Viglio (21)

Bergamo, Milan


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

La Bruschetta Ristorante - Bergamo, Italy

La Bruschetta Ristorante Pizzeria
Via Gugliamo D' Alzano, 1
24122 Bergamo

Tel:  035 248993


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

St George - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

St George-Days Inn
1-95 Exit 77
128 Interstate Dr
St George, SC 29477

Tel:   (843) 563 4027


Moab - Days Inn - Utah, USA

Moab - Days Inn
426 N Main
Moab  UT 84532

Tel;  (435) 259 4468


Tyler - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Tyler - Days Inn
Lindale/1-20 Exit 558
13307 CR 472 E
Lindale  TX 75771

T:  (903) 882 7800


Terrell - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Terrell - Days Inn
1-20 Exit 501
1618 Hwy 34 S
Terrell  TX 75160

T:   (972) 551 1170


Monday, 17 April 2017

Chateau de Paraza - Paraza, France

Appellations:   AOP Minervois, IGP Pays d' Oc

Agriculture:  raisonee'

Chateau de Paraza

Annick Danglas

Tel:   06 17 87 51 46



Domaine Lalaurie - Ouveillan, France

Appellations:  IGP Pays d' OC - IGP Coteaux de Narbonne

Agriculture:  raisonnee'

Domaine Lalaurie
2 Rue le Pelletier de Saint-Fargeau

Camille & Audrey Lalaurie

Tel:  04 68 46 84 96



Domaine Jean Gleizes - Ouveillan France

Appellations:   IGP Pays d' OC. IGP Coteaux de Narbonne

Agriculture:    raisonnee'

Domaine Jean Gleizes
2 Avenue de Capestang

Pierre-Philippe Callegarin

Tel:   04 68 46 02 69
         06 87 80 27 63



Robotical - io

Myles Bax

Business Development

T:   07745107877

     @ RoboticalLtd


Hotel Cristallo - Brescia, Italy

Hotel Cristallo * * *
Via Stazione 12/A
25122  Brescia

Tel:   030 3772468 / 615

Fax:  030 3772603



Sunday, 16 April 2017

Clarksville - Days Inn - Tennessee, USA

Clarksville - Days Inn
1-24 Exit 11
1100 Hwy 76, Connector Rd
Clarksville TN 37043

T:   ( 931) 358 3194


Chattanooga - Days Inn - Tennessee, USA

Chattanooga - Days Inn
Ringgold GA
5435 Alabama Hwy,
Ringgold, GA 30736

T:   (706) 965 5730


Rock Hill - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Rock Hill - Days Inn
875 Riverview Rd
Rock Hill  SC 29730

T:  (803) 329 2171


Ridgeland - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Ridgeland - Days Inn
1-95 Ex 21
8216 East Main Street
Ridgeland SC 29936

T:   (643) 726 5553


Richburg - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Richburg - Days Inn
1-77 Exit 65
3217 Lancaster Highway
Richburg SC 29729

T:   (803) 789 5555


Burnout Pizza and Bistrot - Italy

Pizza and Bistrot

Via Pergola,
Localita' Levada, 25080
Moniga Del Garda

Tel:   333561718


Mermaid's Charm - Zejtun, Malta

Nails, Lashes and Brows

Nadine Penza
Designer & Technician

Mermaid's Charm
41 Mons Cachia Abela

T:   +356 7986 6497


Ristorante Pizzeria "La Pieve" - Brescia, Italy

A Family Run Restaurant - Tourist Groups - Typical Local Dishes

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Pieve"
Commo di Capodiponte
Via G Marconi, 4/A

Tel:   0364 426067

Closed on Monday

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Ristorante Cadei - Bergamo, Italy

Ristorante Cadei di Gambirasio & C s.n.c.

Ristorante Cadei
Via Roma 9
24060 Villongo (Bergamo)

T:  035 927565

Closed  Monday and Tuesday evenings

Camping Punta d'Oro - Iseo, Italy

Camping Punta d'Oro
Via Antonioli, 51/53
1-25049 Iseo (BS)

T:   0039 030 980084


Ai Burattini Osteria - Bergamo, Italy

Ristorante  Enoteca

La Tradizione E La Qualita'

ai Burattini di Bellini Gianmarco
Via Madaschi 45
24060 Adrara San Martino (BG)

T + F:   035 933433
      M:  328 4286581


Closed Tuesday evening and Wednesday

Friday, 14 April 2017

Telgehuset - Sweden

Shopping, coffee and food in a relaxing environment, you are warmly welcome to visit us in Telgehuset.  Our shopping mall is centrally located in Sodertajle, we offer a wide mix of shops for the whole family.  Park conveniently in our multi -storey car park on the roof, 2 hours free on Saturdays and Sundays with a parking disc.

Try walking on our glass floor if you dare! Part of Tom Tits Experiment in town

Open:  Monday - Friday    10.00 - 19.00
                        Saturday     10..00 - 16.00
                        Sunday       11.00 - 16.00



Sodertajle Kommun - Sweden

Familiar chains and unique shops for all tastes - you can find everything you need here for a successful shopping trip!

 1   .  Bodyoo
 2      Filmkedjan
 3      Johnells
 4      Kokobello
 5      Kringlan
 6      Lucky Me
 7      Lunagallerian
 8      Moraberg Handelsplats
 9      Telgehuset
10     Vasa Handelsplats
11     Weda Handelsplats

Sodertajle Centrum

Wendela Hebbes Hus, Restaurant - Sweden

Popular restaurant for lunch, a ' la Carte and coffee in a museum setting glazed outdoor serving area by the canal.  Open every day and evening in the summer. Often music in the evenings.

Wendela hebbes Hus, Museum sid 11

Wendela Hebbes Hus, Restaurant
Vettersgatan 4

T:   08 550 866 75


Caesar's Kitchen - Sweden

We serve both lunch and dinner, choose from pizza, pasta  and barbeque or something else from our exciting meni with the best from the American and Italian cuisine.

Caesar's Kitchen
Slussgatan 5,

T:   08 550 639 97


Barolo Ristorante - Sodertajle, Sweden

Sodertajle's first Italian restaurant uses top class raw materials and creates dishes from an international menu.  In the summer we have Sodertajle's largest terrace.

Barolo Ristorante
Slussgatan 7

T:   08 - 550 683 00


Steve Mc Curry Leggere - Brescia, Italy

Magnum's First Magnum LaPremiere Fois

The exhibition is linked to the successful series of images that McCurry has gathered in the magnificent volume LEGGERE, a wardrobe best seller.  Compared to the book, the exhibition in
Santa Guilia hosts a much larger series of images: 70 photographs of people from all over the world absorbed in the intimate and universal act of reading, from prayer locations in Turkey, to the street-markets in Italy, from the noise of India to East-Asia silences, from Africa to Afghanistan, to the United States.

2006, Innsbruck a few boxes covered in dust. What came to the light is a real treasure: the original images - complete with captions - of the first magnum group' exhibition, Gesicht der Zeit / The face of time, proposed in 5 Austrian cities in 1955-56. Probably the boxes were ready for the next venue of the exhibition, but something prevented it.  83 vintage prints in black and white accompanied by eight texts signed by Henri Carter-Bresson, Marc Riboud, Inge Morath, Jean Marquis, Werner Bischof, Ernst Haas, Robert Capa and Erich Lessing.
Today in Santa Guilia that exhibition comes back to life

The first time, Premiere Fois, indicates that particular moment in which the artist takes away from his teachers and invents its own language, its aesthetic, its grammar.  The first time is strongly evocative
for the great photographers too, stars of the exhibition in Santa Guilia, Magnum, la premiere fois is a unique exhibition: 131 photographs and 11 projections in which each of the 20 carefully selected Magnum's authors is represented by that specific group of images, that specific report which precisely
marks the magical moment when the skilled photographer evolves into a true artist.

Open:  7 March - 15 June

From:  Tuesday to Sunday  - 9.30 / 17.30

            16 June - 3 September

            Tuesday to September - 10.30 / 19.00

Information:    Santa Guilia Museum
                        Via Musei 81/b

T:   030 2977833 - 834




Terme Romano Predore - Lago d'Iseo, Italy

Terme Romane Predore  I - IV d.c.

Open from April to September

Thursday - Friday - Saturday
from 18.00 to 22.00

Sunday  from 9.00 to 13.00

Visiting outside normal hours  Tel;   338 1744582

Entrance Free.

Terme Romano Predore
Predore (BG)
Lago d'Iseo

QC Terme - San Pellegrino, Bergamo Italy

The place where wellness comes from the font.

Whirlpools, Kneipp course, waterfalls, saunas, steam baths, relax lounges where you can let yourself go to a regenerating thermal experience in one of the most famous places in the history of spa.
Ancient thermal cures leave space to a new way of wellness surrounded by beauty of the past where
frescoes, colonnades and ceilings dated year '900 unexpectedly get together with architecture and modern design installations, creating an elegant bond between innovative and conservatory restoration.

All day long, the master of beauty organizes special events, showing you relaxing techniques, treatments and masks to find correct body shape and beauty.  Our massages center, the solarium and the fire terrace will naturally complete our wellness offers.  Not to miss the Light Bistrot salon, embellished with pompeian decorations which arrived to us keeping its magnificence unchanged, where you can enjoy a gourmand experience without forgetting lightness.

Opening Times:  Monday to Thursday  10am - 11pm
                                               Friday      10am - 12am
                                             Saturday      9am - 12am
                                             Sunday        9am - 11pm

During the Christmas Holidays the opening times of the Spa will be extended and the prices will be subject to change. Please visit website:

Massages:  Facial beauty treatment - Light legs treatment - Short (face, back, neck or legs)-
                  Tailor made - (traditional, antistress) - Plus (body sculping, lymphatic drainage, sports
                                                                                or muscle relaxant massage)
                  Long (QC Terme massage, stone massage, lymphatic drainage, ayuveda)
                  Couple's massage (traditional, antistress)

Wellness Treatments:  fangage, savonnage


QC Terme
53, Vittoria Street,
24016 San Pellegrino Terme

T:    +39 0345 20102



Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Driving Experience - Brescia , Italy

Be a race car driver for a day

Ferrari 458 Italia

Exciting speed experience.

An authentic driving experience in Franciacorta.

Sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Italia, a BMW M3 E92 or an ATS Sportscar.
Don't moss this unique opportunity to try your hand at driving these cars on track.  Surprise yourself
or a dear person with something special.

The price includes :  track entry ticket, rental helmet, sportscar hire, driver/tutor, technical briefing,
insurance, fuel and tyres.

Autodromo di Franciacorta
Localita' Bargnana
25030 Castrezzato, Brescia

T:   +39 333 9303935



San Lorenzo - Bergamo, Italy

San Lorenzo Mini Market
in Citta'Alta
Via San Lorenzo 8 / A
24100 Bergamo

T:   334 3101310


Teatro Grande Brescia - Italy

Facciamo la Banda

Progetto di educazione alla musica

Seconda edizione

Gennaio - Maggio 2017

Diventa anche tu un piccolo Grande musicista.

Tel:   030 2979330


Monday, 10 April 2017

Marenplan Sodertalje - Sweden

With a fantastic selection of restaurants, there is all you need here to have a good meal and something to drink at the same time as enjoying the beautiful view of the water.  Experience Sodertalje , beside Maren, the bay at the heart of the town.

Mira Mar

We offer exciting Spanish and Lebanese delicacies.  Our speciality is small dishes, Spanish Tapas and Lebanese Meza, the equivalent,  of smorgasbord , cold and hot dishes that are served as a starter or a main course.

Mira Mar

Strandgatan 10

T:   08 550 321 20


O'Leary's  Bar & Restaurant

At O'Learys the atmosphere always gets top marks. Everything is available under one roof here -
merriment, a sociable  ancrowd and the major sporting events.  All accompanied by good food .and
refreshing beverages

O'Learys Bar and Restaurant
Slussgatan 3-5

T:   08 550 879 99


Ranch Steakhouse - Sodertalje, Sweden

An American grill bar offering classic meat and fajita dishes, with the focus on quality.  Why not try
our grilled 100% prime rib beefburger or our tender spareribs.
We serve lunch and dinner, you can also order food for collection.

Ranch Steakhouse
Gastgivaregatan, 3

T:  08 550 126 66


Castello di Malpaga - Cavernago, Italy

An Amazing Castle

In the heart of Serio Park, where the time seems stopped in the XV century, there is Malpaga Castle.

The Malapaga Castle has ancient medieval origins; it was built in 1300 but it became famous only in the 1456 thanks to his owner Bartolomeo Colleoni, the General Captain of the Venice Republic.  He
bought it for 100 gold ducats and transformed it in his beautiful home.

The Castle is considered one of the most interesting medieval construction in Bergamo thanks to the
historical and architectonic relevance and his beautiful cycle of frescos.

The Link Between Bergamo And Venice

Thanks to the fame of his owner, the Malapaga Castle maintain a strong connection with Bergamo and Venice.
In Bergamo Alta, close by the Duomo, you can see the Colleoni Chapel that accommodate the body of the Captain.In Venice, in SS Giovanni and Paolo Square, there is the most beautiful equestrian statue in the world, created in honour of Bartolomeo Colleoni.

Open from March to May  Sat:  2 to 6pm
         Sunday and Holiday from 10am to 6pm

        From June to August
Every Sunday and Holidays from 3pm to 6pm

How to reach the Castle

Malapaga Castle is located in Cavernago, at 10km from Bergamo city and 8 km from the Orio al
Serio Airport.
From the A4 highway Milano-Venezia take the Seriate exit and follow the "Castello di Malpaga"

Groups by reservation (max 20 pax)

Tel:   035 840003
Fax:  035 840664


Via Marconi, 20
Cavernago (Fraz Malpaga)


B&B Castello - Cimbergo, BS, Italy

B&B Castello
Via IV Novembre 19
25050 Cimbergo (BS)

Tel:   0364 48033


B&B alla Fontana - Villa di Lozio (BS), Italy

B&B alla Fontana
di Michele Pizio
via Zanardelli, 5a
25040 Villa di Lozio, (BS)

Cell:   333.6261239
          349. 6369883



Albergo - Ristorante Arianna - Iseo, Brescia, Italy

Albergo - Ristorante Arianna
Via Roma, 78
25049 Iseo (Brescia) Italy

Tel:   +39 030 982 2082
Fax;  +39 030 982 184


Craft Studios - Castlerock, Ireland

Pretty Crafty Design Studio & Willow Garden Tea Room

5 Springbank Road
Castlerock BT51 4SA

Contact:  James Currie

T/F  028 7084 8146
 M   078  0178 6865




The purpose built showroom supports a wide range of imaginative, hand crafted and original giftware made by local crafters.  You can hold your own craft birthday party with activities such as a mask making, stone painting, knitting, quilting and much more,  Adult workshops are also available in the above arts.  There is also a small bird petting farm on site where you can come and see the peacocks.

Open:  Mon - Sat  10.00am - 5.00pm
                      Sun  12.00pm - 5.30pm

Ramore Head - Dublin, UK


Ramore Head

Contact: Mountaineering Ireland
Sport HQ, 13 Joyce Way
Parkwest Business Park,
Dublin 12

T:   00353 1 6251  115
F:   00353 1 6251 116


The crag is composed of a series of short basalt cliffs. Traditionally the routes are unrecorded and
unnamed and are generally in the easier grades, through some harder routes have been climbed in recent years. A copy of the 'Fair Head Rock Climbing Guide MCI' is available from Mountaineering Ireland

What To See At San Viglio - Bergamo, Italy

The San Viglio funicular takes you away from those usual tourist routes to discover a less known but most beautiful area.  The view of the upper and lower towns and the plain is the main attraction when you reach the top of the funicular. The castle is certainly the most important landmark and the highest point in Bergamo, at 496 metres above sea levels.  Its strategic location offers 360' panoramas of the surrounding territory and its underground passageways hide remains of its fortifications, which were
transformed and enlarged over medieval ruins by the Republic of Venice between 1550 and early 1600s

The upper station of San Viglio funicular is an ideal starting point or relaxing strolls into secluded
corners of old streets and panoramic views.

1. The Castle

From the funicular, Via Castello takes you to the square  at the foot of the castle, which well deserves
a visit.  On the east side of the square, Via Cavagnis leads to Largo del Pozzo, where you can make
a complete tour of the hill top.  Via San Viglio takes you back to the station.

2. Monte Bastia

Via San Viglio leads to Largo del Pozzo, where you can take Via Scalvini and make a complete tour of Monte Bastia by following the road sharing the same name.  This route is recommended for the
beauty of its secluded spots which you can find along the way.

3. San Sebastiano

    After following Via San Viglio to Largo del Pozzo, take Via Monte Bastia and turn left into Via del
    Rione. This lane runs through ancient farmland, some left abandoned.  The little church of
    San Sebastiano marks the end of this road and offers a beautiful panorama.  Via San Sabastiano
    takes you back to San Viglio.

4.  Scorlazzone

     The church of san Sabastiano also marks the start of "Via dello Scorlazzone", which is one of              Citta' Alta most famous "flights of steps"which were old short cuts from the lower town.
     These steps take you down to Via Sudorno, which leads to Porta Sant' Alessandro and Colle               Aperto.

ATB Point
Largo Porta Nuova

Tel:   +39 035 236 026

Fax:  +39 035 346 211


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Cable Railway Routes - Bergamo Alta, Italy

The city of Bergamo is particularly known for its two urban centres:  "Citta' Alta", an ancient village situated on a hill surrounded by the venetian walls, and "Citta' Bassa", the lower town set at the foot of the hill, which is the modern part of the city.
These two parts of Bergamo have been linked since 1887 by a funicular railway, which was originally built to save the upper town from isolation and economic crises, after the lower part of the city was further developed and the principal administrative activities were transferred to the area of Sentierone.
The funicular, which has been modernized several times over the years, is still the most popular means  for inhabitants of Bergamo and numerous visitors to reach the upper town.  Bergamo also has another funicular, which links the ancient village with the hill of San Vigilio.  Built in 1912 in the aim to develop residential areas there, this funicular was mainly used by visitors.
In 1976 the service was suspended for renovation and safety works, but this proved to be too
expensive and the funicular closed down, In 1991, however, the city council and ATB decided to restore the service and make the necessary investments.


Citta' Alta funicular

From 1880 onwards, many projects were presented to Bergamo city council, in search to link Citta' Alta with the lower town.  After lengthy discussions, the Emilian engineer Alessandro Ferretti came up with the most suitable idea, which was to build a funicular that linked Viale Vittorio Emanuele
with Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe.  The funicular's first journey took place on the 20th September 1887.  Until 1907, the service was run by the engineer himself, who already managed the horse-drawn tram service, in the lower town. That year, after a referendum, the management of the system was handed over to the council, which led to the creation of ATB, known at that time as Amfete in 1921, this city-owned enterprise decided to modernize the entire system; two coaches were replaced and both stations were completely rebuilt.  More work was necessary in 1954 and again in 1963-64.
The last improvement was in 1987, one century after the first journey, when the funicular took on its
current form.

San Vigilio funicular

The funicular leading up to the hill of San Vigilio was opened on the 27th August 1912.  The company that originally managed the service ran into financial difficulties, so the city-owned enterprise, which already managed the Citta' Alta funicular, took over the system and kept it running.
It took over the service permanently in 1918.
The system operated until 1976 when the service was suspended, and in 1984, ATB decided to restore it. A radical restoration project began in 1987 and the works by the Milanese company Ceretti Tanfani went on until 1991. The San Vigilio funicular was and still is mainly used by tourists, the most famous of which was Hermann Hesse, Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1913.

ATB Point
Largo Porta Nuova

Tel:  +39 035 236 026
Fax:  +39 035 346 211


IL Vittoriale Degli Italiani - Gardone Riviera, Italy

The Most Beautiful Park In Italy

IL Vittoriale is open throughout the year except on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year.

Summer ( from the last Sunday in March until the last Saturday in October)
                 8.30 am - 7 pm - closing at 8 pm

Times and places are limited
Availability and purchase tickets at

Winter (from the last Sunday in October until the last Saturday in March)
              9 am - 4 pm - Closing at 5 pm

Closed om Mondays   Times and places are limited
Availability and purchase tickets online at

Fondazione IL Vittoriale Degli Italiani
Via Vittoriale, 12
25083 Gardone Riviera

Tel:   +39 0365 296511



Bistrot Spadari - Milano, Italy

Premiata Pescheria Spadari dal 1933

La piu' antica Pescheria di Milano ti invita a scoprire il Bistrot Spadari il mare in tavola a due passi
dal Duomo.

Aperto da Mercoledi a Sabato dalle ore 19.30 alle 22.30

Tel:   +39 02 878250

Bistrot Spadari
Via Spadari 4
Metro MM 1 E3 (Duomo)

T:   +39 02 878250



Vini e Capricci - Gozo, Malta

A Milestone in Gourmet Excellence

Gozitano Agricultural Village
Xewkija, Gozo

Tel:   (356) 2156 3231


La Ciotola Restaurant - Bergamo, Italy

La Ciotola
Ristorante - Pizzeria
Viale Papa Giovanni  XXIII 86

Tel:   035 238334
Fax:  035 4229567


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IL Fornaio - Bergamo Alta, Italy

Caffetteria  - Pasticceria  - Ristorazione

IL Fornaio
Via Colleoni, 3

T:  035 2493 76


F:  ilfornaio.bgalta

Ristorante, Pizzeria Panorama - Sarnico, Italy

Ristorante Pizzeria Panorama
Via Faletto, 18
24067 Sarnico (BG)

T:   035 91 27 27


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B&B La Malpensata - Bergamo, Italy

B&B La Malpensata
Via Pero 4/6
24060 Tavernola B.SCA (BG)

T:   035 932799
      338 1865565
      348 8597787


BeatlesMuseum - Brescia, Italy

The idea of an exposition on the Beatles' art is Rolando Giambelli's. Ronaldo, the founder of
"Beatlesiani d'Italia associati" has wanted to make people re-live, year by year, the fabulous story of the Fab Four through lots of memorabilia.  Such rarities as: records, photos, books, posters, autographs, clothes, plaques and all that has made <beatlemania> burst out again after almost 40 years since the Beatles split up is on show.

The Beatles Museum in Brescia was opened on June 7th 2009 on the occasion of the 20th edition of the annual Beatles day and was officially inaugurated on October 9th, John Lennon's birthday.

The Beatles Museum, the first permanent exhibition of Beatles memorabilia in Italy by the Beatlesiani d'Italia Associati - The Beatle People Association of Italy was first opened to the public on February 14th 2001 On the notes of "All you need is love" in the space kindly offered  by, it the "house of art and music" founded by the unforgettable Mario Vigasio.

Bresic's Beatles Museum, well known by fans all over the world, was presented to Sir Paul McCartney in 2001 in Milan and Hunter Davies has quoted it in his third edition of the Beatles'
biography. George Harrison was a Ferrari fan, and visited the Maranello firm in 1988.   Some of his photos, taken by Walter Iscra on this occasion and which nobody has ever seen so far, are now
exclusively shown at the Beatles Museum.

The Beatles Museum lives thanks to the collaboration of all Beatles People.  We beg collectors to kindly place their objects at the disposal of the Museum for everybody to enjoy.

You can visit the museum also on and


The Beatles' Music Academy

Among the Beatle People Association of Italy cultural events, has been established a Music Academy
where the Beatles' songs and other songs from the golden sixties are taught, even to beginners, by
professional musicians using the different instruments of the band: guitars, bass guitars, drums, etc.

The Beatles Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 6.00pm

Prices vary according to age, groups, family etc.

Beatles Museum
Beatlesiani d'Italia Associati
The Beatle People Association of Italy
Via Biseo 18,

T:  +39 030303092
F:  +39 030306919


W: -

Museo Mille Miglia Citta' di Brescia
Viale della Rimembranza 3
S.Eufernia (Brescia) Italy

T:  +39 0303365631


Bed & Breakfast San Rocco - Bergamo, Italy

The "San Rocco" B&B is located in Capo di Ponte, among the Brescia pre-Alps. It's halfway up the Camonica valley, along the course of the Oglio River, nestled between the sacred mountains of the ancient Camuni: the <Concarena> and <Pizzo Badile>  In such a rich natural landscape there are
numerous walks of different difficulties with stops in protected areas, forests, pastures and old farmhouses that express the unique relationship between man and nature. The ancient prehistoric village is at the heart of the natural reserve of rock cravings which is preserved natural open-air museum and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most famous of these engraving is the famous
<Rosa Camun> symbol of the Lombardy Region.  The churches of St Rocco,St Salvatore, St Siro and
St Faustina and Liberata are also worth a visit, as they are beautiful examples of the Romanic and Burgundian art.

The B&B San Rocco is located in this exclusive setting, it offers mini-flats which combine with a discrete and personalized service.  The bedrooms are spacious and full of light, named after the ancient churches of Capo di Ponte.

We're looking forward  to welcoming you, so do come and visit us soon.

B&B San Rocco
Via XXV Aprile, 30
25044 Capo Di Ponte (BS)

T:  +39 036442517
     +39 036434531419
     +39 3364 12435

W:  www.sanroccobedandbreakfast

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Ostello Centro Vacanze Concarena - Bergamo, Italy

Ostello Centro Vacanze Concarena
P.zza Roma 6/8
25040 Ono San Pietro (BS)

T:  0364 433038



skype:  centro.concarena

Casa Visnenza Bed & Breakfast - Cemmo di Capo di Ponte, Italy

Casa Visnenza B&B
Via San Faustino 7
25044 Cemmo di Capo di Ponte

T:  +39 320 9064557



L' Ora del Campari - Bergamo, Italy

Apertivo con libri e rispettivi autori

17 Marzo e 27 Aprile

L' Ora del Campari
Centro Congressi Giovanni XX111

T:  035 236435



Casa Natale Monomento Nazionale - Bergamo

Places, events and theatres of the life the composer a tale through images.

Open Saturday and Sunday
10.00 - 13.00 / 15.00 - 18.00

From Monday to Friday
Tours by appointment only

Casa Natale
Via Borgo Canale 14

T:  +39035 244 483   ( Mon - Fri)

T:  39035 5296711    ( Sat - Sun)

W: www -

Antoine Debono Jewellers - Valletta, Malta

Antoine Debono

Diamonds - Watches - Pearls - Gem Stones

Michelle Farrugia

26 Merchants Street - Valletta  Tel:   +356 21236858

18 A Zachary Street - Valletta  Tel:   +356 2122 0099


Dogana Ristorante - Milano, Italy

Dogana Ristorante Pizzeria
Via Dogana,3, angolo Piazza del Duomo

Alessandro Nero

Tel e Fax:  02 8056766

Closed on Mondays

E:   info@pizzeriadogana,it

City Archaelogical Park Of Seradina - Bedological Brescia, Italy

Capo Di Ponte
Provincia Di Brescia

Sito 84

Patrimonio UNESCO

SERADINA   Orange Itinerary

The first visit area in the Park is Seradina ll, a richly engraved zone with signs dated between the Bronze Age (2000 b.C) and the Iron Age (1000 b.C)
Rock 21, that has huts, scenes of duets and an inscription in North-Etruscan alphabet (IV-1) on, and
Rock 18 with series of "coppelle" (that are rounded engravings considered minor prayers made by common people) are extremely important.

SERADINA  Brown Itinerary

After the orange itinerary you can find, on the left, the steps that will guide you to the brown signs.
Rock 9 shows a lot of superposed signs.
In particular Rock 11 has on it a kind of net, that perhaps indicates a sort of labyrinth.
On rock 8 is visible a cross, Christmas sign in opposition with the engravings considerated a pagan signs.

SERADINA  Red Itinerary

The area through which passes the red itinerary covers an important role in the archaeological
studies because some material traces have been found here.
"The mother rock" (12) that is the biggest and most engraved stone of all the Park, is here.
The smooth surface of "Vernucano Lombardo" as always, has given the ideal surface to
produce scenes of duels, hunters, prayers, country job scenes and some sort of animals.

BEDOLINA  Light blue Itinerary

Over Seradina's area we can find Bedolina, where a lot of very important rocks, with "topographic" maps on, are located, such as the famous "Map of Bedolina" that could probably indicate a part of the Valley downstairs,
On the left side of the Map it is possible to find the only representation of "Rosa Camuna" present
in the Park. This symbol has been used by Lombardy Region like an identification coat of arms.


In Capo di Ponte you can find also the new camper area "Concarena"in Prada's Locality, in the quiet
zone of the Graffitipark.  The camper area is rounded by the green area of a big thematic park and is embraced by the mountains, such as Monte Concarena and Pizzo Badlle

City Archaeological Park Of Seradina - Bedolina
Comune di Capo di Ponte

Tel e Fax:  0364 42104
       Cell:    334 6575628


Domaine de Beaupre' - Narbonne, France

Appellation:  IGP Pays d' Oc

Agriculture:  raisonee

Domaine de Beaupre'
Route d' Armissan

Laurent Grand

Tel:  04 68 65 85 57 / 06 23 42 26 23



Chateau L' Hospitalet - Narbonne, France

Appellations:  AOP Corbieres, AOP Corbieres Boutenac, AOP Coteaux Du Languedoc,
                       AOP La Clape,  AOP Fitou, AOP Limoux Blanc, AOP Limoux la Blanquette,
                       AOP Limoux Cremant, AOP Limoux Rouge, AOP Minervois, IGP Pays d'Oc,
                       AOP Rivesaltes, AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes, AOP Minervois La Livinierte.

Agriculture raionsee, Agriculture traditionnelle et Agriculture biologique

Chateau L' Hospitalet
Route de Narbonne Plage

Gerard Bertrand

T:  04 68 45 28 50

E:  chateau,


IL- Festival Ti Conquista - Brescia, Italy


La musica, tra ideali e potere

54th Festival Pianistico Internazionale di Brescia e Bergamo

Dal  27 aprile al 9 giugno 2017

The World of Leonardo Da Vinci - Milano, Italy

Milan until December 31, 2017

Open all days:  9.30 - 22.30

Exhibition with new discoveries , codices, machines, paintings and drawings.

Leonardo 3 - The World of Leonardo Exhibition is one of the most important events of the year. This Exhibit is not to be missed. The discovery of Leonardo da Vinci, the artist and inventor, with working models of his machines and digitalized restorations of his paintings, a worldwide first.

The World of Leonardo da Vinci
Piazza della Scala, at the entrance of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele,

T:   02 495 199 81



Wafoo ' D Bar Gastronomia - Brescia, Italy

Open:  07:00 - 22:00

Wafoo' D Bar Gastronomia
Viale della Stazione, 20/A
25122 Brescia BS

Tel:  030 0943643

Navetta Malpensa -Brescia Italy

Servizio bus navetta

From Monday to Sunday  dai caselli autostradali o da Hotel direttament in aeroporto.

Malpensa Linate  timetable :  E:


Contact:   Eddy             tel:  030 2582165 - 347 241 62 63

                 Gianfranco   tel:  030 660310 - 348 395 74 70

Chateau Abbaye des Monges - Narbonne, France

Appellation:  AOP La Clape

Chateau Abbaye des Monges
Route de Gruissan

Paul De Chefdebien

Tel:   04 68 32 26 61 / 06 87 46 51 37



Appartamenti Europa - Padova, Italy

Room cleaning and linen included.

Appartamenti Europa
Piazza Garibaldi,8
35137 Padova

Tel:   049 661200
Fax:  049 861508


Santa Caterina - Padova, Italy

Breakfast Included

Santa Caterina
Via C. Battisti, 247
35121 Padova

Tel:   049 8758395
Fax:  049 8787296


Pensionato " S. Francesco" - Padova, Italy

Breakfast not provided

Pensionato "S Francesco"
Via S. Francesco, 118 - 120
35121 Padova

Tel:  049 8760743


Pensionate " Beato Claudio Granzetta" - Padova, Italy

Breakfast provided.

Pensionate "Beato Claudio Granzette"
Via S Francesco, 53
35121 Padova

Tel e Fax:  049 8762597


Istituto Suore Francescane di Cristo Re - Padova, Italy

Breakfast included

Istituto Suore Francescane di Cristo Re
Via Paruta, 58 (ingresso da Via Marchesini, 2)
35126 Padova

Tel:   049 8020442
Fax:  049 8024048


Istituto Salesiano Domenico Savio - Padova, Italy

Breakfast not included.

Istituto Salesiano Domenico Savio
Via Asolo, 4
35142 Padova

Tel:  049 8827123
Fax: 049 8627470


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Waterfall Varone Cave Park - Riva Del Garda, (TN)

Natural Park and Botanical Garden

Grotta Inferiore

Waterfall Varone is a real geological rarity.  A natural gorge eroded over 20,000 years by the waters from Lake Tenno which rumble their way down from a height of almost 100m

Grotta Superiore

You will visit the botanical Garden located between the first and the second cave.

Area Pic-nic

Waterfall Varone Cave Park is located 3 kilometers from Riva del Garda along 412 national road direction Ponte Arche.

From Riva del Garda you can reach the park  with the city bus Line 1

Tel:   +39 0464 521421


" I Camuni "B & B - Capo di Ponte, Peascarzo, (BS) Italy

" I Camuni" B & B
Via S Rocco, 7
25044 Pescarzo di Capo di Ponte

Tel e Fax:  0364 42367

Cell:  338 6571153


Osteria Al Chiosco - Brescia, Italy

Apertivi /Happy Hour

Primi Piatti / Filetti

Tagliate /Selvaggina

Pesca su prennotazione

Osteria Al Chiosco
Via Vallecamonica 10/G

Tel:   339 3693911

Closed Tuesday evening

B & B Redolo - Brescia, Italy

B & B Redolo
Via Valeriana, 8
25053 Malegno (Brescia)

Tel / Fax: 0364 340369

Cell:  349 4446788

W:   www