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Monday, 5 June 2017

Museums at Pau, France

At the museums....

Fine Arts Museum of Pau

Behind the sobriety of the 1930 building, a rich and electric collection awaits you. Local Pyrenees- born painters like Victor Galos are exposed alongside master pieces from Degas. Rubens or Le Greco...Let yourself be take over by this original museum that will surprise you with its modern feel.  The temporary tours and exhibits are all part of a year round and permanently renewed cultural.

Rue Matieu Lalanne a' Pau
Tel:  +33 5 59 27 33 02

The Resistance and Deportation Museum

Housed in the Lawerance Villa, in the heart of Laurence Park, this museum is a place of recollection
and memory.
It carries a message to all generations so that memory lives on, it offers visitors a display of numerous objects, posters and models representing this difficult period that the Bearn experienced.
Possible guided tours, visits with surviving members of the resistance or concentration camp survivors and preparatory visits.

Lawerance Park
Avenue de la Resistance

Tel:   +33 5 59 02 57 82

St Magne Church of Bizanos

Built in 1880, this Church  presents remarkable paintings from Rene'-Maris Castaigne, who won the Grand prize of Rome in 1924

Bernadotte Museum, the other king

In this XVIII the century house where Bernadotte was born, this museum is worth the trip even just for the house itself. It is a small museum surrounded by old streets that will take you into the footsteps of this soldier who became a king.  The modern art exhibits that are shown within these walls are a unique opportunity for history and creative art to meet.

8 rue  Tran

Tel:   +33 5 59 27 48 42

The Chapel of Aviation

The 'Association of the Guynemer Chapel' and 'Pau Wright Association'; contribute to keeping this
heritage alive, through the memorial to aviation, built in 1927 in honor of the late pioneers.

On route D 289 from Lescar to Sauvagno

sur la route D 289 de Lescar a' Sauvagnon

Tel:   +33 59 77 83 32

The cradel of aviation

On January 17th 1909, after an embryo of a school in Le Mons, the Wright Brothers opened the first
structured school of aviation in Pont Long, to the north of Pau, thereby also opening a page in local
history, in November 1909 Louis Bieriot, having recently won the Daily Telegraph cup for crossing
the Channel, decided to open his own school as well.   From then on, the skies of Pau have
continually attracted airplane builders and the Bearn became a famous location for aviation.

Museum of parachutists

The development of military aviation in Pau was marked in 1912 by the creation of a school, which was most active during the Second Word War.  After the war, the 36th reconnaissance squadron
permanently settled at Pont Long and remained there until 1940.  Today's parachutist's museum
participates in communicating this memory by offering fun, pedagogical tours open to all.

Chemin d'Astra- Lons

Tel:  +33 5 59 40 49 19

Pastoral traditions in Bearn - Pau, France

Pastoral traditions in Bearn

At the beginning there was the Gave... and the ford and the end of the Ossau Valley. Descending from their  valley  along the small river. Soust, shepherds would cross the ford every year to migrate towards the flat lands of Pont Long that provided vast areas of pasture both for local communities and the shepherds descended from the Pyrenees foothills.  Every year, they would take this path when it came time to migrate towards Bordeaux to sell their flocks.  Over 10,000 sheep came down from the valley every year.  These pastures were so important for shepherds that they finally settled there and after  many battles, were able to get recognition of propriety over certain of these territories.
our local history was therefore marked by the footprint of Ossau valley shepherds....

Sioux Falls-Days Inn - South Dakota, USA

Sioux Falls-Days Inn
Empire/1-29 Exit 77
3401 Gatweway Blvd
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

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Rapid City - Days Inn - South Dakota, USA

Rapid City - Days Inn
1570 N LaCrosse St
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Winnsboro - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Winnsboro - Days Inn
1894 US Hwy 321 Bypass
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