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Monday, 24 October 2016

Live On Ice - Romantic Skating In Kusnacht - Zurich, Switzerland

Lit by a thousand lights, framed by trees on the one side and the lake on the other,the skating  rink at the hotel Sonne in Kusnacht is probably the most charming far and wide. You can have a drink sat snuggled in a sheep skin just next to the rink and when it gets too cold move into the restaurant for a proper meal in January they offer an open-air fondue on Tuesdays.
Getting to Kusnacht is easy, it's just 12 minutes on the train from Zurich main station.
Watch out your destination in Kusnacht ZH (Canton Zurich), not Kussnacht 52  (in canton Schwyz)

Hotel Sonne,
Seestrasse 120,
Kusnacht am Zurichsee


Circus Conelli - Zurich, Switzerland

For more than 30 years now, when Christmas draws closer the Conelli Circus sets up its tent on the Bauschanzli, a small island on the river Limmat right in the heart of the city. This year's show is called Brillant and includes acrobats, other circus elements like clowns and a circus big band - all in a very festive atmosphere.

Circus Conelli
Burkliplatz, Zurich

Christmas Pyramid (Weihnachtspyramide) - Zurich, Switzerland

The 8-metre high wooden Christmas pyramid at the Stadelhofen train station is a charming place for a stop during your Christmas shopping tour.  Get a gluhwein, a glass of whit wine or a portion of melted cheese,
called raclette and enjoy the festivity lit atmosphere.

Open until Dec 23, 11.00 - 21.00.  Thu - Sat 11.00 - 22.00 Closed Dec 1 & 8

Christmas Pyramid (Weihnachtspyramide)


Candle Making (Kerzenziehen) - Zurich, Switzerland

Make your own candle by dipping a wick into tubs of hot, molten wax in a pavilion on Burkliplatz. All you need is a bit of patience, as the wax needs to cool before you dip it again
Good to slow down for a while in the frantic pre-Christmas period and good with kids.

You pay according to the weight of the candle when its finished, proceeds go to charity.

Open until Dec 22, 10.00 - 20.00

Candle making  (Kerzenziehen)


San Antonio - Days Inn - Texas, USA

San Antonio - Days Inn
1-35 North
11202 IH-35 N
San Antonio TX 78233

Tel:   (210) 655 4311


Toledo - Days Inn - Ohio, USA

Toledo -Days Inn
1-75 Exit 199
1800 Miami Street,
Toledo, OH 43605

Tel:   (419) 666 5120


Elk City - Days Inn - Oklahoma, USA

Elk City - Days Inn
1-40 Exit 38
2500 Main St,
Elk City, OK 73644

Tel:   (580) 225 0305


Durham - Days Inn - North Carolina, USA

Durham - Days Inn
Near Duke University
3460 Hillsborough Rd,
Durham, NC 27705

Tel:   (919) 383 1551


Apartment Lionello - Venice, Italy

Apartment Lionello
Cannaregio 3973 /A

Tel:     041 5225251
Fax:    041 2778380


La Corte Grimaldi Appartamenti - Venice, Italy

La Corte Grimaldi Appartmenti
Cannaregio 2532

Tel:     041 5225251
Fax:    041 2778380


Apartments Gondola - Venice, Italy

Apartments Gondola
San Marco 3857

Tel:   347 14253314
Fax:  041 81064163




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