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Friday, 14 April 2017

Telgehuset - Sweden

Shopping, coffee and food in a relaxing environment, you are warmly welcome to visit us in Telgehuset.  Our shopping mall is centrally located in Sodertajle, we offer a wide mix of shops for the whole family.  Park conveniently in our multi -storey car park on the roof, 2 hours free on Saturdays and Sundays with a parking disc.

Try walking on our glass floor if you dare! Part of Tom Tits Experiment in town

Open:  Monday - Friday    10.00 - 19.00
                        Saturday     10..00 - 16.00
                        Sunday       11.00 - 16.00



Sodertajle Kommun - Sweden

Familiar chains and unique shops for all tastes - you can find everything you need here for a successful shopping trip!

 1   .  Bodyoo
 2      Filmkedjan
 3      Johnells
 4      Kokobello
 5      Kringlan
 6      Lucky Me
 7      Lunagallerian
 8      Moraberg Handelsplats
 9      Telgehuset
10     Vasa Handelsplats
11     Weda Handelsplats

Sodertajle Centrum

Wendela Hebbes Hus, Restaurant - Sweden

Popular restaurant for lunch, a ' la Carte and coffee in a museum setting glazed outdoor serving area by the canal.  Open every day and evening in the summer. Often music in the evenings.

Wendela hebbes Hus, Museum sid 11

Wendela Hebbes Hus, Restaurant
Vettersgatan 4

T:   08 550 866 75


Caesar's Kitchen - Sweden

We serve both lunch and dinner, choose from pizza, pasta  and barbeque or something else from our exciting meni with the best from the American and Italian cuisine.

Caesar's Kitchen
Slussgatan 5,

T:   08 550 639 97


Barolo Ristorante - Sodertajle, Sweden

Sodertajle's first Italian restaurant uses top class raw materials and creates dishes from an international menu.  In the summer we have Sodertajle's largest terrace.

Barolo Ristorante
Slussgatan 7

T:   08 - 550 683 00


Steve Mc Curry Leggere - Brescia, Italy

Magnum's First Magnum LaPremiere Fois

The exhibition is linked to the successful series of images that McCurry has gathered in the magnificent volume LEGGERE, a wardrobe best seller.  Compared to the book, the exhibition in
Santa Guilia hosts a much larger series of images: 70 photographs of people from all over the world absorbed in the intimate and universal act of reading, from prayer locations in Turkey, to the street-markets in Italy, from the noise of India to East-Asia silences, from Africa to Afghanistan, to the United States.

2006, Innsbruck a few boxes covered in dust. What came to the light is a real treasure: the original images - complete with captions - of the first magnum group' exhibition, Gesicht der Zeit / The face of time, proposed in 5 Austrian cities in 1955-56. Probably the boxes were ready for the next venue of the exhibition, but something prevented it.  83 vintage prints in black and white accompanied by eight texts signed by Henri Carter-Bresson, Marc Riboud, Inge Morath, Jean Marquis, Werner Bischof, Ernst Haas, Robert Capa and Erich Lessing.
Today in Santa Guilia that exhibition comes back to life

The first time, Premiere Fois, indicates that particular moment in which the artist takes away from his teachers and invents its own language, its aesthetic, its grammar.  The first time is strongly evocative
for the great photographers too, stars of the exhibition in Santa Guilia, Magnum, la premiere fois is a unique exhibition: 131 photographs and 11 projections in which each of the 20 carefully selected Magnum's authors is represented by that specific group of images, that specific report which precisely
marks the magical moment when the skilled photographer evolves into a true artist.

Open:  7 March - 15 June

From:  Tuesday to Sunday  - 9.30 / 17.30

            16 June - 3 September

            Tuesday to September - 10.30 / 19.00

Information:    Santa Guilia Museum
                        Via Musei 81/b

T:   030 2977833 - 834




Terme Romano Predore - Lago d'Iseo, Italy

Terme Romane Predore  I - IV d.c.

Open from April to September

Thursday - Friday - Saturday
from 18.00 to 22.00

Sunday  from 9.00 to 13.00

Visiting outside normal hours  Tel;   338 1744582

Entrance Free.

Terme Romano Predore
Predore (BG)
Lago d'Iseo

QC Terme - San Pellegrino, Bergamo Italy

The place where wellness comes from the font.

Whirlpools, Kneipp course, waterfalls, saunas, steam baths, relax lounges where you can let yourself go to a regenerating thermal experience in one of the most famous places in the history of spa.
Ancient thermal cures leave space to a new way of wellness surrounded by beauty of the past where
frescoes, colonnades and ceilings dated year '900 unexpectedly get together with architecture and modern design installations, creating an elegant bond between innovative and conservatory restoration.

All day long, the master of beauty organizes special events, showing you relaxing techniques, treatments and masks to find correct body shape and beauty.  Our massages center, the solarium and the fire terrace will naturally complete our wellness offers.  Not to miss the Light Bistrot salon, embellished with pompeian decorations which arrived to us keeping its magnificence unchanged, where you can enjoy a gourmand experience without forgetting lightness.

Opening Times:  Monday to Thursday  10am - 11pm
                                               Friday      10am - 12am
                                             Saturday      9am - 12am
                                             Sunday        9am - 11pm

During the Christmas Holidays the opening times of the Spa will be extended and the prices will be subject to change. Please visit website:

Massages:  Facial beauty treatment - Light legs treatment - Short (face, back, neck or legs)-
                  Tailor made - (traditional, antistress) - Plus (body sculping, lymphatic drainage, sports
                                                                                or muscle relaxant massage)
                  Long (QC Terme massage, stone massage, lymphatic drainage, ayuveda)
                  Couple's massage (traditional, antistress)

Wellness Treatments:  fangage, savonnage


QC Terme
53, Vittoria Street,
24016 San Pellegrino Terme

T:    +39 0345 20102





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