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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Torekallberget - Sweden

All year round indoor and outdoor museum open 365 days a year from 10.00  - 16.00, apart from the
summer, when it is open longer.

Torekallberget 's open-air museum is located high up with a view over Sodertalje town. Step right into history and experience life in Sodertalje and the surrounding countryside over one hundred years.

The open- air museum contains urban and rural areas, with several of the domestic animals it would once have been possible to find on farms in Sodermanland. You can't meet pigs, kids, horses, rabbits much more here.

Shops, restaurants with genuine Sodertalje pretzels, children's favourite pony rides and Lillgarden. A visit to Torekallberget is a boundless adventure for the whole family.


Tel:   08 523 014 22


Parkourparken Och Skateparken - Sweden

The parks are located at Sydpoolen, a short walk from Sodertalje centrum.  Skateparken is open to the public and is for skateboarders, rollerbladers and BMX cyclists. Parkourparken is open for parlour and freerunning.

Parkourparken Och Skateparken
Ostra Kanalgatan 2




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