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Monday, 1 May 2017

Tourist Information Sweden

Welcome toTourist information offices

There is a huge variety of fun and interesting things to do in Uppland. Culture, nature  and city life are all on offer. out toourist information offices have specialist knowledge about destinations, accommodation and events.
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Enkoping                                         Heby                                                 Uppsala
Radhusgatan 3                                 Medborgarkontoret                           Kungsgatan
Tel: +46 (0) 17150 40                      Tingsgatan 11                                   Tel:   +46 (0)18 727 48 00                       Tel:  +46 (0)224 361 00                                                  

Habo                                                 Brogatan 6                                          Alvkarleby
Skokloster                                         Tel:  +46 (0)224300 31                      Tel; +46 (0)26 727 00
Tel: +46 (0)17152500                               + 46(0)704664765                                             www.a;                                              

Knivsta                                              Oregrund                                            Ostervala
Kontaktcenter Knivsta Knvista         Hamntorget                                        Hantverkscentrum
kommunhus, Centralvegen 19          Tel: +46 (0)767 650 660                     Tel; +46 (0)292 710 75
Tel: +46 (0)18 3470 00                                                                         

Lovstabruk                                        Osthammar                                          Tarnsjo
Stora   Magasinet                               Radhurstorget 1                                   Kickans Halsohusvagen 2
Tel: +46 (0)294 310 70                     Tel:  +46 (0) 767 650 660                    Tel:+46 (0)292 504 40                                                  kickenshalso horna@tele2 .se                                           

Discover Sweden

Welcome to Uppland - always close

A major city, an archipelago with rocky shorelines and sandy beaches, small picturesque summer communities, cultural treasures and exciting events - and all within easy reach.

Relive historic settings and learn about the Vikings and their forefathers. Visit interesting places, exciting buildings and beautiful gardens, some of which bear traces of Linnaeus's work and are nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Enjoy delicious food in Upland. This year's theme for Walloon Ironworks Week is food, with a food market in the lovely estate setting of Lovstabruk ironworks.  At the Farmers' Food Festival in Uppsala, you can learn to bake sourdough bread and extract honey, and taste spicy sausages, freshly
smoked fish and local cheeses from water buffalo and fjall cattle ( the Swedish mountain breed.


Come and enjoy all the well-kept gardens in Uppland. Smell the flowers in dazzling flowerbeds - perfect for a picnic in the shade of centuries-old trees.  Stroll down winding paths in the romantic
Engelska parken (English Park)
Admire the geometric shapes and trimmed hedges of Barockparken (Baroque Park). Inspect
Linnaeus' carefully selected plants in the garden that bears his name.

Parks in Enkoping

Each park in Enkoping has its own character. The best-known id Dromparken (Dream Park), created
by world-renowned garden designer Piet Oudolf.

Stadstradgarden, Uppsala

Stadstradgarden (City Garden) is Uppsala's green and lush living r oom, with a cafe', outdoor seating and plenty of space for socialising.

Botaniska tradgarden, Uppsala

In Botaniska tradgarden you can enjoy the grand baroque garden, visit the 200-year-old orangery, with its magnificent rooms, and find inspiration for your own gardening.

Linnetradgarden, Uppsala

You cannot get closer to Linnaeus' scientific achievements than in his own garden, Linnetradgarden
(Linnaeus' Garden), where more than 1000 species are cultivated in accordance with his sexual system,

Linnes  Hammarby

The unique 1700s setting of Linnes Hammarby (Linnaeus Hammarby,  his summer residence) is a
verdant attraction south of Uppsala.

Uituna kunskapspark (knowledge park)

The knowledge park is a 9000-square-metre demonstration facility, a place for recreation, education
and research. The park consists of four areas with different characters.

Lovstabruk garden and park

A park in the baroque style, with strictly geometrical shapes, topiary hedges and a rippling fountain.

Engeiska parden, Fosmark

One of Sweden's best - preserved parks, the English Park at Forsmark is modelled on nature, with winding paths, water, broadleaf trees, meadows and sculptures.

Discover Nedre Dalalven

Northernmost Uppland offers a beautiful river landscape at Nedre Dalalven walking long beaches,
food experiences and many wonderful places to stay-with Bed & Box for your animal's too.

Discover Northern Roslagen

Roslagen is the archipelago, ironworks, small towns and the sea.  This gem includes idyllic Oregrund Osthammar and Osterbybruk, charming smaller destinations offering everything from fishing and festivals to delicacies and design; in Roslagen's fabulous archipelago you can enjoy its characteristic vibrant landscape, nature reserve, farming and authentic buildings.  There are well-serviced  guest harbours in pleasant settings, and numerous beautiful natural harbours.

Johnells Dam - Sweden

Johnells is the largest retailer from Filippa K, Odd Molly, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Tiger of Sweden, Boomerang, Armani Jeans, Canada Goose, Parajumpers.

Johnells Dam
Jovisgatan 4
Sodertalje centrum

Tel;  08 550 365 06

Lucky Me - Sweden

Welcome to a life style shop with organic flavours and aromas, jewellery, clothes, interior fittings and gifts. We have clothes brands including RinaScimento, Love Forever and Maria Montazami, along
with interior fittings from Vanilla Fly, Madam Stolz, Interstill etc.

Lucky Me
Jamagatan 4
Sodertalje centrum

Tel:  076 877 50 31

Bodyco - Sweden

Our Motto is " the customer in focus". You get the right size and model. we work with bra sizes from
A to J cup.  Well-known brands such as Darnella, Lovable, Avet, Felina, Wonderbra and Marlies Dekkers etc.,. You are welcome to visit the shop.

Nerde Torekallgatan 3,
Sodertalje centrum

Tel:  08 550 142 30


Laeng - Brescia, Italy

1, 760 mt

Variela Borno

Tel:  338 238 1287


Corno D' Aola - Brescia, Italy

2,000 mt

Corno D' Aola
Loc Corno D' Aola
Ponte di Legno

Tel:  036491022


Colombe' - Brescia, Italy

1, 170 mt

Loc Colombe' Zurnella

Tel;   328 7978334


Austin -Days Inn - Texas, USA

Austin - Days Inn
4220 South IH 35
Austin  TX 78745

Tel:  (512) 441 9242


Colorado City - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Colorado City - Days Inn
1-20 Exit 208 North
Colorado City  TX 79512

Tel:  (325) 728 2638


Clute - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Clute- Daysinn
805 W Hwy 332
Clute TX 77531

Tel:  (979) 265 3301


Cleburne - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Cleburne - Days Inn & Suites
2005 North Main St,
Cleburne,  TX 76033

Tel:  (817) 645 8953




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