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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Restaurant Ly's Asia - Zurich, Switzerland

Ly's Asia part of the Prime Tower complex, is actually three restaurants in one: a take away with bar-type seating, a restaurant and a fine dining section. We chose the restaurant  part in the former industrial hall. The menu ranges from Thailand to Malaysia, Japan and China. Our Gaeng Kiew green curry for example was served fast, full of flavours, and just as spicy as we like it.  In the take away section, there is less choice and dishes are cheaper as orders have to be placed at the bar.  The fine dining is entirely dedicated to high-end Chinese cuisine.
Ly's Asia
Zahnradstr 21

Tel:   +41 44 99908 08

Web:   www.

Restaurant Ban Song Thai, Zurich, Switzerland

The ban Song Thai sits in a small alley  in the Niederdorf just under the Grossmunster church - and serves Thai food made from mostly organic ingredients and without any artificial flavour enhances.  Probably that's
why the taste of the food here is authentic.
On the menu there are soups, salads, fish as well as rice - and Thai noodle dishes and curries (even without
coconut milk)
The Ban Song Thai has lots of fans in Zurich that' s why we recommend you book a table in advance.
There is also a lunch buffet (all you can eat .....FR)

Restaurant Ban Song Thai Kkirchgrasse 6,

Tel:   +41 44 252 33 31


Bistro Chez Toni - Zurich, Switzerland

Just across from the tram stop of line No 4 this bistro is where to go if you want a little more service than at the university' cantine', in a quite simple interior with some 1970's touches .
Toni serves coffee, cakes and croissants in the morning and a choice of two mains at lunch.
As they close early,  in the evening is dedicated to antipasti and a surprisingly good choice of wines.

Bistro Chez Toni
Pfingstweidstrasse 96

Tel:  +41 43 446 48 12

Petoskey - Days Inn - Michigan, USA

Petoskey - Days Inn
1420 Spring St, US 131
Petoskey, MI 49770

Tel:  (866) 270 2038


Pocomoke - Days Inn - Maryland, USA

Pocomoke - Days Inn
1540 Ocean Hwy (US 13)
Pocomoke, MD 21851

Tel:  (410) 957 3000


Brownsville - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Brownsville - Days Inn
715 N Expressway
Brownsville, TX 78520

Tel:  (956) 541 2201


Newport - Days Inn - Tennesse, USA

Newport - Days Inn
1-75 Exit 435
1014 Cosby Hwy
Newport TN 37821

Tel:   (423) 237 6094




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