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Monday, 27 February 2017

Vikings - Sweden

More than a thousand years ago, Vikings and their fore-fathers lived in Uppland.  They lived on estates and farmsteads, cultivated the land and traded.  And some of them made long, and sometimes renowned , journeys.
They left traces - sometimes small and barley perceptible, sometimes very clear - in scenic locations. And you can meet Vikings here.  The powerful landowner in Vendel, Ulf the merchant in Valsgarde, Grimsa the rich Viking chieftain's daughter at Broborg, Andvett in Varsund and Torgerd the Viking woman in Gamla Uppsala.  Through guided tours, exhibitions and mobile apps, they talk about themselves, the Viking Age and their forefathers.  You will learn why they set out on their Viking expeditions, why they c
arved runestones and why they believed about death.

Learn more about the Vikings and their forefathers here

-   Museum Gustavianum displays swords and garnet-encrusted helmets in its exhibition "Valsgarde
Vendeltid - Vikinggatid (Valsgarde Vendel Period Viking Age)"

-   Gamla Uppsala museum also displays priceless finds from the archaelogical site

-   Upplandsmuseet presents its exhibition "Tiden i rummet
-   manniskor i Uppland under 5,000 ar (Time and Space)
-   People in Uppland over 5,000 years)

-   Enkopings museum presents "Gryningsland", an exhibition on prehistory giving an insight into           people's everday lives and cults


Uppland's Nature - SwedenUppland

Experience the province where south and north, sea and countryside meet in "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils"

Enjoy all Seasons

January and February:  Breathe in the winter- garbed sea at Rullsand.

March;  Light a bonfire in Kalmarnas

April:  Admire all wild anemones in Gredlby

May:  See Varggropen and the birds at Vendelsjon

June:  Listen for burping pool frogs at Fagelsundet

July:  Enjoy the flowers and swimming on ther island

August:  Be impressed by thousands of birds at Ledskar

September:  Go on a proper mushroom hunt on Harjaro

October:  Admire the autumn colours at Wik

November and December: Walk the church trail in Tarnsjo

Find your way through nature

The Naturtipset app helps you discover the beautiful scenery.

Upplandsleden (Uppland  Trail)  has everything you need for your walk.

Biotopia in Uppsala is the country's hub for nature information


Water - Uppland, Sweden

Water - There is plenty of water in Uppland - indoors and out, tranquil and turbulent, frozen and flowing.

What kind of swimming do you prefer?

A moment of peace watching the float.

Reflections in the water from on high.

Ample opportunities to live life to the full afloat.

Not to mention adventures on ice




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