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Monday, 27 February 2017

Uppland's Nature - SwedenUppland

Experience the province where south and north, sea and countryside meet in "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils"

Enjoy all Seasons

January and February:  Breathe in the winter- garbed sea at Rullsand.

March;  Light a bonfire in Kalmarnas

April:  Admire all wild anemones in Gredlby

May:  See Varggropen and the birds at Vendelsjon

June:  Listen for burping pool frogs at Fagelsundet

July:  Enjoy the flowers and swimming on ther island

August:  Be impressed by thousands of birds at Ledskar

September:  Go on a proper mushroom hunt on Harjaro

October:  Admire the autumn colours at Wik

November and December: Walk the church trail in Tarnsjo

Find your way through nature

The Naturtipset app helps you discover the beautiful scenery.

Upplandsleden (Uppland  Trail)  has everything you need for your walk.

Biotopia in Uppsala is the country's hub for nature information


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