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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Valsgarde - Uppsala, Sweden

The burial mound in Valsgarde eight kilometres north of Uppsala rises above the surrounding clay plain.  The entire grave field measures around 100 x 150m.  Traces of 80 or so graves are visible as mounds and elongated depressions.  There are remains of chamber tombs, casket burials, boat burials and cremations.  Those buried at Valsgarde belonged to society's elite.  These people maintained their burial traditions conservatively over several centuries and the graves can be seen as an expression of an aristocratic lifestyle and identity. The grave field in Valsgarde was used for 700 years from around 400 AD to 1100 AD

Valsgarde was strategically located next to a major transport route, the river Fyrisan, which made long journeys to countries on the continent possible.  The men in the graves took their battle equipment, household objects, tools and a number of animals with them on their final journey. Resting comfortably on eiderdown beds, they could embark on their final journey.

Activities Valsgarde

We recommend combining a visit to Valsgarde grave field with a visit to Museum Gustavianum, the
university museum, and its exhibit called Valsgarde.  The Vendel and Viking periods are shown.
See burial number seven at Valsgarde in full size.

More information about Valsgarde

Ideas for local visits.

Vikings and their ancestors in the Uppsala region - Sweden

Gamla Uppsala is one of Scandinavia's most noteworthy ancient monuments.  Here are three majestic royal mounds from the 6th century, one of Scandinavia's largest burial places, and ruins of a cathedral built in the 12th century.  The area is surrounded by myths, with legends of the powerful Svea kings who were descended from the god Frey, as well as of golden heathen temples, human sacrifice and ancient Nordic blood sacrifices.
Today Gamla Uppsala is a popular excursion spot, with the Gamla Uppsala Museum. Odinsborg restaurant, and the open-air museum, Disagarden.

During the Iron Age there was a rich and well-developed society around the Uppsala mounds.  There was a royal estate here and the members of the Svea tribe gathered close by to worship their gods. The royal mounds are among the largest grave monuments in Sweden.  Two of them were excavated in the 19th century, and the finds, including fragments of helmets and exclusive gold objects, revealed the very high status of those  who were buried in them.  They may even have been kings. The royal
mounds are only part of a muchlarger grave field.

The real centre of power in the area was probably the royal estate that was located north of the current church.  A Vendel period structure investigated by archaeologists is a magnificent 50-metre
long structure, with impressive sturdy walls and several wealthy finds.  This may well have been the
king's residence during this period.

Activities Gamla Uppsala

-  Gamla Uppsala museum

- Guided tours of Gamla Uppsala museum and the ancient monument area.

- Gamla Uppsala church

-  Drink mead from a horn and eat lunch at Odinsborg restaurant.

More information  Web:   www.vikinguppsala,se

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