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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle - Bergamo, Italy

Animali Del Parco

Mammiferi : -  Antilopi - Cammelli - Canguri - Dromedari - Elefanti - Foche - Ghepardi - Gibboni -

                        Giraffe - Ippopotami - Lama - Leoni - Leopardi - Mara - Orici - Orsi - Panda Minori -

                        Rinoceronti - Scimmie - Tapiri - Tigri Bianche - Tigri Siberiane - Zebre

Rettili :           Alligatori - Serpenti - Testuggini

Uccelli :-       Anatre - Are - Avvoltoi - Aquile - Cacatua - Cigni - Civette - Emu - Fenicotteri - Gru -

                      Gufi - Ibis - Nandu' - Pappagalli - Pavoni - Pellicani - Struzzi

Apart from the animals you find a Bar, Restaurant, Self - Service, Pizzeria, Birreria

Other Services:  Souvenirs - Area Picnic - Nursery - Parking - Isola Aldabra - Lab Didattico -

                           Toilets - Stazione Trenino - Darwin Info Point

Opening Hours: -  February / March       9.00 - 17,00
                              April /September       9.00 - 19.00
                              October / November  9.00 - 17.00
                               December / January   Closed

Park Le Cornelle
Via Cornelle, 16
Valbrembo - Bergamo

T:  035 527422


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Hotel Cumili - Brescia, Italy

Hotel Cumili * * *
Via Stazione, 1
25044 Capo di Ponte (BS)

Tel:   +39 0364 42034



vieni a trovarci anch su F

N.O.I. Restaurant - Bergamo, Italy

Come and taste the flavors of Italy and specialties of Bergamo
Just steps from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, in the heart of the city,
N.O.I. Restaurant welcomes you.

Our chef will delight you with a simple, yet sophisticated cuisine grounded in the traditions of our territory yet influenced by his work experiences abroad, in some of the best restaurants in the world.
in such places as Michelin 3 Star Restaurant Eleven Park Madison in New York City.

Closed om Sunday
Closed on Monday for Lunch

N.O.I Restaurant
Via Pitentino, 6 (BG)

Contact :   +39 035 237750



Chateau Canet - Rustiques, France

Appellations:  AOP Minervois, IGP Pays d'Oc

Agriculture raisonnee

Chateau Canet

Floris & Victoria Lemstra

Tel:   04 68 79 28 28 / 04 68 79 28 25


Terra Vinea - Portrel-Des-Corbieres, France

Appellations:  AOP Corbieres, IGP Pays d' Oc, IGP Pays de l'Aude, AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes

Terra Vinea
Chemin des Platneres

Gilles Frances

T:   04 68 48 64 90


Chateau - De Mattes - France

Appellations:  AOP Corbieres, IGP Pays d'Oc

Agriculture:  raisonnee'

Chateau de Mattes
Portel - Des - Nrouillat

Marie Alyette  Brouillat

T:   09 77 78 21 35
      06 86 85 10 87



Accademia Nazionale di Mountain Bike - Brescia, Italy

Associazione P.I.R

Post industrial for a new rurality.

Centro 3T
Via Scianca 6,
Loc. fornaci
25050 Sellero (Bs)


Reposabile progetti e visite sul territorio

Daniela Poetini    T:   3497921873
                             M:  +39 349 79211873

Guida di Mountain Bike


Williansport - Days Inn - Pennsylvania, USA

Williansport - Days Inn
234 US Hwy 15
Williamsport, PA 17702

T:  (570) 323 9801


Wilkes.Barre - Days Inn - Pennsylvania, USA

Wilkes. Barre - Days Inn
1-81 Exit 1
760 Kidder St.,
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

T:   (570) 826 0111


Stephenville - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Stephenville - Days Inn
701 South East Loop
Stephenville, TX 76401

T:    (325) 968 3392


South Padre Island - Days Inn - Texas, USA

South Padre Island - Days Inn
3913 Padre Blvd.,
South Padre Island, TX 78597

T:  (956) 761 7831

W:   www;

The Cathedral of Bergamo - Italy

The Cathedral is the centre of the religious life of the town and of the diocese: it is the Bishop's church, the home of his "cathedra", the symbol of his ministry as a pastor and as a master.  It is a living church, where the christian community gathers to pray and to celebrate the Sacraments and where the Bishop's presence marks the most solemn days of the liturgical year and of the pastoral life
of the Bergamasque Church.  The Cathedral, therefore, is not just a monument:  all the art treasures housed here are a symbol of faith, a means to glorify God and to teach mankind the truth that leads to
heaven. it welcomes you with its impressive baroque interiors, as in a heavenly dream. You will not only find valuable artworks, but also the peace and the calm breath that only holy sites are able to offer.  Do not haste to spot a masterpiece or to discover some amazing details.  Whether you believe in God or you are just looking for as hope, respect this house as if it were your home, as if it rekindled a never-ending sense of nostalgia: this is the very reason why it was created.

The Martyrdom of Saint Alexander  is at the high altar, catches the eye of the visitor.


Visit Bergamo in 12 Hours - Italy

You've come to Bergamo, you have a few hours to spare and you're hungry? for food, but also for history, culture, art and, why not, for fun and relaxation.

Bergamo is worth more than 12 hours, but one day may be enough to enjoy all its charm.  We want to
provide you with the correct "recipe" a mix of art galleries such as the GAMeC and the Accademia Carrara with historical museums, theaters and churches from every era.

Thyen we add in artisan and fashion stores.  The dressing is the fascinating medieval Citta' Alta
sprinkdde throughly with the green of the Parco dei Colli, the Botanical Garden and the pre-Alps of Bergamo, the "Orobie"

We serve it with dishes such as polenta or casoncelli and wash it all down with local wines  such as
valcalepio or Moscato Scanzo. Losing yourself among all these courses can be charming, but if you prefer to have some advice on where to go and what to see, we have created the right path for you.
You will find the Bergamust, everything that you can  not miss in Bergamo.

Porta Nuova to the Church of San Bernadino  (from 9.00 to 10.30)

Visiting the Piacentiniano Lower Town Center (1)  a coffee in the elegant bar of the Sentierone (2)
              the muscular architecture of Piazza della Liberta' (3) as well as the sweet sounds of the                        Donzetti Theatre (4) a visit to the churches of San Bartolomeo (5) Santo Spirito (6) and
             San Bernardino (7) with their masterpieces by Lorenzo Lotto.

Piazza Vecchia, Piazza Duomo and San Viglio

Visiting   now you're close to the heart of Bergamo:  Piazza Vecchia (15) You can see the whole city
                from the top of the Campanone (16) or enjoy the majesty of the Colleoni Chapel (17). To
                better understand  experience the Museum of the Venetian Age (18)  a must see is
                 Santa Maria Maggiore (19) and last is the Duomo (20)
  Finally you just have to choose if you prefer to have dinner in one of the many places in the romantic alleys of the medieval hamlet or enjoy the view of the Plain and the Apennines eating your last bite at San Viglio (21)

Bergamo, Milan




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