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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Sodertalje - Sweden

- Sodertalje has something unique...., The oldest coal fired propeller driven steamer, with original         engine. in the World is Ejdern.  During the summer Ejdern makes day trips to Birka, Adelso,               Drottningham, Stockholm and Manefred.

  Information:  Sodertalje Turistbyra   Tel:   08 523 060 30

- Sodertalje Gasthamm

  We are a Blue Flag environmental harbour with 90 berths for visitors. We can offer the best prawn
  sandwich in town, an ice- cream cafe', newly baked bread and catering for boats. Music and buffet
  every Thursday.  New! Our new boat wash service - yet another element in our environmental

  Tel:   +46(0)8 550 64 712
           +46(0)70 310 64 49


-  Marcus Wallenberg Hallen

   A historical journey with one of the oldest locomotive factories in the world.
  Welcome to get to know Scanias's long and remarkable history through trucks, buses, cars, engines
   railroad cars, bicycles and other things.

  Vardager   08.00 -16.45

  Tel:   06 553 825 00


Tom Tits Experiment - Sodertalje, Sweden

Pull, pick, peek, feel, climb, swing. You can be inquisitive as you want - everything is there to be tried out.  A slide running throughout the building. Air blowing up through the floor. Hold somebody's hand and find the way out in a labyrinth of mirrors, travel in a robot with a friend and see the world turned upside down. Discoveries and experiences both outside and inside - without an umbrella.  Tom Tits Experiment is easy to reach by car, train or bus. A couple of hours'  excursion for the whole family.

Tom Tits Experiment
Storgatan 33

Tel:   08 550 225 00


Sodertalje - Sweden

Located where the Baltic Sea and Lake Malaren meet and are connected through the Sodertalje canal and the largest lock in Nordic Region, Sodertalje  is a vibrant city with a long history. The city and its surroundings offer numerous exciting attractions for young and old.

There is a wide range of both small shops and larger well known names, and in 2013 Sodertalje was voted Sweden's foremost city for elite level sport.

Discover fantastic Soderlaje, whether you are a temporary visitor, a recently arrived student or long- term Sodertalje resident - there is something here for everybody to experience.

Sodertalje Tourism
Saltsjpogatan 1

Tel:   08 523 060 30


Opening Hours:    Monday - Friday:   10.00 - 18.00
                              Saturday - Sunday:  closed

                     July - August
                                Monday - Friday:    09.00 - 18.00
                                Saturday - Sunday:  10.00 - 14.00

Felix AM Bellevue - Zurich, Switzerland

Felix is the top dog among the coffee places around Bellevue. The spacious interior opulently decorated with flowers, columns and mirrors, gives you the impression this grand cafe has been here for decades.  Try their homemade ice- cream or the chocolate (chocolate milk). Felix is best known for. They serve all kinds of sweets as well as breakfasts from fast and simple to luxurious with salmon and champagne. Eldery ladies love this pricey cafe' for their afternoon chat just as much as young, hip girls, dropping in for a break from shopping.

Felix AM Bellevue
Belleeueplatz, 5

Tel:   +41 44 251 80 60


Tram:   Bellevue

Cafe Lang - Zurich, Switzerland

The Lang is located right on Limmatplatz. With lots of dark wood and wallpaper on the ceiling, it excludes the atmosphere of a dignified old coffeehouse. Saying it feels, like one of the traditional coffeehouse in Vienna would probably be too much, but the three different rooms definitely all have style and are an invitation to while away some hours here.  Besides coffee and a lot more to drink there is simple but tasty food like fleischkase (Swiss meat loaf) with potato salad  - and many sweets of course.

Cafe' Lang
Limmatplatz 7

Tel:   +41 43 321 36 11


Tram:   Limmatplatz

Cafes in Zurich - Switzerland

Cafes in Zurich generally serve coffee Italian style (from ristretto to cappuccino) and many draw on the rich Swiss tradition of pastry and chocolate making.  But there is no fixed definition of a cafe', most also serve alcoholic and beverages, other snacks or even full meals and many double as bars in the evening rather than closing.


Mackinaw City - Days Inn & Suites - Michigan, USA

Mackinaw City - Days Inn & Suites
Bridgeview Lodge
206 N Nicolet Ave
Mackinaw City,  MI 49701

Tel:   (231) 436 8961


Lansing - Days Inn - Michagan, USA

Lansing - Days Inn
7711 West Saginaw Highway,
Lansing MI 48917

Tel;   (517) 627 8471




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