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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Drinking in Switzerland

The drinking age in Switzerland is 16 for wine and beer and 18 for spirits and alcohol.
The standard sizes for beer are the 0.3 litre, Stange (pronounce shtang-eh) and the 0.5 litre Grosses
(gro-sus). The long standing medium -scale brewers are increasingly getting competition from
innovative local brewers.
Check out Sprint, Paul or Appenzeller for instance. Swiss wines are also not to be underestimated. While the best may come from further south, you'll find some very good Blauburgunders (red) and
Riesling Syvaners (white) from the Zurich region.
Traditional Swiss spirits are fruit brandies, cherry, (Kirsch)  and pear (Williams) being the most common.


Driving in Switzerland

Driving in Switzerland is generally easy. If you're using the motorways you have to buy a vignette for .....Fr ( available at petrol stations and post offices) Remember that trams always have right of way, as well as pedestrians on zebra crossing without traffic lights.

The Legal alcohol  limit is 0.05% which should allow you to have roughly ONE glass of beer before
driving. The standard speed limit is 50km/h in urban areas, 80km/h outside towns and 120km/h on
In residential zones in Zurich, the speed limit is often 30km/h. Fines are high and yes, Switzerland
has agreements with many European countries to make sure you pay the fine even if you have a foreign number plate.
You may use your home driving license in Switzerland as long as it is valid.  - if the license in non-EU-one and in a language other than French, English, Italian or German it is recommended that it be accompanied by an international one.


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