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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Iroquois - Zurich, Switzerland

The burgers here are hearty and have plenty of taste - and, mind, we're not just talking about the one with the chillies.
The farmer- style decoration (complete with stuffed rabbit), the bright colours and unpolished wooden floor give the place a cosy feel.  And they don't just do burgers, but salads and club sandwiches as well. It's also a good place for a drink among friends.
Order one of the many cocktails or beers on offer while watching major sports events on the TV and the big screen,
The Iroquois has a take-away grill station too.

Seefeldstrasse, 120

Tel:   +41 44 383 70 77


Misoga Restaurant - Zurich, Switzerland

This small and simple restaurant is run by Korean Chef Miran Lee. But we really liked what we got; if you like Asian Cuisine, you will definitely like the Bibimbap. a mixed rice dish with vegetables and beef. The  Bulgogi, thinly - cut marinated beef was excellent too.
As everything is freshly prepared in-house here, you need to bring some patience.  Given that, we are sure you won't regret coming here.

Misoga Restaurant
Zeltweg, 12.

Tel:  +41 44 251 99 90


Hagons Camping - Sweden

Welcome to Hagon, with its wonderful shallow sandy beach and salty dips for both children and adults.  Let your bare feet enjoy the soft grassy areas.

Hagons Camping
Ostra Stranden

Tel:   +46 (0)35 12 53 63

Web:     www.hGONSCAMPING.SE

Halmstad Camping - Sweden

Halmstad Camping is a charming and friendly campsite that is beautifully situated in a green oasis of sighing birches next to the Prins Bertil Trail, about a kilometre or so from Riccardos, handmade Italian glass of the highest class.  Hamstad Camping is close to most things.  Walking distance  to Tylosand vary greatly, from cliffs to sandy beaches. Solgarden with apres- beach every afternoon in peak season is located a couple of  kilometres from the campsite.
There are frequent buses direct from the campsite to the centre of Halmstad and Tylosand.  We are next to Tylosand golf course and 4 kilometres from Halmstad, with a park full of merry-go-rounds and dinosours, and a water park.  Bosse Bo Kids Club welcomes all children aged 4 - 12 years to join in the activities.
A warm welcome from Nordic \casmping & Resort.

Halmstad Camping

Tel:   +46 (0) 771 10 12 00

Web:     www.

Poser - Ugento, Italy

Contrada Urro 2
Loc Torre San Giovanni

Tel:   0832 611956
Fax:   0832 9831176
Cell:   345 4657542


Agriturismo Masseria Potenti - Manduria, Italy

Agriturismo Masseria Potenti
Contrada Potenti

Tel:     099 9735408
Cell:   339 3072960


Casa Isabella Exclusive Hotel - Mottola, Italy

Casa Isabella Exclusive Hotel * * * *
Palazzo Ducale / Loc. S Basilio

Tel:    099 8833224
          099 8866325
Fax:   099 8833256



Alghero Rosso D.O.C.

Obtained by blending the of the native Cagnulari grapes, and the internationally acclaimed Cabernet.

Serving Suggestions:  Pasta and rice dishes with meat sauce; grilled meat, and medium hard cheeses.

Cinquanta Vendemmie

This wine is produced using Cagnulari and other red-skinned grapes of the Alghero area.  The grapes are harvested by hand, pressed and left to macerate in steel vats for four weeks.  The wine is devatted and transferred to small tanks, at a controlled temperature of 18-20  C to complete its evolution.   The small batches of wine are then aged in barriques and tonneaux for between 12 and 15 months.  After mixing the wine is left to gracefully refine in the bottle.

Colour:  Ruby red with garnet reflections

Serving suggestions:  Ideal with Sardinian starters and roast meats, also with medium and well-                                              matured pecorino cheeses.

Soffio Di Sole

Alghero Bianco Passito

Obtained from selected grapes left to slowly mature on the vine under the sun's rays, this wine undergoes the wine making process at low temperature and is left to slowly mature in oak casks.

Colour:   Golden yellow with intense aromas of mature fruit.  Rounded yet full bodied and persistent flavour.

Serving suggestions:  Ideal accompaniment for desserts and almond flavoured desserts at the end of the meal.

Alcoholic Content:  15% vol

Apartment San Marco III - Venice, Italy

Apartment San Marco 111
Castello 3688

Tel:   349 3855277




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