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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Markets dei Prodotti Biological in Piazza - Brescia, Italy

Programme 2017

12 February     Piazza Vittoria

19 March         Piazza Vittoria

 9 April          Largo Formentone

14 May          Largo Formentone

10 September  Piazza Vittoria

8 October       Largo Formentone

12 November  Piazza Vittoria

10 December  Piazza Vittoria

Open;  9.30 to 19.00


F /MeglioBio

Museo monastero Domenicano "Matris Domini" - Bergamo, Italy

At this museum you find:  

  "Visitazione"  Affreschi XIV sec  (Particolare)

"S. Domenico" Affreschi XIV sec ( Particolare)

"Ultima Cena"  Affreschi X111sec (Particolare)

"Angelo"          Affreschi XIV sec (Particolare)

"Gesu in Croce tra Maria e Giovanni"  Affreschi XIV sec  (Particolare)

"Madonna col Bambino"  Vetrina XIV sec (Particolare)

"San Pietro martire"  Vetrina XIV sec (Particolare)

"Apparizione di Cristo risoto alla Madre" Affreschi XIV sec (Particolare)

"Madonna in trono" Affreschi XIV sec (Particolare)

"SS Giovanni Battista e Giacomo"  Affreschi XIV sec (Particolare)

"Cristo in Croce tra Maria e San Giovanni" Affreschi  XXIII sec (Particolare)

Open:  Saturday  15.30 - 11.15

           Sunday       9.00 - 11.15

Monastero Matris Domini
Via A Locatelli n 77
24121 Bergamo, Italy

Tel:   035 3884811
Fax:  035 3884837



Classic Jewellery - Sliema, Malta

Classic Jewellers
The Strand,
Sliema  SLM 1026

T:  +356 2203 5110

F:  +356 2124 8207



B&B La Casa Della Zia - Sarnico, Bergamo, Italy

B&B La Casa Della  Zia
Via Lucia Piccinelli 9
Sarnico,  BG

Tel:   +39 334 2903079


Pierre-Days Inn - South Dakota, USA

Pierre -Days Inn
520 W Sioux Blvd,
Pierre  SD 57501

Tel;   (605) 224 0411


Spartanburg - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Spartanburg - Days Inn
578  N Church St
Spartanburg  SC 29303

Tel:  (864) 585 4311


Spartanburg - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Spartanburg - Days Inn
1-85 Exit 75
115 Rogers Commerce Blvd
Spartanburg  SC 29316

Tel:  (864) 814 0560

W:   www,

Seneca - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Seneca - Days Inn
11015 Radio Station Rd,
Seneca SC 29678

Tel:  (864) 885 0710


Chateau d' Angles - Saint-Pierre-La-Mer, France

Appellation:  AOP Languedoc la Clape

Agriculture  raisonee'

Chateau d' Angles

Eric Fabre

Tel:   04 68 33 61 33



Restaurant La Distillerie - Saint-Marcel-sur-Aude, France

Poached egg, duxelle of morels, farmhouse snails cooked in milk, milky snail foam, crispy smoked bacon - Raw and cooked heirloom vegetables, vanilla shortbread, yellow pumpkin puree', horseradish, beetroot, carrot purple vitelotte potato and baby salad leaves

Restaurant La Distillerie
3, Chemin des Cooperatives

Thomas Ratabouil

Tel;   04 68 33 56



Cellier des Demoiselles - Saint- Laurent De-la-Cabrerisse, France

Appellations: AOP Corbieres, AOP Corbieres Boutenac

Agriculture traditionelle

Cellier des Demoiselles
5 Rue de la Cave
Saint-Laurent De-La-Cabrerisse

Tel:   04 68 44 02 73



Agriturismo "La Cascina dei Prati" - Bergamo, Italy

Ristorazione - Alloggi -Didatitica

Agriturismo "La Cascina dei Prati"
Via del Dossi, 23
24060 Credaro (BG)

Tel:     035 927325
 Cell;  347 5036364


Cantina Lantieri - Sarnico, Bergamo, Italy

Cantina Lantieri
Via Lantieri, 53
24067 Sarnico, BG

Tel:   035 0145512


B&B Gledizia - Credaro, BG Italy

B&B Gledizia
Via Pietra di Credaro, 27
24060 Credaro BG

Tel;   035 935595
Cell: 338 1031979


B&B Osteria Curtie - Tavernola, Italy

B&B Osteria Curtie
Via Chiesa S Michele 11
Fraz Cambianica
Tavernola, Brescia

Vista lago do Capoferri Cateria

Tel;   035 931000

B&B Vegan La Rocca - Sarnico, Italy

B&B Vegan La Rocca
Via Rocca 8
24067 Sarnico,



Ristorante Pizzeria "Leon d' Or" - Iseo, Italy

Ristorante Pizzeria "Leon d' Or"
Largo Dante 2
25049 Iseo

Tel e Fax;  030 981233


Closed Tuesday

Cekcik Ethnic & Vintage Bazaar - Valletta, Malta

Keith Monaco

Tel;   2788 8945
         7940 2108

Cekcik  Ethic & Vintage Bazaar
15 Melita street
Valletta VLT 1126



Museo Mille Miglia - Brescia, Italy

1927  - 1957   Cars, Customs and Curiosities

30 Years of Faces, Engines, Dust and Emotions

The Monastery of Sant' Eufemia della Fonte, built in AD 1008 is now the shrine to one of the most
fascinating races in the world:  the Mille Miglia. Thjs is the perfect monument to preserve the history and relive the myth, living again the emotions which have now become a legend.

A Great Collection of past items.

Legendary Cars That Made History

Along the Museum pathway you will be able to admire the most beautiful veteran cars that took in the Mille Miglia race from 1727 - 1957.  All cars exhibited are perfectly pre served or restored and even today they take part in the most important evocative races in the world.

An Interactive Pathway of A Thousand Miles

Along the pathway, audiovisual computer stations are installed where you can experience the race emotions through heroes' comments, exciting films and images of the period.
A dedicated area for movies will allow you to select and enjoy one of the several available films through an interactive system.

An Historical Archive With About 130,000 Documents

Taverna Mille Miglia; a Stopping Place of Great Flavours

Taverna mille Miglia, a myth in the myth. A place where the drivers used to meet before and after
the challenge of the great race.  Today, within its peaceful millenary charm, you will taste flavours and traditions of the local cuisine, surrounded by the atmosphere of the Red Arrow cars.

A Great variety of Books, Clothing, Stationery, Accessories and gifts.

Style and Elegance In the Name Of A Myth

In the big store inside the Museum you will find the name of exclusive and important brands on clothes, leather goods, accessories for leisure time, gifts, watches, clocks and many other items.  A
section of the store is dedicated to specialized publishing where you can buy books, regarding the world of veteran cars and races.

Museo Mille Miglia
Viale Bornata, 123
25135 Brescia

Tel:    +39 030 336 5631

Fax;   +39 030 3366411


Taverna Mille Miglia

Tel;   +39 030 3365680


Antonioli - Brescia, Italy

1, 780 mt


Tel:   338 7825951


Alpini Di Campovecchio - Brescia, Italy

1,130 mt

Alpini Di Campovecchio
Valle di Campovecchio

Tel:  0364 74108


Almici - Brescia, Italy

1, 865 mt

Monte Guglielmo, Zone

Tel:   339 8255153


Alla Cascata - Brescia, Italy

1, 480 mt

Alla Cascata
Via Paghera,
Vezza d'Oglio

Tel:   329 6338406

Van Horn- Days Inn - Texas, USA

Van Horn -Days Inn
1-10 Ex 140b
600 E Broadway
Van Horn  TX 79855

Tel: ( 432) 283 1007


Tyler - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Tyler - Days Inn & Suites
1-20 Exit 556  S  Hwy 69 Loop 323
2739 W Northwest Loop 323
Tyler  TX 75702

Tel:   (409) 296 2868


Winnie - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Winnie- Days Inn 7 Suites
14932 FM 1663 Rd
Winnie  TX 77665

Tel:  (409) 491 0300


Lunagallerian - Sweden

Lunagallerian is located in the heart of Sodertajle with entrances from both Nygatan and Storgatan.
With its three floors, the mall has a wide range of shops and services, restaurants, arts centre and gym, there is something for all tastes.

The mall is also home to Sweden's only tied statue, the fountain sculpture " Dafne" by Helga Henschen.

Lunagallerian was built in the 1970s and is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment and modernisation.

Open:   Monday - Friday - 10.00 - 19.00
                         Saturday-   10.00 - 16.00
                           Sunday-   11.00 - 16.00

Apotek                                                     Konditori                                          Skoglunds Kott

Athinas Tyger & Gardiner                       Luna kulturhus                                 Systembolget

Clas Ohison                                             Luna Pizzeria & Kebab                    Teknikmagasinet

Grekiska Kolgrilsbaren                           Luna Zoo                                           Tsuki Sushi

Gursac Guildsmed                                   Nagelsalong                                      Tartdecor

In & finn                                                  Pajas Godslander                              Talje Connection

KappAhi                                                   Salong Michel                                  Younan

Sodertajle centrum


Robotics - Malta

Four kids 4 - 10 years

Mondays - Art Explosion

 ( 2D/3D Shapes, crafts, Online Colouring....)+

Tuesdays - Create Designs

  (Create Movies, Photo Editing, Publisher...)

Thursdays - Fun Tech

   (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, E Safety....)

Fridays - Crazy Science

(Google, Using VR Glasses, Youtube, Science....)

10 Weeks every Morning starting from July till September in   FREE 7" Android Tablet &

                                                                                                        VR Glasses
                     Naxxar and Paola

For more information contact :  Naxxar    21 410 852/ 21 421 784

                                                    Paola      21 820 819





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