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Monday, 7 November 2016

Restaurant Walliser Keller - Zurich, Switzerland

 The Hotel Zurcherhof's restaurant brings the specialities from the mountainous souther canton of
Wallis to town.  There are Raclette and eight different kinds of fondues on the menu - with extras
ranging from pepper and garlic to goat cheese and mushrooms.
But there is meat as well - and not just air-dried kind we recommend for a starter.  Go for a fillet of beef for example of the not particularly Swiss but nevertheless tasty meat fondues.  We like the traditional cellar-style atmosphere with the modern touch if cheese is what you're after. here.
A good choice if cheese is what you're after.

Restaurant Walliser Keller
Zahringerstrasse, 21

Tel:   +41 44 269 44 44


Restaurant Le Dezaley - Zurich, Switzerland

For decades Le Dezaley has been dedicated to dishes from the canton Vaud, situated in western Switzerland.  The fondue prepared according to an old family recipe is definitely very tasty and also comes in a version with morels (mushrooms). Or get one of the fondue deals including a starter
(like air-dried meat) and a dessert.
Try one of the different sausages of the region, be it stuffed with cabbage or just served plain with French beans or leek or go for one of the other Swiss dishes.
The old  part of the restaurant is more charming, so try to get a seat there.

Restaurant Le Dezaley
Romergasse 7/9

Tel:  +41 44 251 61 29


Cheese Restaurants Switzerland

The Swiss cheese specialities' fondue' and 'raclette' originally come from the French speaking areas of Switzerland. Fondue is basically a mix of melted cheese and white wine bubbling over a small burner which you dip bread cubes into, while raclette is pure melted cheese which is poured over boiled potatoes.
Locals usually eat these dishes during the cold time of the year, we definitely recommend trying them whatever the season.

Tanti Opticians - Sliema, Malta

Newly Refurbished Outlet & Eye Clinic

Tanti Opticians
8 Tigne Street, Sliema

Tel:  21 335232


Restaurant Blaue Ente - Zurich, Switzerland

At the Blaue Ente they do pay attention to details.
The atmosphere in this former mill at Tiefenbrunnen is very pleasant and genuine - we spent a really nice evening. Closed Sunday.

Restaurant Blaue Ente
Seefeldstrasse 223,

Tel:    +41 44 388 68 40


Sioux City -Days Inn - Iowa, USA

Sioux City - Days Inn
3000 Singing Hills Blvd,
Sioux City, IA 51106

Tel:   (712) 258 8000


Stutton - Days Hotel - West Virginia, USA

Stutton - Days Hotel
Flatwoods / -79 Exit 67
2000 Stutton Ln
Stutton, WV 26601

Tel:   (304) 765 5055




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