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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Portland - Days Inn - Oregon, USA

Portland - Days Inn
East / Gresham
2261 NE 181 st Ave
Portland  OR 97230

Tel:  (503) 618 8400


Thermal Baths - Budapest, Hungary

Take advantage of Budapest's thermal waters, as the Romans first did almost two milennia ago.  Imagine you are sitting in the outdoor pool  with the steam rising of the water while your body & soul get freshed by the medicinal water. if this indulgence is not enough, masseurs can take your body
in their expert hands.
Thermal baths are open throughout the whole year even in winter.
live over the real spa feeling in the City of Baths!

- Budapest 's top attraction

- Perfect for splashing & relaxing

- plenty of jets and bubbles to massage away your stress.

The Point Budapest

Tel:   +36 70 335 5442



Ruin Pubs - Budapest

Choose & get the most memorable pastime and learn about Budapest's local nightlife! At the beginning it was the almost revolutionary fervour of university students that fueled the growing world of ruin pubs.
The area most of these pubs are to be found in the historical Jewish quarter, that used to be the ghetto in dark times.
By now, ruin pubs became the most famous distractions in the city.

- Visiting wonderfully weird & characteristic pubs

- Time travelling into Hungary's past with drinking beers and wine.

- Top 3 ruin pubs in Budapest by

Ruin Pubs Prices - Best amusement - Free entry - Legendary places

More info & Booking  : pubs

Tel:   +36 70 335 5442  at the reception/promoter




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