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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Restaurant The Brook - Cambridge, UK

A venue for all occasions, the modern yet snug and homely Brook provides surroundings cosy enough to accommodate those visiting  for a quick drink while still being sufficiently spacious for groups to dine comfortably. Many have already discovered this for themselves - the light and inviting
pub regularly sees jubilant parties, friendly get-togethers leisurely catch-ups and quiet drinks all
taking place within its walls. However, its accommodating nature is only one appealing element of the Brook; others are to be found behind the bar and in the kitchen.

               ......simple, hearty fare.....

The wide drinks selection includes carefully chosen wines its well as those all-important lagers, ciders and real ales - great  to enjoy either on their own or with food.  The menu is made up of
simple, hearty fare. Light meals include warm, filled baguettes and tasty fish cakes, which make for real lunchtime treats, while the satisfying starters, main courses, desserts and weekly specials give guests option of indulging in a full three-course dinner come the evening.
Dishes like goat's cheesecake with red onion marmalade are to be found among the first courses;
juicy steaks and meaty chilli con carne are examples of the gratifying mains; and desserts such as
banoffee cream pie and sticky toffee pudding round everything off in a deliciously traditional style.

Restaurant The Brook
25 Brookfields,
Cambridge CB1 3NW

T:   0844 683 9698


Grand Hotel Moderne et Pigeon - Limoux, France

Lauragais pigeon deboned and roasted in two different ways My five -meat Cassoulet  - Trio of creme
brulees and their macroons.

Grand Hotel Moderne et Pigeon
Place du General Leclerc

Jean-Luc Desmoineaux

Tel:   04 68 31 00 25


Domaine de Mingraut - Fontcouverte, France

AOP Corbieres, IGP Aude
Agriculture biologique

Domaine de Mingraut

Veronique Robin-Cuculiere

Tel:   04 68 43 40 01
         06 82 00 50 66


"App Brumarita" Montegrotto Terme, Italy

"App Brumarita"
Via Plinia, 38
35036 Montegrotto Terme

Mortandello Bruno

Tel:    049 795812
Cell:  333 4208083


Apartment Ca' Bianca - Venice, Italy

Apartment Ca' Bianca
Sestiere di Castello 4598

Tel:   044 48030071
Fax:  044 4835312


Apartment Ca' Badoer - Venice, Italy

Apartment Ca' Badoer
San Polo 2548

Tel:   328 3568566
         328 2479094
Fax:  041 5679175


Apartment Ca' Amadi - Venice, Italy

Apartment Ca' Amadi
Cannaregio 5817

Tel:   347 1549456

Apartment Ca' Elena - Venice, Italy

Apartment Ca' Elena
Sestiere di Castello 4598

Tel:   0444830071
Fax:  0444835312


Solana Hotel & Spa - Mellieha, Malta

Solana Hotel & Spa
Gorg Borg Olivier Street,
Mellieha   Malta  MLH 1025

Tel:   +356 2152 2209


Museo Della Follia - Castello Ursini, Catania, Sicily

Our exhibition section of the "Museum of Madness"comprises a major retrospective dedicated to these two artists.

Opening Hours:   Monday to Friday - 9.00  - 19.00
                             Saturday, Sunday and holidays - 9.00 - 20.30

Museo Della Follia
Piazza Federico II di Sreria
Castello Ursino

Tel:   3442249701



Hotel Valtur - Ostuni, Italy

Hotel Valtur * * *
Localita' Lamforca

Tel:   0831 330881-2-3
Fax:  0831 306918


Agriturismo La Madonna Dell' Assunta - Altamura, Italy

Agriturismo La Madonna Dell' Assunta
Via Sardegna 1,

Tel:   080 3140003
Fax:  080 3103328

Hotel Da Miniello - Alberobello, Italy

Hotel Da Miniello * * *
Via Balenzano, 10/14

Tel:   080 4321188
Fax:  080 4321188


B & B Villa Aurora - Bari, Italy

B&B Villa Aurora
Via Nazionale, 10

Tel:    080 5302871
Cell:  333 5737840


High Point -Days Inn & Suites - North Carolina, USA

High Point -Days Inn & Suites
120 SW Cloverleaf  PI
High Point  NC 27263

Tel:  (336) 685 6000


Seattle - Days Inn - Washington, USA

Seattle - Days Inn
Seattle North/Aurora Village
19527 Aurora Ave N (Hwy 99)
Seattle WA 98133

Tel:  (206) 542 6300


Auburn - Days Inn - Washington, USA

Auburn - Days Inn
Seattle Area
1521 "D" Street NE
Auburn WA 98002

Tel:   (253) 939 5950


Virginia Beach - Days Inn - VA, USA

Virginia Beach - Days Inn
Town Center /1-264 Ex 17b
4600 Bonney Rd,
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel:   (757) 473 9745


Le Tre Rose Restaurant - Enna, Sicily

Cucina Tipica Nazionale

Specialita' Marinare

Le Tre Rose Restaurant
Via Candrilli 8
Enna - 94100

Tel:  0935 504704


Zurich - Switzerland

The City of Zurich officially has 12 urban districts, called Stadkreise. They are simply numbered from 1 to 12. However these urban districts are mostly for administrative purposes - we introduce the areas visitors to Zurich should know by the names they are usually known by.

1 - Niederdorf  (the lower village) is the part of the old town on the eastern bank of the river Limmat                            between the squares Central and Bellevue. It's teeming with restaurants, bars and,
                         spiteful tongues say, undiserning  visitors from neighbouring canton Argovia
                         (Argovians have to take a bit of flak in Zurich) There is also a sprinkling of adult
                         entertainment, especially in anr around Harringstrasse sex workers of both sexes look
                         for suitors. Most of Niederdorf is a pedestrian area.  It's criss-crossed with medieval
                         alleys and small squares and a walk through Niederdorf should be part of every visit
                         to Zurich.  Especially if you leave very busy Niedorfstrasse up hill towards Oberdorf
                         you will discover some lovely spots you wouldn't have expected. Along the river on                            the Limmatquai cafes with outdoor seating are a good excuse to have a drink and                                  watch Zurich.

2 -  City / Lindenhof (1) On the western bank of the river Limmat lies the Lindenhof quarter, the
                                        other part of ther old town. Right in its centre, on a small hill,                                                                 Lindenhofplatz gives you excellent views over.  Niedorf  Zurich's citizens
                                        held their meetings in medieval times. The alleys and streets near have                                                   abound with shops of all kinds and some restaurants and bars,  Towards
                                        the west, Bahnhofstrasse  - one of the worlds most famous shopping streets -
                                        marks the border of the Undenhof district, and on the other side, the
                                        so-called City includes Paradeplatz and the financial and business district,                                             spreading towards the lake.

3 -  Seefield (8)  is the name of the district on the eastern shore of the lake. Over the past decade it
                           has become an incredible popular area to live in - which results in very high rents.
                           There are worries that this is driving away the area's original inhabitants and
                           spoiling its charm.  With all the new residents, scores of trendy bars and
                           restaurants have opened in Seefield.  But of course the major attraction here is the
                           lake: on the lake side there is a promenade with boat rentals, two swimming spots
                           and the ever (over) crowded Blatterwiese.

4 -  Enge & Wollishofen (2) The western shore of Lake Zurichis a bit less popular but that's exactly
                                              why it's worth a visit.  When the Seefield side is overcrowded on a
                                              sunny summer weekend you might find it more relaxing on this side.
                                              For example swimming at Mythenquai or on Landwiese, right on the
                                              shore. Enge district houses the two gardens Belvoirpark and
                                              Rieterpark as well.

5 - Langstrasse (4 & 5) Langstrasse (Long Street) is a street connecting districts 4 and 5 through a
                                      tunnel underneath the ocean of railway tracks which divide the western part
                                      of the city.It was once the best-known red light district in Switzerland. But
                                      in the last decade much has changed more and more striptease and nightclubs
                                      have changed into urban bars now very popular with Zurich's young crowd.
                                      You will find strip clubs, drugs and a few alcoholics - but some of the most
                                      interesting bars, restaurants and clubs in the city as well (see the nightlife                                               chapter) As a result in Zurich's most cosmopolitan and multi-cultural
                                      district, perfect for bar-hopping and with options for partying almost around
                                      the clock.

6 - Zurich West (5) Probably Zurich's fastest developing district, the formerly industrial part of the
                                city is rapidly changing into a new business and residential area. Office space
                                and residential developments have sprouted everywhere, making construction
                                sites a long-term feature. The area around Escher Wyss-Platz has also
                                become one of the city's entertainment districts with bars, restaurants and clubs
                                popping up like mushrooms over the last 15 years.  The first clubs set up in
                                abandoned industrial building, but now many have moved into newly built or
                                renovated locations. Some clubs have a raw provisional feel, while the
                                restaurants and bars around the large Abaton multiplex cinema have a more
                                mainstream character.

7 - Zurich Nord - Oerukon  (11) The urban district 11 North of Zurich, behind the two hills
                                                     Kaferberg and Zurichberg is often referred to at Zurich Nord. Close
                                                     to the airport, Oerlikon a home to numerous companies, and to
                                                     Zurich's biggest event hall Hallenstudon and the trade fair grounds
                                                     Lots of housing, offices, parks and hotels have been built here in the
                                                     past five years.





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