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Vespucci - Padova, Italy

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Via Vespucci 9/15/21 - int 1 e 2
35031 Abano Terme

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Melata - Padova, Italy

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Via Gattamelata, 134/B - 134/C
35128 Padova

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La Specola - Padova

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La Specola
Riviera  Paleocapa 74/76
35141 Padova

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Rock Drawings in Valle Camonica - Part 2 - Italy

Lake Moro, Luine and Monticolo

Intermunicipal Park

Luine Municipal Park

The Park embraces a broad area in the territories of Darfo Boario Terme and Angolo Terme where one finds the Luine Municipal Park and the Corni Freschi Archaeological Site.
The Luine Municipal Park, expanding over the three hillslide areas, Crape., Simoni and Luine, can be crossed through three visiting itneraries and it counts over 100 rocks of characteristic purplishred
Simona Stone.  The variety and age of the engravings - some of the most ancient depicitions of the Valley can be seen here, dating between 13,000 and 10,000 years b.p. - and the presence of a prehistoric  and proto--historic settlement make Luine a place of exceptional interest.  The park has its own Educational Centre.


Address:  Gorzone suburb, Luine area, 25047 Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia)

Mobile:   +39 348 7374467


Free Admission

Corni Freschi Archaeological Site

The Corni Freschi Archaeological Site, located at the base of the Monticolo hill, belongs to a series
of cult sites characterizing several locations of Valle Camonica during the Copper Age (3rd millenniun BCE)  The boulder is a big , split block of sandstone fallen from the rocky slope behind it: in the midst of the vertical face stands out a composition of nine engraved hailberds, whence the name given to the boulder, "Rock of the halberds".  Recent researches have made it possible to identify, about 30 cm below the present flat country surface, a second composition of engraved figures: fifteen collated daggers, arranged so as to follow the heraldic scheme of the haliberds.

Address:   Gattaro area
                 25047 Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia)


Free Admission

Asinino - Anvoia Archaeological Park

Established in 2005, the Asinino - Anvoia Archaeological Park in Ossimo highlights a cermonial site dating back to the Copper Age.  At the main entrance, the the Pat area, a Visitors' Centre has been set up displaying a tourist accommodation that hosts a plastic scale model of the ceremonial site area and the casts of several decorated boulders, while within a coniferous forest a route equipped with facilities leads to the Anvoia area, where a Chalcolithic site has been rebuilt.  Here, the reproductions of the four steles have been placed in the original position of the discovery and some ritual spaces connected to them have been recreated.  The original steles are preserved in the MUPRE.  The
original steles are preserved in the MUPRE  The National Prehistory Museum of Valle Camonica, in Capo di Ponte

Address:    Asinino - Anvoia  area
                  25050 Ossimo (Brescia)


Free  Admission

Sellero Muncipal Archaeological and Mineral Park includes four different rock art sites and the Carpene, is equipped with a visitor's route, which can be reached through an uphill path, with some level parts.  The outcrops are characterized by a hard rock with metal veins revealing the presence of quartz.  They were engraved by Man since Neolithic ( 4th millennium BCE) The figures seem to indicate a pause in the engraving activity during the Copper and Bronze Ages ( 3rd - 2nd milennia BCE) and a meaningful resumption in the Iron Age (1st millennium BCE)   The Carona mines, located north-west of the town of Sellero at about 800 m a.s.l. are characterized by underground passages, tunnels and the remains of the labourers' accommodation and storage area.  They were
exploited from the late 1800s to 1951


Address:   25050 Sellero (Brescia)


Free Admission

"Coren de le Fate" Polythematic Pathway

This  area is a part of Adamello Regional Park

The rocks are located in a lovely natural setting, surrounded by age-old chestnut trees. Some of them have information panels and walkways affording a close-up view of the engravings. Coren de la Fate and Coren de l'Aiva are two spots of particular interests, where oral tradition tells of the relations between engraved rocks, toponyms and legends connected with the themes of magic and superstition.
The engraved surfaces mainly present schematic and symbolic depicitions - cupmarks, solar discs, topographical representations, meanders and shovels - dated between the 4th and 1st millennium BCE.


Address:   25048 Sonico (Brescia)


Free Admission

Segno Artigiano

The UNESCO site"Rock Drawings of Valle Camonica" has supported also the development of a catalogue of original products that take inspiration from the representations engraved on the rocks."Segno Artigiano" (literally, " The Handcraft Mark") is the brand that characterizes kitchen items (chopping boards, tablecloths, cups, ladies, hot pan mats....) house products (ranging from lamps to lovely key rings) and local traditional food and wine products reinterpreted in pursuit of
artistic design. "Segno Artigiano" has combined culture, territory and business allowing companies to re-invent themselves, to express the resources of the area and to promote know-how, through a process of design-oriented innovation and contemporary crafts.



National Museum of Prehistory of Valle Camonica

MUPRE, which opened in May 2014, illustrates the history of the people known from the Iron Age as Camunni, exhibiting ceramic materials, stone and metal tools, and bone and horn articles. Located in
the ancient  building of Villa Agostani in the historic centre of Capo di Ponte, the Museum extends over the ground floor, in the contiguous open spaces (open gallery, entrance courtyard and furnished rear space) and on the second floor.
The visit begins on the groundfloor, with the theme of Manifestations of the sacred, Copper Age megalithic sanctuaries.  The itinerary continues on the second  floor, where a large hall contains the numerous finds of material culture to end up again on the ground -floor, where "Proto-historical aspects and sites of cult" are exhibited.


Address:   Via S Martino 7, 25044 Capo di Ponte (Brescia)

Tel:   +39 0364 42403



Admission fee

How to get here.

By car

From Trentino:   Tonale Pass
From Sondrino:   Aprica State Road 39
From Bergamo:   State Road 42
From Brescia:     State Road 510

By bus

From Brescia:
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The Resident Drone Fleet

Meet Airmageddon's resident drones, who'll be making life difficult for the competitors.

( Personalised Interactive Gyrocopter)

A practical joker who's constantly getting in the way of the action.  When not causing mischief, PIG's primary function is to demonstrate how the challenges are played.

( Weaponised Assault Ship)

These drones function as rapid response units. They're fast, agile and dynamic - and have a sting in their tails.

( Direct Response Aerial Gyrocopter)

The Dragon-class drone is intended to be a heavier duty WASP- style attack drone but with greater
firepower - hence the front -mounted flamethrower.


(Giant Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance Drone)

These drones serve as defence and observation units.  They're the largest drones in the Airena and are controlled by Al algorithms.


These are the show's 'airjudicators' - the referees, in other words

Drone Aware

British Model Flying Association

Civil Aviation Authority


Do you fly a Drone?

1.   There are legal requirements relating to the flight of all model aircraft, and also photography and
       filming with model aircraft - including multirotors.

2.    Ensure that your proposed flying location is appropriate, safe and lawful.  Do not fly in built up
       areas or close to people.

3.    Do not endanger persons or property

4     Maintain line of sight for the purposes of control at all times(see CAA Exemption for specific             details of FPV flight permissions)

5.    Ensure that you have appropriate liability insurance cover for the proposed activity.

6.    Receiving payment for flight renders the activity Aerial Work, not model flying.

7.     Do not cause a nuisance or invade privacy.

Be Safe - Be Lawful   - Be Aware

For further information all aspects  of model flying including the purchase of liability insurance
(£25 million of cover provided for lawful model flying activity including multirotors and aircraft operated by FPV as standard with BMFA membership) contact the BMFA office.

Tel:   0116 2440028



Smartest Dog Breeds

Top 10

And their' best in show' wins at Crufts

Source  The Intelligence of Dogs by Dr Stanley Coren

1.   Border Collie
      Bred for herding sheep
      No wins

2.   Poodle
      Bred for duck hunting
      Six wins

3.   German Shepherd
      Bred for herding sheep
      Three wins

4.   Golden retriever
      Bred for retrieving waterfowl
      No wins

5.   Doberman pinscher
      Bred for guarding
      No wins

6.   Shetland sheepdog
      Bred for herding
      No wins

7.   Labrador retriever
      Bred for retrieving waterfowl
      Three wins

8.   Papillon
      Bred for companionship
      No wins

9.   Rottweller
      Bred for driving cattle and guarding
      No wins

10.  Australian cattle dog
       Bred for driving cattle
       No wins  


Rock Drawings in Valle Camonica Part 1 - Italy

The Unesco Site

Known worldwide for its rock art, recognized as World Heritage Site by Unesco, Valle Camonica has always been synonym with Culture, Art and History. In addition to the invaluable archaeological heritage of Roman Age, the very beautiful churches frescoed by great artists of the Renaissance, the
numerous medieval villages and castles, and an operative museum system, Valle Camonica also means Nature and Sport, thanks to the presence of important Ski areas, the cycle track along the Oglio River and the numerous routes for mountain bike, in a diversified landscape, from the glacier to the lake, characterized by 55% of protected surface, kept by the Nature Network of Valle
Camonica where the Parks of Adamello and Stelvio stand out, allowing for countless outdoor hikesw.  But Valle Camonica is also Wellbeing, in the modern spas of Boario and Angolo, and Flavours thanks to a rich basket of typical products and recipes from the Camunian tradition.

This and much more is waiting for you in Valle Camonica, the Valley of Landmarks.

Valle Camonica. The Valley of Landmarks



The Unesco Site "Rock Drawings in Valcamonica"

Valle Camonica, which lies in the Central Eastern Alps, in the Brescia district, is renowned for the presence of numerous rock engravings, which led to it being the first Italian site, in 1979, to be designed a UNESCO Word Heritage Site (Site n. 94 "Rock Drawings in Valcamonica")
After more than a country of research and analysis, this extraordinary rock art complex has distinguished itself internationally for several different elements: the variety and the quality of the
iconogrqphy; the time span in prehistory and proto-history, between the end of the Upper Paleoithic
(between 13,000 and 10.000 years b.p) and the Iron Age (1st millennium BCE), with additions in Roman and medieval times and even more recently; the immense area covered along both sides of the valley, from 300 to over 2000 m above sea level, in delightful natural settings, with over 180 sites distributed in over 30 out of 41 municipalities of the Valley.
To date, to safeguard this invaluable heritage, 8 archaeological  parks have been established, covering prehistory and proto-history, starting in 1955, when Italy's first archaeological park, the Rock Engravings National Park was opened in Capo di Ponte, in the naquane area.  The series of sites and museums devoted to pre-history and proto-history are completed by the National Museum of Prehistory of valle Camonica, also located in Capo di Ponte.

Sito Unesco n 94

Rock Art Parks

1   Darfo Boario Terme
     Lake Moro, Luine and Monticolo Intermunicipal Park

2   Ossimo
     Asinino - Anvola Archaeological Park

3   Ceto - Cimbergo - Paspardo
     Rock Engravings Nature Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo and Paspardo

4   Capo di Ponte
      Naquane Rock Engravings National Park
      Massi di Cemmo National Archaeological  Park
      Seradina - Bedolina Municipal Archaeological Park
      National Museum of Prehistory of Valle Camonica

5   Sellero
     Sellero Municipal Archaeological and Mineral Park

6   Sonico
     "Coren de le Fate" Polythematic Pathway

Other Rock Art Sites

7   Borno
     Megalithic sanctuary of Valzel de Udine

8   Edolo
     The Medieval Castle area and the Plate de lcc area

Naquane Rock Engravings National Park

This is the first archaeological park established in Italy, in 1955, to safeguard and promote one of the most important rock engraving sites in Valle Camonica.  Located in Naquane, in a natural environment with chestnut, fir, birch and hornbeam trees, the Park presents information panels and offers 5 routes covering 3 KM.
The park's 104 extensive sandstone surfaces, polished by glacial action, display real and symbolic depicitions of the daily life and spirituasl world of the populations that lived from Neolithic times to the Iron Age (4th to 1st millennium BCE) the most flourishing period for this particular art form, which continued in Roman and even modern times.

Naquane Area
25044 Capo di Ponte (Brescia)
Tel:   +39 0364 42140
Admission fee

National Archaeological Park

Opened in october 2005, this park displays the first rock art site reported in 1909 by the deographer G. Laeng for the presence of two decorated rocks of exceptional interest, dating back to the 3rd millennium BCE with figures of animals, weapons, anthropomorphs, ploughing scenes and carriage on four-wheeled carts.  Recent excavations have brought to light, around the rocks, a megalithic sanctuary with a surrounding wall and decorated steles, founded in the Copper Age, on pre-existing
finds from the Mesolithic, and survived until late ancient Roman times (late 4th to early 2nd millennium BCE; 1st millennium BCE to 4th /5th century CE) when it was dismantled by the Christians, who built the Parish of St Siro (11th - 12th Century)  near this pagan ceremonial site of worship.

Cemmo suburb
Pian delle Greppe area,
25044 Capo di Ponte (Brescia)

Tel:    +39 0364 42140

Free admission

Seradina - Bedolina

Municipal Archaeological Park

Opened in October 2005, the park lies in a natural setting of great geological and botanical interest.
Most of the engraved figures date back to the Bronze and Iron Age (2nd and 1st millenium BCE). The
area is divided into five sections and is adjacent to the Massi di Cemmo National Archaeological park, the site of ancient prehistoric rituals.  The rocks are characterized by ploughing scenes, duel,
fights, maps  and the famous "Camunian  Rose" symbol, which was adopted as the emblem of the Lombardy Region in 1975.  At Bedolina, visitors can view the so-called "Map Rock" , an interesting topographical depiction of the Iron Age. Four itineraries branch off the main visiting route.


Address: Localita' Seradina - Bedolina / Seradina - Bedolina area,   25044 Capo di Ponte (Brescia)

Tel:    +39 0364 42104

Cell:  +39 334 6575628


Free Admission

Rock Engravings Nature Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo and Paspardo

Established by the Lombardy Region in 1983 on the suggestion of the municipalities of Ceto Cimbergo and Paspardo and the Camunian Centre of Prehistoric Studies, this reserve protects a vast area containing rocks bearing engravings which cover a broad time span  ( from the 5th millennium BCE to the early Middle Ages). as well as a series of important ethnographic and vegetal elements
connected with the evolution of the Alpine environment across the milennia.

The visitors can follow a series of marked routes around the rock engravings, many of which are described in detail on information panels.

In Nadro there is the Museum of the Reserve, offering information on rock art and on the visiting


Address:  via Piana 29, 25040 Nadro di Ceto (Brescia)

Tel:    +39 0364 433465



Admission fee

Aromaspecialisterna, Maria Karlsson - Enkoping, Sweden

Therapy & Healthcare in Dr Westerlund's Enkoping

Aromaspecialista, Maria Karlsson
Ganstavagen 4
SE-749 42 Enkoping

Tel:   +46 (0)171 34060

          +46 (0)70 5766189


Hotel Euro - San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

Hotel Euro * * *
Via Monsignor Novelli
San Giovanni Rotondo

Tel:   0882456349

Fax:   0882459463



Relais Dei Normanni - Monte Sant' Angelo, Italy

Relais Dei Normanni * * * *
Via Raffaele Cuffreda
Monte Sant' Angelo

Tel:   0884563182

Fax:   0884568392



Agriturismo Serra Gambetta - Castellana Grotte, Italy

Agriturismo Serra Gambetta
Via Conversano, 204
70013 Castellana Grotte

Tel:  080 4962181





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