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Friday, 7 July 2017

Drone Aware

British Model Flying Association

Civil Aviation Authority


Do you fly a Drone?

1.   There are legal requirements relating to the flight of all model aircraft, and also photography and
       filming with model aircraft - including multirotors.

2.    Ensure that your proposed flying location is appropriate, safe and lawful.  Do not fly in built up
       areas or close to people.

3.    Do not endanger persons or property

4     Maintain line of sight for the purposes of control at all times(see CAA Exemption for specific             details of FPV flight permissions)

5.    Ensure that you have appropriate liability insurance cover for the proposed activity.

6.    Receiving payment for flight renders the activity Aerial Work, not model flying.

7.     Do not cause a nuisance or invade privacy.

Be Safe - Be Lawful   - Be Aware

For further information all aspects  of model flying including the purchase of liability insurance
(£25 million of cover provided for lawful model flying activity including multirotors and aircraft operated by FPV as standard with BMFA membership) contact the BMFA office.

Tel:   0116 2440028



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