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Friday, 2 December 2016

Restaurant Cacio E Pepe - Zurich, Switzerland

They do have a menu at the Cacio e Pepe - but we suggest you trust the daringly charming waiters and let them serve you their choice of dishes, at least for starters. They serve small portions as you get to taste a whole range of treats. And don't get confused by the every waiter at every table policy
that's just as they do it here.
The cuisine is dedicated to its Roman roots and quite outstanding be it Carcofi alla Romana (artichokes), the Frittura di Calamari (the most tender we've ever had), the pasta carbonara (think lots of bacon and little cream) or the grilled piece of piglet (maialino)

Restaurant Cacio e Pepe
Zurlindenstrasse, 21

Tram:  Schmiede Wiedikon

Tel:   +41 44 450 51 52


Restaurant Bindella - Zurich, Switzerland

Bindella is dedicated to Venetian cuisine and it's not just the Neo-Baroque interior fish and seafood rule the menu.
Meat lovers get their money's worth as well. Try spaghetti with clams (alle vongole) as a starter, continue with the chopped calf's liver with risotto and finish off with some Italian cheese.
But no matter what you choose, if you like Italian food, we're convinced you will be more than pleased with what you get.
The atmosphere is not exactly quiet but all the more Italian.

Restaurant Bindella
In Gassen, 6

Tram:  Paradeplatz

Tel:  +41 41 221 25 46




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