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Saturday, 15 October 2016

George & Dragon - Elsworth, UK

There are many traditional pubs to be found in Britain's villages. However, with its huge range of fresh speciality seafood brought in regularly from the local fishmongers, the George & Dragon is particularly unique.

Located conveniently close to the city but with a pleasing village setting, this pub and restaurant is exactly the kind you hope to stumble upon during a walk, as well as the sort that you'll go out of your way to visit.

George & Dragon
41 Boxworth Road,
Elsworth  CB 23 4 JQ

T:  0844 683 9753


Papari Wines - Sardegna, Italy

We select the oldest and best Vermentino vines to create this wine. After a slow and long maturation, each grape, picked by hand from each plant, will enclose the best expression of this grape variety.

Colour: Straw- yellow

A - Z Activities - Coleraine, Ireland, UK


               Ballylagan Fishery - Ballylagan Farm 39 Ballylagan Road, Coleraine BT 52 2 PQ
                                                                             T/F:   028 70822251
                                                                             Mob: 077 69836265

                                                  Five acre spring fed lake; fly fishing; barbless hooks only; flies for                                                         sale boat for hire; free tea & coffee

                                                  Open:  Mon - Sat

A - Z of Activities - Ireland, UK

Angling: It is essential that an angler acquires a rod licence to fish in either 'coarse' or 'game' fisheries
on the North Coast Licences are available at designated tackle shops.

- Angling Beats:   Lower Bann                        Cutts                          Carnroe
                              Estauary                              Betts                          Agivey Bridge
                              Culiff Bridge                       Culiff Rock               Poetneal
                              Portna                                  Kilrea Club               Movanagher

- Lakes and Reservoirs:  Ballinrees Reservoir    & Dunallis Reservoir
                                        Ballyrashane Reservoir       Craigahulliar Reservoir
                                        Ballylesson Reservoir          Moorbrooke Lodge
                                        Ballyagan Fisherman's Quarry      Stone Falls

- Game Angling:  Salmon, sea trout, brown and rainbow trout are found in abundance in the local
                              rivers Bush Bann (Lower). Agivey and some 'put and take' lakes.  Game fishing is                               seasonal and as such, activity is confined from 1 March to 31 October.
                              Permits and rod licences can be obtained from.

- Bann System  - The Cutts, 54 Castleroe Road  Coleraine BT 51 3 RL
                             T:   028 7034 4796 or 028 7035 6527
                             For more information
                             T: 015 7347 0612

- Coarse Angling - Popular stretches for bream, and perch, pike and raoch on the Lower Bann
                               of  Portina and Mavanagher.
                               Local permits, licences , equipment , bait, advice information, maps from:

- Atkins Angling - 71 Coleraine Road, Gavagh, BT 51 5 HP
                               T:   028 2955 7692
                                Fishing  tackle and clothing, manufacturer of salmon and trout flies.
                                Opening Hours
                                                         Mon - Fri:  9.00am -5.00pm, Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm

- Outdoor Country Sports - 58 Society Street, Coleraine BT52 1LA
                                             T:  028 7032 0701
                                                  077 2727 0151

                                               Fishing tackle and baits. Outdoor and country clothing, children's
                                               combat clothing, airsoft guns, children's soft air guns and army surplus
                                               supplies are also sold on the premises.  Authorised supplier of fishing
                                               licences and permits.

- Smyth's Country Sports - 1 Park Street, Coleraine BT 52 1BD
                                            T:  028 7034 3970

- Put And Take - Castlerock Moorbrook Lodge (Trout Fishery)
                            46 Glebe Road, Castelrock BT51 4SW
                            T:  028 7084 9408
                             Open:   all year.

- Stone Falls Specimen Trout Fishery - 63 Altikeeragh Road, Castelrock BT 51 4 SR
                                                                T:    028 7084 8380
                                                                 M:   07921463396

                                                                 Tuition and guiding services available: corporate days                                                                            catered for wheelbarrow included




Hotel Dei Cavalieri - Maruggio, Italy

Hotel Dei Cavalieri * * * *
Contrada Vento
Loc Campomarino

Tel:    099 9716210
Fax:   099 9716210
Cell   328 6610589


Appia Palace - Massafra, Italy

Appia Palace * * * *
S.S.7 Appia Km 633

Tel:   099 8851501
Fax:  099 8851506


Iberotel Apulia - Ugento, Italy

Iberotel Apulia * * * *
Via Vicinale Fontanelle
Loc. Torre San Giovanni

Tel:   0833 931002
Fax:   0833 933646

Web:      www.

B & B Le Chianche Di Paiano Vito - Ortelle, Italy

B & B Le Chianche Di Paiano Vito
Via San Francesco, 21
Loc Vignacastrisi

Tel:     0836 922040
Cell:    347 8530761


L' Antico Frantoio Resort - Galli[poli, Italy

L' Antico Frantoio Resort * * *
Prov.Le  Gallipoli  Sannicola
C Da Crocefisso

Tel;     0833 201593
Fax:    0833 201593
Cell:    329 8050513


Customs - Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is not member of the European customs union. On the one hand that gives you the opportunity to buy real tax -free goods at airports when you are travelling from and to Switzerland. On the other hand there are tight restrictions on the goods you can take free of customs duty from Switzerland to your country.  For
EU-countries the following customs and tax allowances apply (for other countries check with the according customs authorities):

Tobacco:  200 (50 to some countries) or 100 (20) cigarillos or 50 (10) cigars or 250 gr (50) of smoking

Alcohol:  1 litre of spirits over 22% Vol or 2 litres of spirits with less than 22%vol, 4 litres of still wine,
                16 litres of beer.

Other goods:  Max value of all goods:  430 euros for air travellers and 300 euros for other travellers.

Goods over thees limits must be declared when entering a EU-country, additional taxes and VAT may apply.

In Switzerland there is duty free shopping for arriving passengers as well.

Zurich's Deep - Sea Port

Just go along to Limmatquai, next to Cafe Rathus. The first thing you'll see is a huge, rusty dockside rusty crane.  But we must admit, Zurich's maritime connection is only temporary.  The rusty hulk will be here until 2015.But it has caused a lot of excitement. The city parliament and local radios and  newspapers were flooded with debate on this art installation.
The organizers wanted the crane to pop-up unexpectedly, stir up Zurich and disappear again. But there was
a conservative uproar over the city spending 6000,000Sfr for an old crane, and every detail was fought over.  So by the time the crane or Hafenkran appeared  this April - all 90 tonnes of it, towering 30 metres tall - it couldn't surprise anyone.  But who cares. Now you casn smell the ocean breeze and dream of the seven seas in the heart of Zurich.  And you might also hear a huge ship's horn from somewhere.  It's part of the
installation too.

X Signs - Qormi, Malta

Design Club House

Banners - Roll - Up Banners - Printing - Car & Motorcycles - Business Cards - Large Format Prints - Tinted Shop Signs -  Sticker Cutting - Graphic Design - Signage - Wrapping - Logos - Flyers - Illuminated Signs - A-Board Service

X Signs
86, Victory Street Qormi


Cadoro Rialto -Venice, Italy

Cadoro Rialto
San Polo 323

Tel:   041 5225251
Fax:  041 2778380


Cadoro Guardi - Venice, Italy

Cadoro Guardi
Castello 3511 / A

Tel:   041 5225251
Fax:  041 2778380


Ca' Zitelle, e Due - Venice, Italy

Ca' Zitelle, e Due
Giudecca 83/G

Tel:     349 5556048
Fax:    041 5204034


Rosa Alberto - Malcesine, Italy

Rosa Alberto
Via di Mezzo, 15

Tel:    046 4508497
Fax:   046 4088103


Rizzardi Fabio - Malcesine, Italy

Rizzardi Fabio
Via Gardesana 138/2

Tel:   045 7400709
        339 5243842

San Antonio - Days Inn - Texas, USA

San Antonio - Days Inn
At Palo Alto College
9403 Poteet Jourdanton Freeway
San Antonio TX 78224

Tel:   (210) 447 3670


Chattanooga - Days Inn & Suites - Tennessee, USA

Chattanooga - Days Inn & Suites
Lookout Mtn/Downtown/1-24 Ex 178
101 E  20th St
Chattanooga TN 37408

Tel:  (423) 267 9761


Sturgis - Days Inn - South Dakota. USA

Sturgis - Days Inn
2630 Lazelle St.
Sturgis SD 57785

Tel:   (605) 347 3027




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