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Friday, 28 April 2017

Osteria Capo di Lago - Italy

Osteria Capo di Lago
Via Lago Moro, 6
Capo di Lago

Tel:  +39 0364 5298 78 / + 39 335 67 49 786


F:  Osteria Capo di Lago

Hotel Ristorante Diana - Darfo Boario Terme, Italy

Hotel Restaurant Diana
Via Manifattura Vittorio Olcese, 12
Darfo  Boario Terme

Tel;  +39 0364 53 14 03



F:  Hotel Diana Darfo Boario Terme

Artintavola Ristorante - Capo di Ponte, Italy

Artintovala Ristorante e Catering
Via Nazionale 38
Capo di Ponte

Tel:  +39 0364 42 380 / +39 389 07 39 017



F:  Artintavola Gastronomia e Bistrot

Trattoria Moro du Gigi - Albino, Italy

14-14-15-16 July 2017

 Sagra degli gnocchi ripieni

Trattoria Moro da Gigi
Loc. Perola,
Albino BG

Tel:  035 751.296

Albino Classica Concert XVI Edizione - 2017

Calendar of Events:

- Sabato 6 Maggio ore 21.00
  Albino, Auditorium Benevenuto E Mario Cuminetti
  Milano Luster Brass
  Quintetto D' Ottoni
  Musiche di:  M-ACharpentier, W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach, G. Verdi
                       F.Lehar, S.Joplin, A. LKachaturjan, G. Gershwin e N. Piovani

- Domenica 7 Maggio ore 17.00
   Albino , Chiesa Di S. Bartolemo
  Fiabe E Suoni D' Organo
  Lettrice :  Veruska vedovati
  Organista:  Fabio Nava
  Consigliato per famaglie E Bambini

-Sabato 13 Maggio ore 21.00
  Cenate Sotto, Chiesa Parrocchiale
  Alchima Duo
  Arpe:  Alice Caradente e Alessandra Ziveri
  Musiche di:  J.B. Cardon, C Franck, G Caramiello, AZamara, MRavel e C Saint - Saens


Bistrot Spadari - Milan, Italy

The oldest Fish Shop of Milan invites you to discover Bistrot Spadari from the sea to the table nearby the Dome.

From Wednesday to Saturday  7.00 - 10.30pm

Saturday and Sunday  12.30 am - 2.30 pm

Bistrot Spadari
Nearby Dome

Tel:  +39 0287 8250Milan,

Churches in Brescia - Italy

-  Duomo Nuovo

 - Duomo Vecchio

 - San Giuseppe

- Sant' Agata

- San Faustino

- Santa Maria Del Carmine

-  San Giovanni

- Madonna Delle Grazie

- Santi Cosma E Damiano

- Santa Maria Della Pace

- San Francesco D'Assisi

- Santi Nazaro E Celso

- Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

- San Lorenzo

- Sant'Alessandro

- Sanctuaire De Sant' Angela Merici

- Sant' Afra In Sant'Eufemia

- Santa Maria Calche

- San Clemente

- San Zeno Al Foro

- Santa Maria Della Carita'

- San Cristo

- San Pietro In Uliveto


Franciacorta, Lake Iseo, Trompia Valley - Brescia, Italy

The area of Franciacorta, Lake Iseo and the Trompia valley extends to the North West of the city of Brescia.

These three areas all have their own unique geography, history and economy; this is an original and pleasant land, offering delightful surprises to tourists.

Franciacorta is one of the most important wine growing areas in Italy, producing Franciacorta DOCG

Lake Iseo is very picturesque and romantic place, nestled among the mountains with Monte Isola at its heart.

The Trompia Valley is the iron valley, home to mines and forges, with workshops of artists and sculptors.


In Franciacorta - The history of Franciacorta is built on the the presence of monastic sites which,                                     since the year 1,000 AD, have been major land owners in the area.  Local abbeys
                            monasteries, churches and convents contain valuable collections of works of art,
                            paintings, frescoes and wooden sculptures.  There are also many castles and                                         patrician homes which are now museums or prestigious wineries.

Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa XI century - Provaglio d'Is

Annunciata Convent - Rovato

Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola - Rodengo Salano

Palazzo Torri - Nigoline di Corte Franca

Oldofredi Castle - Iseo

Castle Quistini - Rovato

Palazzo Bargnani Dandolo - Adro

Palazzo Oldofredi - Cazzago San Martino

Palazzo Bettoni - Cazzago - CazzagoSan Martino

Castle and Villa Orlando Cazzago San Martino (Bornato)

Palazzxo Lana Berlucchi - Corte Franca (Borgonato)

Palazzo Oldofredi - Cazzago San Martino

Palazzo Bettone - Cazzago Cazzago San Martino

Castle and Villa Orlando Cazzago San Martino (Bornato)

Villa Fenaroli - Erbusco

Ricci Curbasto Agriculture and Wine Museum - Capriolo

Museo della Guerra - Iseo

MUSIL ( Museum of Labour and Industry)
             Rodengo Saiano (Mole)

Borgo dei maglio - Orne
 Trompia Valley

Known by its historical mining tradition, offers a huge number of museums, artistic and religious sites, exhibits and events.
Guided visits and worships available (for the sites listed below) T:  +39 030 8337495

San Aloisio di Collio Museum

Mining Museum Pezzaze

The Forge Museum Tavernole

Ethnographical Museum Lodrino

Armamentsa Museum Gardone V.T

The Forges Sarezzo

Pope Paul VI Nativity Museum Concesio

Art and Religion Route

The Pope Paul VI Contemporary Art Collection in Concesio


- Ancient Valerian way

- Leonardo and Sale Marasino



Franciacorta Golf Club

Mountain Bike

Franciacorta Speedway

Swimming, Sailing and free time

Monte Gugliemo

Trompia Valley

Ski in Trompia Valley

Trekking and mountain bike

Valtrompia sport


Lake Iseo And Franciacorta

Torbiere del Sebino
Corte Franca, Iseo and Provaglio d' Iseo

Peripio della  Santissima - Gussago

Botanical Gardens - Orne

Oglio Park - Palazzolo sull'Oglio to Paratico

From Paratico to Brescia

Quistini Castle Rose Garden- Rovato

Monte Isola

Monte Isola is one of Italy's most beautiful towns. A daily ferry service connects it to all the major lakeside towns.  No cars are allowed on the island,
There are several tiny hamlets.

Peschiera Maraglio, a delightful village with a small port where typical traditional fishing boats are

Siviano, located on high ground with fantastic views to the coast

Sensole, a short walk from Peschiers Maraglio, with a picnic area located among olive trees, as well
               as bars and restaurants, in front of San Paolo island.

Carzano, with the traditional homes of the fishermen, in a picturesque site overlooking Loreto island

Cure, on the highest point of the island, site of the popular sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola,
          dating from the thirteenth century

Loreto Island lies on the north of Monte Isola and

San Paolo Island lies to the south.

Zone Pyramids

Nature reserve with unusual rock pyramids created over thousands of years through erosion by the atmosphere

Trompia Valley

Constellations Museum

Explore the heavens in Lumezzane, with the Serafino Zani Observatory telescope (Colle San Bernardino) or visit the P.lanetarium and the picturesque view of the starry night skies.

Tales of the Forest

A itinerary with 6 ethnographical -nature routes, presented by the Trompia Valley Ecomuseum to
illustrate traditional local life and work.

Tourist Info:

Lake Iseo and Franciacorta
Lungolagl Marconi, 2 c
25049  Iseo

Tel:   +39 030 3748733
                030 980209


Trompia Valley

Trompia Valley Mountain Community
Santa Maria degli Angeli Tourist Office
Via S Francesco d' Assisi
25063 Gardone VT (BS)

Tel:  +39 030 8337493






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