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Friday, 2 September 2016

Santa Marija Gun Battery -

Santa Marija Gun Battery Standing Sentinel Over The Gozo Channel

During the 18th century, the power of the Knights warned as the threat from the Turks in the east receded and northern European nations extended their trade and influence across the Mediterranean. But the century began with a continuing and financially  ruinous attempt by the Knights to reinforce the defences of the island, of which this gun battery was part. Begun in 1714, it guarded the channel between Malta and Gozo.

Of the many gun batteries across the islands, this is one of only three surviving in Gozo and Comino and, thanks to the recent restoration, one of the best preserved. Unlike the string of coastal watchtowers or lookout points built in the 17th century, these batteries were designed to ward off attack.

The battery has a semi-circular gun platform with embrasures facing out to sea, and is enclosed by a wall for
musketry to guard against a landward attack.  It was armed with a mixture of 24 and 6 pound cannon.  The blockhouse  housed the ammunition and the garrison slept in ts basement.

Restoration works on the Gun Battery were undertaken by Din L-Art Helwa between 1996 -7 and 2003 - 4
and were sponsored by P. Cutajar & Co Ltd and the Comino Hotel.

The original 24-ounder cannon were made in a French foundry.  Two are in place, as well as two 6 pounders found in the vicinity and recovered with help from the Armed Force of Malta. These are mounted on reproduction gun carriages.

The battery is accessible at all times.  For more information on Din l-Art helwa Gozo and Cominno heritage sites and activities,

Tel:  21 220358
       21 2259 52

Carolyn Clements in Gozo  21559679 / 9905 1866

Aunty Elena Childcare - Malta

- Brand New Child Care Centre

- Fully Qualified Staff

- UK Standards Nursery

- Food Service

Owner -                 Elena Romeo         Tel:   +356 77521676

Nursery Manager -  Evelyn Herrera       Tel:   +356 99328087


F:         Aunty Elena Child Care Centre

S. Polo 10 - Venice, Italy

S. Polo 10
San Polo 2656

Tel:   024 814441


Malta National Aquarium - Qawra, Malta


- Entrance to St. Paul's Square
- Aquarium Entrance
- Entrance to Cafe' Del Mar
- Entrance to Diving Institute

Kids Area

- Marine adventure playground
- Interactive Fountain
- Kids Pool


- Public Toilets
- Aquarium Toilets


- St Paul's Panoramic Kiosk
- Exterior Seating
- Panoramic Terrace
- La Nave Bistro
- Cafe' Del Mar Restaurant

Tourist Area

- Aquarium Ticketing Point
- Aquarium Merchandise Shop
- Tourist Information Kiosk


1. Bus Stop
2. Hop On / Hop Off Bus
3. Bicycle Parking Rack
4. Multilevel Car Park
5. Tourist Coach Drop Off
6. Parking Ticket Payment Machine

Ticket Line Tel:   2258 8100

La Nave Tel:   2258 8143

Cafe' Del Mar Tel:  2258 8144


Twitter:         Twitter .com/ maltaquarium


Malta National Aquarium
Triq It- Trunciera, Qawra
San Pawl  IL - Bahar SPB  1500



Tallinja Card - Malta Public Transport

Topping up your tallinja card is easy.

Your tallinja card is an intelligent card that stores credit on it which does not expire.  Now that you have received your tallinja card, you will need to top it up with credit to be able to use it as of July.  Topping up is the process through which you add credit to your tallinja card using the various topping up methods that are available.

It is very important that you always have credit on you tallinja card before using it.  You can then pas as you go every time you board the bus by touching the  reader on the bus.

Online top up

You can top up online by visiting tallinja .com

You will need to enter your tallinja customer number found on the back of the card under your name. Then enter the amount of credit you would like to add to your tallinja card.  The minimum top up is E 2 but in the case of regular travellers, we suggest you up at least E 10 to avoid the need to top up every time.   Remember, your credit will never expire.

You can pay using your credit card (including VISA or Masterrcard) or your debit card (including Cashlink or Quickcash)

You can also top up other people's cards by entering their tallinja customer number.  You can thus top up cards belonging to your friends or other members of your family.

You  up vouchers

You can buy up by using any fixed or mobile phone .

Euro 5 - Euro 10 - Euro 20

You can buy top up vouchers from various retail outlets across Malta and Gozo.  These include all our ticket booths, are located at the Sliema Ferries, at the Airport, in the reception of Mater Dei Hospital, in the
Valletta bus Terminus, in the Bugibba Bus Terminus and in the Rabat - Gozo Bus Terminus.

The vouchers are available in 5, 10 and 20 Euro denominations.

Topping up using vouchers is easy.

1.   With a coin, scratch off the silver panel on the reverse of the top up voucher to reveal a voucher code.
       This voucher code is unique and can only be used once.

2.    Call 2099 1000 and follow the automated instructions.

3.    You will be asked to enter your tallinja customer number found  on the back of the tallinja card (just              beneath your name) followed by a # sign.

4.   You will then be asked to enter the voucher code followed by the # sign.

5.   The system will confirm that you have successfully topped up your tallinja card and will tell you your new       credit balance on your tallinja card.

Top Up At MaltaPost

You can top up your tallinja card instantly at any MaltaPost Office.

Top up at Ticket Booths

Checking your balance card is easy.

1.   On the bus

2    Online

3.   SMS

4.   Customer Care

5.  Our ticket booths

Tel:   2122 2000



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