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Friday, 14 October 2016

Sumter - Days Inn - South Carolina, USA

Sunter - Days Inn
Hwy 378 (Broad St)
2430 Broad St Ext
Sunter, SC 29150

Tel:   (803) 469 8400


Uetliberg - Switzerland

The Uetliberg is Zurich's own little mountain, marking the end of the Albis mountain chain on the western side of Lake Zurich. It rises up to  869 metres a.s.l. - towering around 450 metres over the city.  There is a lookout tower on top bringing you to exactly 900 metres a.s.l. and offering a stunning view over the city, the lake and on to the Alps.
The mountain is a popular , local recreation area all year round.  There is a train (S 10 from track 21 or 22)
from the main station twice an hour (more on weekends). Be aware that you need an additional ticket  even if you have a day pass for Zurich ( buy 1 - 2 additional zones' day ticket at the ticket machine)
From the terminal station it's easy 10-minute walk to the peak with the lookout tower and a restaurant.
You can also walk up from the city to the peak. Take tram 13 in direction Albisgeutli and get off at the last stop.,
From there two different paths lead to the top, both take about and hour. You do not need hiking equipment , but we recommend good shoes and staying on the path especially in winter. ZurichinYourOPocket - Switzerland

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Car Rental - Zurich, Switzerland

All you need to rent a car in Switzerland is a credit card, an ID and a valid licence.

Avis - Gartenhofstrasse 17

Werd Tel  +41 44 296 87 87


Oradini Margherita - Malcesine, Italy

Oradini Margherita
Via di Mezzo, 15

Tel:   046 4591569
Fax:  046 4591552


Morgenroth Wolfgang - Malcesine, Italy

Morgenroth Wolfgang
Via di Mezzo, 15

Tel:   004 981066604



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