Saturday, 24 August 2019

Hotel Costa Brada - Gallipoli Italy

Hotel Costa Brada * * * *
Via Litoranea Per S Maria Di Leuca KM3
Gallipoli  73014

Tel:   0833 202551

Fax:  0833 202555



Bianco Hotel - Gallipoli, Italy

Bianco Hotel * * * *
Via Ravenna 43
Gallipoli  73014

Tel:   0833 262685

Fax:  0833 262912

Cell:  338 8493622



HYT HI- TD Green Eye

It's fair to say that the launch of HYT back in 32012 prompted a fair degree of scepticism among traditional horophiles -after all, ther's nodenying that a watch that tells the time with what the brand described as "an aqueous liquid filed with fluorescein ( ie coloured water) and a "transparent viscous liquid" (er. oil) by pushing them around a thin glass tube with a pair of piston-driven bellows is somewhat gimmicky.

It is said to have taken mre than a decade of research and a team of 30 technicians to perfect the liquid display, which was first mooted by its inventor Lucien Vouillamoz back in 2002 and finially bought to market by industry veteran Vincent Perriard who, in his days as CEO of Concord, oversaw the creation of a watch with a simoler, liquid-filled power reserve display.

Five years on HYT has proved that ther's a market for its imaginative watches that lend a whole new meaning to the words water reistant, with the brand even being accepted as an exhibitor at Geneva's prestigious SIHH show.

Interestingly HYT's Skull watches are not even intended to be especially accurate since the moving, coloured fluid indicates only the hour and not the minutes, leaving the wearer to roughy estimate what the time is by means of its position between the markers.   Released in 2015, the Skull models are now available in eight different variations (including a pocket watch) and this sale featured two examples - the Green Eye pictured and the Red Eye, which failed to sell. 

And the fact that the Green Eye realised that buyers of new examples should be willing to leak more than a little cash in exchange for owing a watch that is, undeniably, one of the most unusual on the market.