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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Moudi's Lecker Cafe' - Zurich, Switzerland

They do a great mezze platter here, with hummus, baba ganoush (aubergine puree') okraq in tomato sauce and many more hot and cold options.  Some are with meat or cheese, many are vegan.  The warm pita bread is served in little brown paper bags so it dosen't dry out - a nice touch. The pleasant, light room with the lovingly selected second-hand tables and chairs feels just as right for extended coffee in the morning as for an evening meal with beer.  Free Wi-fi.

Moudi's Lecker Cafe
Kronenstrasse 48

Tel:   +41 43 810 03 45


Tram:   Roslistrasse

"Golfing" - Selvazzano, Italy

Via Montecchia, 10/A
35030 Selvazzano Dentro

Spera Silvia

Tel:   049 6988481
Fax:  049 8706861


"Casa Francesca" - Selvazzano, Italy

"Casa Francesca
Via Veneto 1,
35030 Selvazzano Dentro

Di Lieto Francesca

Tel:   049 6988481
Fax:  049 8706861


"La Magnolia - App 2, 3 - Sant' Elena ,

"La Magnolia - App 2, 3"
Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 30 B, C
35040 Sant' Elena

Tel:   0429 692407
Fax:  0429 690026


"Casa Vajolet" - Rovolon, Italy

"Casa Vajolet"
Via Giuseppi Verdi, 82
35030 Rovolon
Loc. Carbonara

Sinigaglia Giovanna

Tel:   049 5227058



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