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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Tullgarns Slott - Sweden

A Royal Out-Of-Town Residence in the Sodermanland Archipelago.

Reference is made to the Tyllegam estate as early as the Middle Ages, but it wasn't until late 16th century that the first palace was erected for Count Carl Sture.   The old Renaissance palace was demolished in about 1720 and the current palace was built according to drawings by the French military Joseph Gabriel Destain for the then owner, Count Magnus Julius De la Gardie.

Many Swedes associate Tullgarns Palace with King Gustaf V and his consort Queen Victoria. After
marrying in 1881 Tullgran became their summer palace.

Tullgarns Slott

Tel:  08 551 720 11


Holo Och Morko - Sweden

The Sormland Trail passes through here, with beautiful countryside and proximity to the sea.  Holo is home to Tullgarns Palace, where you will find Tullgarns Inn, beautifully situated in the castle park.  It offers a cafe', restaurant and Bed & Breakfast and also holds exhibitions, grill evenings and other
events.  Holo is home to the Kykskolan Arts Centre where local artists and craftspersons have studios.  Exhibition hall, cafe' and shop are open on Saturdays and Sundays.  This is also where the local history society is based.  There is a rich bird life on the island of Morko, a lot of wild animals and beautiful nature trails.  On the northern part of the island is Skansholmen, with an exclusive waterside restaurant, a guest harbour and much more.

Visit Friluftsboden, a specialist outdoor equipment shop, and Stall Myran Icelandic horses, where you can book riding tour.

Skansholmens Sjokrog

Tel:   08 551 550 66


Tullgarns Vardshus &Orangeri AB
Holo / Vagnharad

Tel:   08  551 720 26


Kulturcentrum Kyrkskolan
Kykskolan, Holo


Tullgarns Slott

Tel:  08 551 720 11

Grona Kusten




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