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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Reese Handelstradgard - Enkoping, Sweden

Reese Handelstradgard
Enkoping Gansta 14
SE-745 97 Enkoping

Tel:   +46 (0) 704 383025

          +46 (0)707 953743

Lundellska Galleriet - Enkoping, Sweden

Lundellska Galleriet
Simtuna Karleby,
SE-740 83 Fjardhundra

Tel:   +46 (0)705 83


Lagerl Lofska Magasinet - Enkoping, Sweden

Lagerl Lofska Magasinet
Simtuna Barby1,
SE-749 71 Fjardhundra

Tel:   +46 (0)708 430461

Gronsoo Slott - Enkoping, Sweden

Gronsoo Slott
Gronsoo Slott
SE-754 99 Enkoping

Tel:   +46 (0)171 87084

CPH - Zurich, Switzerland

Insider's tip in Niederdorf: Lavishly styled boutique with an out-standing range of fashion.
Almost every article is a favourite item.
Discoveries from the Scandinavian fashion heaven, Shoes, too

Scheltergasse 3

Linien 4/15 Helmhaus

T:   044 252 73 73


Franco Tonolini - Brescia, Italy

Franco Tonolini
Localita' Conca del Baitone
25050 Sonico

tel:   (+39) 0364 71181 / (+39) 0364 75107 - (+39) 338 9282075

Riferimenti CAI:   CAI Brescia +39 030 321838
Area:  Valle Camonica
Apertura:   Giugno - Settembre
Come arrivare:   dalla Val Malga (dal ponte del Guat) con sentiero n 13 in ore 2.45
                           Dal Rifugi Garibaldi sentiero n 1 (5 h)
                           Dal Rifugio Prudenzini passando per Rifugio Grutti sentiero n. 1 (5h)
Ascensioni principali:  Corno Baitone - Cima di Pelm - Cima delle Granate - Cornodel Cristallo
per il passo Premassone e la Brocchetta del Pantano - al rifugio P.Prudenzini per il passo del Miller - al rifugio Gnutti per il Passo del Cristallo

Citta' di Lissone - Brescia, Italy

Citta' di Lissone  
Localita' Val Adame'
25050 Saviore dell' Adamello

tel:   (+39) 0364 638296

        (+39) 0364 638232

        (+39) 347 1578024

Riferimenti CAI:    CAI Lissone (M)  tel  (+39) 039 461770
Area:   Valle Camonica
Apertura:   Giugno - Settembre
Come arrivare:   da Valle di Saviore per strada e sentiero n. 15 in ore 2.15
                           da Malga Lincino con sentiero n 15 (1 h) Dalla val di Fumo con sentiero n 24                                       (2.30h)
                           da Malga Bissina con sentiero n 25 (2.30h) Dal Rifugio Prudenzini con sentiero n.1
Ascensioni principali:   M Adamello - M Ignaga - Cima di Grana - Corno di Grevo
Traversate:   Al rifugio Prudenzini - al rifugio Caduti dell' Adamello - al rifugio Val di Furno

Arnaldo Berni - Brescia, Italy

Arnaldo Berni
Localita' Passo Gavia
25056 - Valfurva

(SO - tel (+39) 0342 935456


Riferimenti CAI:   CAI Brescia  (+39) 030 321838
Area :                     Valle Camonica
Apertura:                Giugno - settembre
Come arrivare:        da Passo Gavia sulla strada Pontedilegno - Santa Caterina Valfurva
Ascensioni principali:  Corno del Tre Signori, Punta San Matteo, Pizzo Tresero
Traversate: A rifugio A. Bozzi per la Bocchetta Corno dei Tre Signori - Traversata delle 13 Cime


Gio' Gio' - Padova, Italy

Gio' Gio'
Via Venezia, 33 B
35010 Perarolo di Vigonza

Tel:   049 626102

Fax:  049 8957700



Room cleaning and linen included

Air -conditioning not included

Fanny Relais - Padova, Italy

Fanny Relais
Via San Matteo, 3
35030 Veggiano

Tel e Fax:   049 9910096



Room cleaning and linen included

Family Point - Paova, Italy

Family Point
Via Puniga 27 A
35028 Piove di Sacco

Tel:    049 9703555

Fax:   049 9703610



Room cleaning and linen included

Villa Decima - Padova, Italy

Villa Decima
Via Decima 1/A,B
35010 Massanzago

Tel e Fax:   049 9360346

Tel e Fax:   049 5797054


Room cleaning and linen included

Villa Regina - Padova, Italy

Villa Regina
Via Regina Margherita, 42
35010 Grantorto

Tel:    049 5960135

Fax     049 9494632

Cell    331 6083937

Room cleaning and linen included

Chester - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Chester - Days Inn
1-95 Exit 61b
2410 W Hundred Rd
Chester  VA 23831

T:   (804) 748 5871


Columbus - Days Inn - Ohio, USA

Columbus - Days Inn
Downtown/Fairgrounds/1-71 Ex 111
1700 Clara St
Columbus , OH 43211

Tel:   (614) 299 4300


Minneapolis - Days Inn - Minnesota, USA

Minneapolis - Days Inn
St. Paul / Rosville / 1-35 w
2550 Cleveland Ave N
Roseville  MN 55113

Tel:   (651) 636 6730


Cleveland - Days Inn - Mississippi, USA

Cleveland - Days Inn
Hwy 61 On West Side Of Hwy
900 South Davis Ave,
Cleveland  MS 38732

Tel:   (662) 846 5404


"Ratti" Museum Of Alba Wines - La Morra, Italy

"Ratti" Museum Of Alba Wines
Abbazia dell' Annunziata
Frazione Annunziata 2
La Morra

Tel:     +39 0173 50185

Fax:    +39 0173 509373



Open:   on reservation from Monday to Friday  8.30 am - 11.30 am / 2 pm - 5 pm
             on Saturday and Sunday only groups on reservation
             Closed : winter period ( from middle November to middle April 2 June, August, Christmas                  and  Easter holidays.

Civic Gallery Of Modern Art - Guarene, Italy

Civic Gallery Of Modern Art
Via Paoletti, 16

Tel:    +39 0173 611900

Fax:   +39 0173 61127 [Town Hall]

Open:   on Saturday 4 pm - 5 pm
             on Sunday  10 am -
          from May to October also on Sunday  3 pm - 5 pm, on reservation
Other days visit on reservation

Re Rebaudendo Palace - Guarene , Italy

Re Rebaudengo Palace
Piazza del Municipio

Tel:    +39 011 3797602

Fax;:  +39 011 3797601

(Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation)
Open:  2 pm - 7 pm on Sunday for art exhibitions, during the week visits on reservation for groups larger than 12 people included public holidays only if during art exhibitions)

About Africa


The capital and tourism center of Tunisia has a very long and significant history.  It is home to many important historical sites.  Some of these are Dougga, thre Medina of Tunis, the Bardo Museum and the Zitouna Mosque. Dougga and the Medina of Tunis are both listed as "largely from the effects of the warm World Heritage Sites"


The city is the capital of Algeria and a great example of harmony possible between historical spaces and modern life.  There are numerous attractive spots worth visiting including the National Library, the Bardo Museum and the Great Mosque.


Casablanca, the capital of Morocco, is the economic center of the country.  The beauty of the city comes largely from the effects of the warm Mediterranean climate and the cooling Atlantic Ocean.  There are several iconic spots to visit, such as the White Mosque, the Royal Palace of Casablanca, Dar-el-Makhzen and Casa's Medina.


Dakar, the capital of Senegal is a modern city with beautiful contemporary buildings and some
historical colonial houses.  Known for its mild climate, attractive beaches and great fishing, Dakar is serving a list of different activities to attract art lovers, shoppers and enthusiastic explorers.


Abidjan is the largest city and economic capital of the Ivory Cost. It is often referred to as "the Manhattan of the tropics" because of its vibrant nightlife and sporting facilities.  Besides its pristine beaches, some of its most popular destinations include The Plateau, Banco National Park and Cocody.

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the three capitals of South Africa.  The topography of the city, with its gorgeous touristic locations, help make Cape Town the most popular touristic destination in Africa. The attraction of the city comes greatly from its vast, natural harbor.  There are numerous places that are worth seeing in and around gthe city.  Some of these are Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.


Located on the Nile Delta, Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest metropolis in North Africa.
The city is ranked as the 16th largest city in the world. Cairo has significant history in itself, hosting
many great civilizations.  One of the most famous was the Ancient Egypt Civilization who built the Pyramids.  There are countless historical and touristic places to visit in Cairo. Some of the most famous are Dahshur, the Giza Plateau, the Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe, Keops Pyramid, the Saqqara Pyramids, the Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan, Islamic Cairo, the Old City and Memphis.

Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is famous for its beautiful beaches on the stunning Red Sea. By far one of the most
attractive tourist offerings are the memorable  diving experiences that are catered for all around the Red Sea.  There are also many city attractions worth seeing.  Some of these are Ras Mohamed National Park, Sinai Mountain and Tiran Island.


Located to the weat of the Red Sea, with its azure waters and long golden beaches, and bordering the Sahara Desert, the city is the perfect holiday village. Host to several attractive water sports such as windsurfing and diving, the city's most popular tourism spots include the Giftun Islands, the Arabian Desert, the Sahara Desert and El Dahar.

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and the country's economic center.  The city is home to a special kind of cultural harmony which accommodates many religions.  Explore the rolling savannahs of Serengeti where you can witness the great annual migration of millions of wildebeest, the towering edifice of Mount Kilmanjaro and other nearby places that are worth checking out such as Mbudya Island, Bagamoyo, Bongoyo Island and Usambara.


Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and its economic powerhouse.  The city both offers
a metropolitan life in the center as well as the beauty of the natural world close around it. Modern city life and the wild come together in beautiful harmony.  Kruger National Park stands as one of the most popular and major parks located close to Johannesburg.  There are several famous tourist destinations inside the city including the Apartheid Museum, the South Western Townships, Lion Park, Johannesburg Zoo and Wondercave.



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