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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Cafe Oscar - Zurich, Switzerland

This new bar in the main hall of the railway station is a pleasant mix of cafe', American deli and wine bar,  The black furniture and dark parquet floor are quite elegant. A lovely touch in the modern interpretation of a stucco ceiling with intricate asymetrical refiefs an a 50s style chandlier constructed of flourescent tubes. This is a fast moving place, with a small but sensible choice of sandwiches (e.g. with pastramu', salads, desserts (e.g. New York Cheese cake) and just two wines, which are however served in quite opulent glasses. At the outside tables in the hall smoking is permitted with blankets provided for chilly days.

Cafe' Oscar
Bahnhofplatz 15,

Tel:   +41 44 217 15 15


Tram:   Haupbahnhof



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