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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Alloggi Sardegna - Venice, Italy

Alloggi sardegna
Cannaregio 2655

Tel;   041 722231
Fax:  041 720714

Email:   alloggi.sardegna@hotmail.ity

Casa Alla Fenice - Venice, Italy

Casa Alla Fenice
San Marco 3701

Tel:   041 5280105
Fax:  041 5220896


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Jeanneau Sun Odissey 34.2 - Italy

Comfort on boat

- Base sound system with bluetooth for our guests .
-  1 bathroom with shower and external shower.

The Boat

Is a Jeanneau Sun Odessey 34.2 with three double cabins. , kitchen and a refrigerator.

Half Day Tour
We also organise tours from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm and from 2.30pm to 6.30pm - same departure but shorter route.
During the excursion a tasty appetiser is served.

Booking :   Tel:   +39 095 723924
                            +39 388 9074432
                            +39 347 6620341


F:   Sicily Sailing Experience

S:   sicilysailingexperience

P/IVA  042724500873

Sicily Sailing Experience - Catania, Italy

Full Day Sailing Tour
From Catania to Aci Trezza

Departure at 9.30 A.M

"Diporto Nautico Etnea"
Catania Harbour

Navigation (or Sailing)
While you have fun, you will learn the principals of sailing

Snorkeling Into Ulysses' Caves

Passage close
To the Medieval Lava Castle
of Aci Castello

Visit with Pedal Boat
and snorkeling in the protected natural Reserve "Isole Dei Ciclopi"

Lunch Docked
At the port of Acitrezza

Lunch:  Antipasto / Seafood Pasta / Fruits / Local Wine and Water

Return Trip

Swimming offshore, weather permitting

Arrive in Catania around 6.00 pm

Azienda Multisettoriale - Italy

Azienda Multisettoriale


Persone Seriamente Interessate

Anche Da casa no porta A Porta

Sig Petea Domenico

Tel   347 3092624

Guida Dell' Etna - Etna, Italy

Pietro La Rosa

Guida Dell' Etna

Tel:   +39 331 1080540


Hotel Rigel - Catania, Italy

Hotel Rigel * * *
Viale Della Liberta' 63

Tel e Fax:  +39 095 534911

Web:      www/

Tezenis - Catania, Italy

Via Etnea n 112 - 114

H & M Hennes & Mauritz S.R.L - Catania, Italy

Via Etnea 202

Tel:   063 2832474

Terranova - Catania, Italy

S G. Studio S.R.L
Via Etnea 89/91
95131 Catania

Web:   www/

Bar Giannone - Enna, Italy

Giannone Epifana

Bar Giannone
Pjazza A Scelfo  n1

Tel:   328 3188325

Trattoria Monte S Agata - Catania, Italy

Gresli Cincetta

Trattoria Monte S Agata
Via Monte S Agata 11/13

Tel:   095/315453

Bar Sapienza - Catania, Italy

Sapienza Giacomo

Bar Sapienza
V. Le Liberta' N 49

Tel:   095 534875

Delizia Bar - Enna, Italy

Morgano Filippo

Delizia Bar
P.zza Duomo 5 - 6

Tel:   0935 500549

Crateri Silvestri S.r.l Restaurant - Nicolosi, Catania

Bar - Ristorante - Ricevementi
Amminstratore Unico
Tino Corsaro

Crateri Silvestri S.r.l
93030 Etna - Nicolosi (CT)

Tel:   +39 095 914133
Fax:  +39 095 914133


Tell City - Days Inn - Indiana, USA

Tell City - Days Inn
US Hwy 66 And 14th St
Hwy 66 & 14th St
Tell City, IN 47586

Tel:   (812) 547 3474


Sullivan - Days Inn - Indiana, USA

Sullivan - Days Inn
Hwy 41 And 154
937 W State Road 154
Sullivan IN 47882

Tel:  (812) 268 6391


Monday, 28 November 2016

Seymour - Days Inn - Indiana, USA

Seymour - Days Inn
1-65 Exit 50 a
302 S Commerce Dr
Seymour IN 47274

Tel:  (812) 522 3676


Chapel Hill - Days Inn - North Carolina, USA

Chapel Hill - Days Inn
1-40 Ex 270 15/501a
1312 N Fordham Blvd.,
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Tel:   (919) 929 3090


Parthenope Restaurant - St Julian's Malta

Those wishing to dine for lunch or dinner at the Parthenope restaurant may call:  2122 3333 and request, free of charge to be picked up with an elegant Tuk Tuk (Age Calessino) and after dining dropped back.

Parenthope Restaurant
33 Paceville Avenue,
St Julian's Malta

Tel:  2122 3333
        9923 3333

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Rinelli Albergo - Margherita Di Savoia, Italy

Rinelli Albergo * * *
Via Garibaldi, Ang Via Ippolite, 112
Margherita Di Savoia

Tel:   0883654123
Fax:  0883654123


B&B La Disfida Di Barletta - Barletta, Italy

B&B La Disfida di Barletta
Sant' Andrea, 4

Tel:   338 4440895
Cell:  327 5458977


Friday, 25 November 2016

Alloggi Santa Sofia - Venice, Italy

Alloggi Santa Lucia
Cannaregio, 4185

Tel:   041 2770997
Fax:  041 5206998


Alloggi Rio Terra' - Venice, Italy

Alloggi Rio Terra'
Cannaregio 1521/A

Tel:   041 717351
Fax:  041 717715

Web:      www.

B&B Ca' San Giorgio 1 - Venice, Italy

B&B Ca' San Giorgio 1
Santa Croce 1725

Tel:   041 2759177
Fax:  041 795542


Hotel Ca' Messner - Venice, Italy

Hotel  Ca' Messner
Dorsoduro 234

Tel:   041 5227443
Fax:  041 5227266


B&B Ca' Fujiyama - Venice, Italy

B&B Ca' Fujiyama
Dorsoduro 2727 - 2727 A

Tel:   041 7241042
Fax:  041 2771989


Cary - Days Inn - North Carolina, USA

Cary - Days Inn
US 1 Exit 101a
1716 Walnut St
Cary NC 27511

Tel:   (919) 481 4011


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Fayetteville - Days Inn - North Carolina, USA

Fayetteville - Days Inn
North / Wade/1-95 Exit 58
3945 Goldsboro Hwy
Wade /Fayetteville  NC 28312

Tel:   (910) 323 1256


El Paso - Days Inn - Illinois, USA

El Paso -Days Inn
1-39 Exit 14 & Rt 24
630 W Main St
El Paso  IL 61738

Tel:   (309) 527 7070


Effingham - Days Inn - Illinois, USA

Effingham - Days Inn
1-70 Exit 160
1205 North Keller Drive

Tel:  (217) 347 7131


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Ristorante "La Fontana" - Enna, Italy

Ristorante "La Fontana"
Via Volturo 6
94100 Enna

Tel:   0935 25465

Shamrock Pub - Enna, Italy

Shamrock Pub
di Contino Filippo
Piazza Ghisleri N 2/4

Monday, 21 November 2016

Euromania - Enna, Italy


La Paglia Group S.R.L
Viale IV Novembre 36/38
94100 Enna

Tel:   0935 549055

Plaza Italia - Enna, Italy

Plaza Italia

Nova S.R.L
Via Roma, 283
94100 Enna

Tel:   0935 1821979
         0935 1821699


"Bell' Antonio Osteria - Catania

Ristorante Di Pesce

Cucina Tipica Siliciana

Aperti Tutti Giorni  Pranzo E Cena
Anche la Domenuca

"Bell" Antonio Osteria
Piazzetta Sebastiano Addamo, 3

Gran Cafe' Russo - Enna, Italy

Gran Cafe' Russo
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 25

Tel;   0935 503588

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Alloggi Muccignato 1, 2 - Venice, Italy

Aloggi Muccignato 1, 2
                                 1 - Dorsoduro 2485 /c
                                 2- Dorsoduro 2496

Tel:   041 5246944
         347 7470677
Fax:  041 5246648


Russell - Days Inn - Kansas, USA

Russell - Days Inn
1225 S Fossil St,
Russell, KS 67665

Tel:   ( 785) 483 6660


Pratt - Days Inn - Kansas, USA

Pratt - Days Inn
1901 E First St
Pratt  KS 67124

Tel:   (620) 672 9465

Web:   www,

Newton - Days Inn - Kansas, USA

Newton - Days Inn
105 Manchester
Newton  KS 67114

Tel:   (316) 283 3330


Waterloo - Days Inn & Suites - Iowa, USA

Waterloo - Days Inn & Suites
1809 Laporta Road,
Waterloo, IA 50702

Tel:   ( 319) 235 4461


Spencer - Days Inn - Iowa, USA

Spencer - Days Inn
10 SE 11TH St.
Spencer IA 51301

Tel:  (712) 580 4077


Hotel Hunta Punta Cassano - Melendugno, Italy

Hotel Hunta Punta Cassano * * *
Lit, San Cataldo - Otranto
Loc. San Foca

Cell:   333 9490037
           38 4158047
           338 2298820


Friday, 18 November 2016

Poggiali Luca - San Zeno Di Montagna, Italy

Poggiali Luca
Contrada San Zeno, 27
San Zeno di Montagna

Peretti Pasqualino - San Zeno Di Montagna, Italy

Peretti Pasqualino
Via Giaroli, 2
San Zeno Di Montagna

Tel:   045 7285459

Oliosi Alessandro - San Zeno Di Montagna, Italy

Oliosi Alessandro
Via G Zanetti, 81
San Zeno Di Montagna

Tel:  045 7285185

Nascimbeni Francesco - San Zeno Di Montagna, Italy

Nascimbeni Francesco
Localita' Casel, 4
San Zeno Di Montagna

Tel:   045 7225722

Lenotti Stella - San Zeno Di Montagna, Italy

Lenotti Stella
Via Cimitero, 4
San Zeno Di Montagna

Tel:   045 7285084

Stazione FS - Padova, Italy

Stazione FS
Atrio Stazione Ferroviaria

Open Hours:  Monday - Saturday  9.15 - 19.00
                                       Sunday     9.00 - 19.00

Tel:   049 8752077
Fax:  049 8755008


Stazione FS - Padova, Italy

Stazione FS
Atrio Stazione Ferroviaria

Open Hours:  Monday - Saturday  9.15 - 19.00
                                       Sunday     9.00 - 19.00

Tel:   049 8752077
Fax:  049 8755008


Apartment " Tenuta Agricola S Luca" - Tribano, Italy

Apartment " Tenuta Agricola S Luca"
Via Marconi, 23
45020 Tribano
loc. S Luca

Penon Turetta Maria

Tel:     0429 75179
Cell:    339 2693693

Apartment " Il Casale Terre Rosse" - Torreglia, Italy

Apartment "Il Casale Terre Rosse"
Via Pirio, 34
35038 Torreglia
Loc. Luvigliano

Go' Ruggero

Tel:    049 8705579
Fax:   049 7628829
Cell:  337 244806


Mcpherson - Days Inn - S Kansas Ave.,

McPherson - Days Inn
2300 E Kansas Ave
McPherson, KS 67460

Tel:  (620) 241 3690


Williamstown - Days Inn - West Virginia, USA

Williamstown - Days Inn
Marietta /Parkersburg/1-77 Ex 185
1339 Highland Ave.,
Williamstown, WV, 26187

Tel:  (304) 375 3730


Lafayette - Days Inn - Louisiana, USA

Lafayette - Days Inn
in The Heart of Cajun Country /1-10 Ex 101
1620 N University
Lafayette LA 70506

Tel:   (337) 237 8880


Canton - Days Inn - North Carolina, USA

Canton - Days Inn
1-40 Exit 31
1963 Champion Dr,
Canton NC 28716

Tel:   (828) 648 0300


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Apartment " Casa del Sartor" - Villafranca Padovana, Italy

Apartment "Casa del Sartor"
Via Roma, 104 A
35010 Villafranca Padovana

Pallaro Francesca

Cell:   340 7745535


Apartment " Magic Venice 2" - Vigonza, Italy

Apartment "Magic Venice 2"
Via Da Vinci, 10
35020 Vigonza

Barbato Alice

Cell:   392 9723998


Apartment " La Silvestrella" - Vo' Italy

Apartment "La Silvestrella"
Via S Silvestro, 465,
35030 Vo'
Loc Cortela'

Bottacin Roberto

Tel:    049 8712946
Cell:  347 6356464

Apartment " Artista House" - Vo' Italy

Apartment "Artista House"
Via San Silvestro, 1850
35030 Vo'
Loc. Cortela'

Longhin Roberto

Tel e Fax:   049 9940260

Email:  roberto@longhin,it

Montagnana - Padova, italy

Castel S Zeno

Tel e Fax:   0429 81320


"Case & Turismo - App A" - Montegrotto Terme, Italy

"Case e Turismo - App A"
Corso delle Terme, 197
35036 Montegrotto Terme

Dainese Ornella

Fax:    339 7392037
Cell:   339 7392037
           347 5735960


Apartment "A Mezzavia" - Montegrotto Terme, Italy

Apartment " A Mezzavia"
Via Mezzavia, 53
35036 Montegrotto Terme

Tel e Fax:  049 8710684


Radju Marija Open Week - Malta

Radju Marija  - 102.3FM / 107.8FM

Open Week   21 - 27 Novembru 2016

Mit-Tnejn Sal Gimgha      Mid 9.00 - 12.00 u
                                                  2.00 -   6.00 PM

Radju Marija
40 Aurora,
Triq Vincenz Ferreri,

Tel:  21453105


Facebook:  Radju Marija Malta


Elizabethtown - Days Inn - North Carolina, USA

Elizabethtown - Days Inn
Hwy 87 e & Hwy 701 / 41
609 E Broad St
Elizabethtown, NC 28337

Tel:   (910) 862 7444


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mayfield - Days Inn - Kentucky, USA

Mayfield - Days Inn
1101 W Housman Street
Mayfield  KY 42066

Tel:   (270) 247 3700


Maysville - Days Inn - Kentucky, USA

Maysville - Days Inn
484 Moody Drive
Maysville  KY 41056

Tel:   (606) 564 6793


B&B Gioia Di Mazzotta Giuseppa Gioia - Novoli, Italy

B&B Gioia Di Mazzotta Giuseppe Gioia
Via Per Carmiano

Tel:     0832 344168
Cell:     339 6814873

Hotel Kyrie - Isole Tremiti, Italy

Hotel Kyrie * * *
Isola  San Domino
Isole Tremiti

Tel:   0882 463232
         0882 2463241
Fax:   0882 463415


Hotel Venezia - Foggia, Italy

Hotel Venezia * * *
Via Piave, 40

Tel;   0881 770903
Fax:  0881 770904


Hotel Palazzo Sant' Elena - Foggia, Italy

Palazzo Sant ' Elena * * *
Via della Rocca, 4

Tel:   0881 726073
         0881 1885243
Fax:  0881 1880494


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Paul Pry Restaurant and Bar - UK

On entering Paul Pry, we received a genuine welcome and were warmed by the cheerful and lively atmosphere.  Forget ordering at the bar - everything is selected from your table and served to you by the friendly, enthusiastic waiting staff.After our baked cod with tomato salsa, and chicken goujons with barbecue ribs, our clean plates spoke for themselves.  The setting is well organised and relaxed, guests can sink into comfy sofas or sit at the more formal dining tables.   Although affiliated with the Premier Inn next door, Paul Pry is open to everyone for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. After we'd devoured our eye-catching desserts of chocolate fudge cake and lemon drizzle sponge, my partner had only one word to summarise: beautiful.  Paul Pry offers fanastic value too, with main meals priced from £4.99 and free breakfast for children when dining with a paying adult.

Paul Pry Restaurant and Pry
1023 Lincoln Road,
Peterborough PE4 6AH

T:   0844 683 9697


The Lazy Otter Restaurant and Bar - UK

Set on the banks of the River Ouse, The Lazy Otter Restaurant and Bar is the perfect destination for a relaxing meal or drink.  The scenery can be enjoyed from both the cosy restaurant and spacious garden overlooking the moorings.  Situated near all the region's noteworthy spots.  The Lazy Otter is ideal for travellers and walkers.  Accommodation is available, with a single room priced at £65 and doubles at £110 - inclusive of hearty breakfasts.  You'll only find the best , locally sourced ingredients in the pantry here, which the chefs use with skill to create a great range of classic dishes.  The bar, meanwhile, is stocked with a superb selection of real ales and ciders.  If you're thinking of visiting on a weekend, perhaps for one of The Lazy Otter 's renowned Sunday lunches, then booking is definitely advisable  - word has gotten out about this fantastic riverside restaurant.

The Lazy Otter Restaurant and Bar
Cambridge Road,
Stretham  Nr Ely CB6 3 LU

T:   0844 683 1079


The Three Kings Restaurant - UK

The door of this 18th-Century coaching inn opened to reveal a huge log fire in a warm, inviting interior, Michelin - starred chef Jamie Corless at The Three Kings excellently combines the traditional with the imaginative on his menu - displayed on small blackboards around the dining area. To start we had a crisp, tangy prawn cocktail, and rich and creamy garlic mushrooms.  My partner's main of fish and chips was wittily served on mock newspaper with tartare sauce and mushy peas, while my crispy duck came with  sweet cherry sauce and a colourful range of vegetables.
Although our portions were more than generous, the desserts - including tangy lemon and and rasberry tart and Pavlova - still proved irresistible.
Landlord James Cassidy also offers fantastic outside catering and mobile bars. With outdoor seating, ample parking and a great range of wines and coffees, The Three Kings is certainly a treasure.

The Three Kings
6 Station Road,
Haddenham CB6, 3XD

T:   0844 683 9694


Lenotti Oliva - San Zeno Di Montagna, Italy

Lenotti Oliva
Via Ca' Montagna, 35
San Zeno di Montagna

Tel:   045 7285314

Schadrow Hans-Georg - Malcesine, Italy

Schradow Hans-Georg
Via Di Mezzo, 17

Tel:   0049 894904190

Sauer Peter - Malcesine, Italy

Sauer Peter
Via Di Mezzo, 15

Tel:   004991225991

Monday, 14 November 2016

Apartment Saglia Rosa - Malcesine, Italy

Apartment Saglia Rosa
Via Creve, 29

Tel:  045 7401042

Apartment Gaspari Delfino - San Zeno Di Montagna, Italy

Apartment Gaspari Delfino
Via Del Carro, 15
San Zeno Di Montagna

Tel:   045 7285383

Apartment Rubino 2 - Venice, Italy

Apartment Rubino 2
Cannaregio 1566 /D

Tel:   041 5040891
Fax:  041 8020037


Apartment San Bartolomio - Venice, Italy

Apartment San Bartolomio
San Marco 5298

Tel:   041 2602334
Fax:  041 58131178


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Apartment San Marco 111 - Venice, Italy

Apartment San Marco 111
Castello 3688

Tel:   349 3855277


Friday, 11 November 2016

Tour of County Laois - Ireland, UK

Route 1: Borris in Ossory to Abbeyleix - Stradbally - Erno - Mountmellick- Portioaise.

Distance :  103km

The tour starts in Borris in Ossory which lies beneath Slieve Bloom Mountains,take the R435 signposted Rathdowey, you will pass through Ballybrophy and on to Donaghmore, watch out for a brown sign  Famine Workhouse Museum on the right.

From Donaghmore continue to Rathdowney on the R435 to do some shopping at the Rathdowney Shopping Outlet.

From Rathdowney take the R433 signposted Abbeyleix to Ballacolla.  This is a late eighteenth century, well kept village, which has access to the Slieve Bloom Mountains.

From Ballacolla turn right onto the R434 to travel to Darrow, turn right onto the N8 signposted Cork to enter the village. One of Durrow's finest features is the suite of buildings around the green under the gates and a battlemented wall which in turn encloses a tastefully designed modern primare school and the important castle (1713 - 32), one of the last large pre-Palladian houses to be built in Ireland.

From Durrow, travel back the N8 signposted Dublin, turn right onto an unnamed road signposted Ballinakill. In Ballinakill turn left at sign for Heywood Gardens, which were designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens.  Take a left for Timahoe and Heywood Gardens are on the right.

Leaving Heywood Gardens, turn left, then next right onto the R432, travel to the designated heritage town of Abbeyleix, while there visit the award winning library and Abbeyleix Heritage House,

From Abbeyleix, follow the brown signposts to Timahoe, on entering the village turn right to see the Round Tower which was built in the mid 12th Century and is one of the finest in Ireland.

From Timahoe, continue straight on an unnamed road, follow signs for Stradbally on entering the
village turn left to visit the Steam Museum, with some exhibits dating back over 60 years.

From Stradbally you can take a detour on the N80 signposted Portiaoise, you willsee a brown sign post to the right to visit the Rock of Dunamaise, a magnificent example of the remains of a Celtic fortification. Leaving Dunamaise, head back on N80 to Stradbally, on entering Stradbally take a
left on to the R427 for Vicarstown.

Turn right for Vicarstown Bridge where tranquillity  is easily found along the banks of the Grand Canal. Turn back on the road that you came and continue straight ahead, follow signs for Erno. Continue on the R422, signposted Mountmellick. Continue on to Emo, where you can visit Emo Court, designed by James Gandon in 1790 for the Earls of Portarlington.

From Emo travel to Mountmellick on the R422, where Mountmellick Museum showcases Mountmellick embroiderythat was developed in the 1800's. The Museum also tells the story of Mountmellick's rich Quaker and industrial history.

From Mountmellick, take the N80 to Portiaoise the capital of county Laois, wher out tour ends in this vibrant town where there are interesting shops, great restaurants and a buzzing nightlife.

"Uanct - App B Residence alla Stazione" - Montegrotto Terme, Italy

"Uanct -App B Residence alla Stazione"
Viale Stazione 176,- primo piano
35036 Montegrotto Terme

Cacchinato Paola

Tel e Fax:  049 8860453
        Cell:   328 1267390      

"Uanct - App A Residence alla Stazione" - Montegrotto Terme, Italy

"Uanct - App A Residence alla Stazione"
Viale Stazione, 176 - primo piano
35036 Montegrotto Terme

Cecchinato Paola

Tel e Fax:  049 8860453
Cell:          328 1267390

Apartment "Iris 609" - Montegrotto Terme, Italy

Apartment "Iris 609"
Via Manzoni, 34 int 10
35036 Montegrotto Terme

Bracco Maria Caria

Tel:   049 8666711
Fax:  049 7964325
Cell;  340 1039639


Restaurant Kindli - Zurich, Switzerland

The Kindli is situated in a stately old -  town house just off Rennweg and serves solid food not just from Switzerland in a refined atmosphere. At the Kindli they do everything with a little extra , the Zurich classic geschhnetzeites (veal in bite sized pieces)  for example is done here with filet of veal.
Besides classics there are fish and beef specialities on the menu. Leave room for the dessert , the cafe is excellent.

Restaurant Kindli
Platzgrasse 1,

Tel:  +41 43 888 76 78


Restaurant Maison Manesse - Zurich, Switzerland

This is extraordinary avant-garde cuisine in a comfortable and easy-going interior, where the homely white wooden panelling sets the mood.  The menu created by chefs Fabian Spiquel und Marcello Drovandi changes frequently and features molecular cuisine as well as other unusual cooking styles
(we had an onsen egg, cooked 20 minutes at exactly 68 C giving it a special wax-like consistency). You simply choose as many of the dishes as you like - there are a dozen or more available - or go for the 5 - dish menu (around It's amazing the tastes they create here.  And with a very tender steak they also offer some less out-of-the-ordinary, options. Recommended.

Restaurant Maison Manesse
Hopfenstrasse 2
Schmiede Wiedikon

Tel:   +41 44 462 01 01

Web:  www.maisonmanesse,ch

Restaurant The Bite - Zurich, Switzerland

The Bite is the latest of a handful of burger restaurants that have recently opened in the city. - burgers seem to back on the locals' hitlist.  The Bite convinced us with their Classic burger - it was one of the best we have had for a long time.
The beef was fried to perfection , the blend delicious and the cheddar cheese, the shallots and the sauces a great match. The home-made ketchup and cocktail sauces which came with the fries went down well too.  We could do without some of the arty chichi - the drinks are served in jars and the burgers come on a wooden chopping boards - but we would always come back for these burgers.

Restaurant The Bite
Brauerstrasse 15
Tram Helvetiaplatz

Tel:   +41 44 242 30 00


Durham - Days Inn - North Carolina, USA

Durham - Days Inn
Near Duke University
3460 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705

Tel:   (919) 383 1551


Biscos - Days Inn - North Carolina, USA

Biscos - Days Inn
531 East Main St.,
Biscos, NC 27209

Tel:   (910) 428 2525


Thursday, 10 November 2016

"La Corte dei Sisanda 2 App dei Ciliegi" - Galzignano Terme, Italy

"La Corte dei Sisanda 2 App dei Ciliegi"
Via Pianzio 10
35030 Galzignano Terme

Zanin Elisabetta

Tel:   049 9131167
Cell:  333 9564474


" La Corte dei Sisanda 3 App delle Rose" - Galzignano Terme, Italy

Apartment " La Corte dei Sisanda 3 App delle Rose"
Via Pianzio 10 A
35030 Galzignano

Zanin Elisabetta

Tel:    049 9131167
Cell:   333 9564474


Apartment "Alle Giarre" - Galzignano Terme, Italy

Apartment " Alle Giarre"
Via Roma, 120/2
35030 Galzignano Terme

Toninello Giovanni

Tel e Fax:

Apartment "Dolci Vacanze" - Monselice, Italy

Apartment " Dolci Vacanze"
Via Corner 1
35043 Monselice

Cell:   348 2734528


Apartment "Ca della Luna" - Montagnana, Italy

Apartment "Ca della Luna"
Pjazza Vittorio Emanuele 11, 19
35044 Montagnana

Borin Valentina

Fax:   0429 804282
Cell:  339 2748494


"App Sempreverde" - Legnaro, Italy

"App. Sempreverde"
Via Gorizia, 11
35020 Legnaro

Schiavon Giuseppe

Tel e Fax:  049 790971


Apartment "Da Laura" - Galzignano Terme, Italy

Apartment "Da Laura"
Via Cengolina, 63
35030 Galzignano Terme

Perazzolo Laura

Tel:  049 9131505
        049 9115693
Cell:  339 1843164


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Iroquois - Zurich, Switzerland

The burgers here are hearty and have plenty of taste - and, mind, we're not just talking about the one with the chillies.
The farmer- style decoration (complete with stuffed rabbit), the bright colours and unpolished wooden floor give the place a cosy feel.  And they don't just do burgers, but salads and club sandwiches as well. It's also a good place for a drink among friends.
Order one of the many cocktails or beers on offer while watching major sports events on the TV and the big screen,
The Iroquois has a take-away grill station too.

Seefeldstrasse, 120

Tel:   +41 44 383 70 77


Misoga Restaurant - Zurich, Switzerland

This small and simple restaurant is run by Korean Chef Miran Lee. But we really liked what we got; if you like Asian Cuisine, you will definitely like the Bibimbap. a mixed rice dish with vegetables and beef. The  Bulgogi, thinly - cut marinated beef was excellent too.
As everything is freshly prepared in-house here, you need to bring some patience.  Given that, we are sure you won't regret coming here.

Misoga Restaurant
Zeltweg, 12.

Tel:  +41 44 251 99 90


Hagons Camping - Sweden

Welcome to Hagon, with its wonderful shallow sandy beach and salty dips for both children and adults.  Let your bare feet enjoy the soft grassy areas.

Hagons Camping
Ostra Stranden

Tel:   +46 (0)35 12 53 63

Web:     www.hGONSCAMPING.SE

Halmstad Camping - Sweden

Halmstad Camping is a charming and friendly campsite that is beautifully situated in a green oasis of sighing birches next to the Prins Bertil Trail, about a kilometre or so from Riccardos, handmade Italian glass of the highest class.  Hamstad Camping is close to most things.  Walking distance  to Tylosand vary greatly, from cliffs to sandy beaches. Solgarden with apres- beach every afternoon in peak season is located a couple of  kilometres from the campsite.
There are frequent buses direct from the campsite to the centre of Halmstad and Tylosand.  We are next to Tylosand golf course and 4 kilometres from Halmstad, with a park full of merry-go-rounds and dinosours, and a water park.  Bosse Bo Kids Club welcomes all children aged 4 - 12 years to join in the activities.
A warm welcome from Nordic \casmping & Resort.

Halmstad Camping

Tel:   +46 (0) 771 10 12 00

Web:     www.

Poser - Ugento, Italy

Contrada Urro 2
Loc Torre San Giovanni

Tel:   0832 611956
Fax:   0832 9831176
Cell:   345 4657542


Agriturismo Masseria Potenti - Manduria, Italy

Agriturismo Masseria Potenti
Contrada Potenti

Tel:     099 9735408
Cell:   339 3072960


Casa Isabella Exclusive Hotel - Mottola, Italy

Casa Isabella Exclusive Hotel * * * *
Palazzo Ducale / Loc. S Basilio

Tel:    099 8833224
          099 8866325
Fax:   099 8833256



Alghero Rosso D.O.C.

Obtained by blending the of the native Cagnulari grapes, and the internationally acclaimed Cabernet.

Serving Suggestions:  Pasta and rice dishes with meat sauce; grilled meat, and medium hard cheeses.

Cinquanta Vendemmie

This wine is produced using Cagnulari and other red-skinned grapes of the Alghero area.  The grapes are harvested by hand, pressed and left to macerate in steel vats for four weeks.  The wine is devatted and transferred to small tanks, at a controlled temperature of 18-20  C to complete its evolution.   The small batches of wine are then aged in barriques and tonneaux for between 12 and 15 months.  After mixing the wine is left to gracefully refine in the bottle.

Colour:  Ruby red with garnet reflections

Serving suggestions:  Ideal with Sardinian starters and roast meats, also with medium and well-                                              matured pecorino cheeses.

Soffio Di Sole

Alghero Bianco Passito

Obtained from selected grapes left to slowly mature on the vine under the sun's rays, this wine undergoes the wine making process at low temperature and is left to slowly mature in oak casks.

Colour:   Golden yellow with intense aromas of mature fruit.  Rounded yet full bodied and persistent flavour.

Serving suggestions:  Ideal accompaniment for desserts and almond flavoured desserts at the end of the meal.

Alcoholic Content:  15% vol

Apartment San Marco III - Venice, Italy

Apartment San Marco 111
Castello 3688

Tel:   349 3855277


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

B&B Al S Trani - Trani, Italy

B&B AL S Trani
Via Cambio 19

Cell:   349 3676281

Hotel L'Abbate - Polignano A Mare, Italy

Hotel L'Abbate * * * *
Via Conversano, 474/B
Polignano A Mare

Tel:   080 4251536
Fax:  080 4251554


Hotel Garden - Molfetta, Italy

Hotel Garden * * *
Strada Prov Le Per Terlizzi

Tel:   080 3341722
Fax:  080 3349291


B&B Villa Augusta - Bari, Italy

B&B Villa Augusta
Via Pezze Del Sole,6

Tel:    080 9675639
Cell:  348 4434674


Rentro Valley - Days Inn - Kentucky, USA

Rentro Valley - Days Inn
Mt Vernon /1-75 Exit 62
1630 Richmond St
(1-75 At Ex 62 on Hwy US 25)
Mt Vernon, KY 40456

Tel:  (606) 256 3300


Liberal - Days Inn - Kansas, USA

Liberal - Days Inn
405 E Pancake Blvd.,
Liberal KS 67901

Tel:  (620) 626 7377


Monday, 7 November 2016

Restaurant Walliser Keller - Zurich, Switzerland

 The Hotel Zurcherhof's restaurant brings the specialities from the mountainous souther canton of
Wallis to town.  There are Raclette and eight different kinds of fondues on the menu - with extras
ranging from pepper and garlic to goat cheese and mushrooms.
But there is meat as well - and not just air-dried kind we recommend for a starter.  Go for a fillet of beef for example of the not particularly Swiss but nevertheless tasty meat fondues.  We like the traditional cellar-style atmosphere with the modern touch if cheese is what you're after. here.
A good choice if cheese is what you're after.

Restaurant Walliser Keller
Zahringerstrasse, 21

Tel:   +41 44 269 44 44


Restaurant Le Dezaley - Zurich, Switzerland

For decades Le Dezaley has been dedicated to dishes from the canton Vaud, situated in western Switzerland.  The fondue prepared according to an old family recipe is definitely very tasty and also comes in a version with morels (mushrooms). Or get one of the fondue deals including a starter
(like air-dried meat) and a dessert.
Try one of the different sausages of the region, be it stuffed with cabbage or just served plain with French beans or leek or go for one of the other Swiss dishes.
The old  part of the restaurant is more charming, so try to get a seat there.

Restaurant Le Dezaley
Romergasse 7/9

Tel:  +41 44 251 61 29


Cheese Restaurants Switzerland

The Swiss cheese specialities' fondue' and 'raclette' originally come from the French speaking areas of Switzerland. Fondue is basically a mix of melted cheese and white wine bubbling over a small burner which you dip bread cubes into, while raclette is pure melted cheese which is poured over boiled potatoes.
Locals usually eat these dishes during the cold time of the year, we definitely recommend trying them whatever the season.

Tanti Opticians - Sliema, Malta

Newly Refurbished Outlet & Eye Clinic

Tanti Opticians
8 Tigne Street, Sliema

Tel:  21 335232


Restaurant Blaue Ente - Zurich, Switzerland

At the Blaue Ente they do pay attention to details.
The atmosphere in this former mill at Tiefenbrunnen is very pleasant and genuine - we spent a really nice evening. Closed Sunday.

Restaurant Blaue Ente
Seefeldstrasse 223,

Tel:    +41 44 388 68 40


Sioux City -Days Inn - Iowa, USA

Sioux City - Days Inn
3000 Singing Hills Blvd,
Sioux City, IA 51106

Tel:   (712) 258 8000


Stutton - Days Hotel - West Virginia, USA

Stutton - Days Hotel
Flatwoods / -79 Exit 67
2000 Stutton Ln
Stutton, WV 26601

Tel:   (304) 765 5055


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Madison - Days Inn - Wisconsin, USA

Madison - Days Inn
Monona / Stoughton
4402 E Broadway Svc Rd
Madison W1 53716

Tel:   (608) 223 1800


Branson - Days Inn - Missouri, USA

Branson - Days  Inn
3524 Keeter St,
Branson, MO 65616

Tel:    (417) 334 5544


Newton - Days Inn - Mississippi, USA

Newton - Days Inn
West of Meridian
261 Eastside Dr
Newton MS 39345

Tel:   (601) 683 3361


New Year' Eve - Zurich, Switzerland

Many Swiss celebrate New Year's Eve with a dinner with the family, - either at home or at a restaurant - and
go out to party later. Lots of restaurants offer special deals for the new Year's Eve, usually consisting of a more or less extended menu and champagne at midnight. Choose your favourite restaurant in our restaurant chapter - and don't forget to call therm as a reservation is essential.
It goes without saying that all bars and clubs in town have New Year's Eve Decoration and parties - including rather high New year's Eve admission fees, if you're not touring in too large numbers, bar hopping might be a good alternative to a club option, even though especially the Niederdorf area will be really crowded.


The biggest New year's Eve Party in Switzerland is called (Silvesterzauber) ("New Year's magic) and takes place around Zurich's lake shore. Dozens of food stands, bars and tents with party music turn the area around Bellevue and Burkliplatz into a huge open air party.  The climax of the evening is the fireworks display paid for by Zurich's hoteliers and Swiss Casinos Zurich.  At exactly twenty minutes past midnight hundreds of rockets take off from boats on the lake.  Around 200,000 people attend, so make sure you don't geft stuck snogging behind a tree and miss all the action. You wonder why the fireworks start twenty minutes late - for 15 minutes before and after midnight the city's church bells ring to bid the old year farewell and to welcome the new one.

Open:   20.00 - 03.00
Free admission


New Year's Eve Cruise

How about a five-hour cruise on New Year's Eve?
The MS Panta Rhei will glide over the water while you enjoy a six-course menu. DJ Janosch will then get you dancing to oldies and newer hits. If you prefer it without party music, take the MS Uetilberg. Of course you'll be in pole position to see the fireworks just just after midnight .

New Year's Eve Cruise

Tel:   +41 44 487 13 33

Cruise starts 20.00. Ticket including dinner :    ,......FR
half price for children


Saturday, 5 November 2016

"Butterfly House" - Masera, Italy

"Butterfly House"
Via Bolzani 86
35020 Masera di Padova

Nicole' Guerrino

Tel:   340 1771188


"Ai Tre Tigli" - Galzignano Terme, Italy

"A Tre Tigli"
Via Valli, 14
Galzignano Terme
Loc.  Valsanzibio

Giacomin Enrico

Tel:    049 9130897
Cell:  347 6552043

Web:     www.

" La Corta del Sisanda 1 App degli Oleander" - Galzignano Terme, Italy

"La Corte dei Sisanda 1 App degli Oleandri"
Via Pianzio 12
35030 Galzignano Terme

Crescenzio Ugo

Tel:    049 9131167
Cell:  333.9564474


The Red Cow - Nr Royston, UK

As well as 500 years of history, this thatched pub on the border of Essex and Cambridgeshire boasts a traditional game menu and a friendly local atmosphere.

The Red Cow also offers shooting  party lunches, steak nights and open mic evenings allowing you to mix with the locals and soak up the ambience of this quintessentially English pub.

The Red Cow
11 High Street,
Nr Royston SG 8 8RN

T:   0844 683 5839


Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Wheatsheaf - Nr. Huntingdon, UK

The Wheatsheaf stands where you'd expect any great British Pub to be: at the heart of a rural, picturesque village. It's well - positioned as a base for the many walkers and cyclists that Perry attracts, as well as the boaters, and fly-fishers that visit for nearby Grafham Water.

The Wheatsheaf
West Perry,
Nr. Huntington PE 28 0BX

T:   0844 683 9693

The Blue Bell - Nr Peterborough, UK

Just north of Peterborough in the small village of Glinton, the inviting Blue Bell offers a warm welcome to both local patrons and its many visitors from further afield.  A popular destination all year round, this family-run pub has a large garden at the back which is always put to good use during the summer, with guests enjoying refreshing drinks out in the sun.  However, come winter time, they gather round the open fire to warm through with hearty meals.

The Blue Bell
10 High Street,
Nr Peterborough PE6 7LS

T:  0844 683 9692

Skrea Camping & Stugby - Falkenberg, Sweden

The family idyll Skrea Camping is located a stone's throw from one of Sweden's most beautiful beaches, 25 minutes by car from the shopping metropolis of Gekas in Ulared. In the height of summer we arrange daily activities for your children, in our playroom and at our children's club,
including crab fishing, treasure hunts, etc.. If you run out of charcoal, we have a restaurant as well as a shop on site - it can be nice to change the BBQ for a plank steak occasionally .
Pack your swimwear, golf clubs and fishing rod. A warm welcome to Skrea Camping.

Skrea Camping & Stugby
Strandvagen, 55

Tel:   +46 (0)346 171 07
Fax:  +46 (0)346 158 40


Olofsbo Camping - Falkenberg, Sweden

Cottage Accommodation

Olofsbo has a comfortable, well-equipped cottages for hire for all the family. There are several sizes to choose from. A few even allow pets.  For added convenience, our cottages cab be hired as 'cottage hotels'. Bed linen, towels and final cleaning are then included.

Olofsbo Camping
Olofsbo 222

Tel:   +46 (0)346 920 22


Bjorkangs Havsbad - Tvaaker, Sweden

Welcome to Bjorkangs Havasbad och Camping in Tvaaker, Varberg. Family campsite beautifully
situated on the West Coast Riviera.  The sandy beach is just a stone's throw from the campsite with lovely soft sand and child-friendly swimming.

Here you'll find everything you need for a nice holiday:
a big shop, minigolf, football pitch, boule court, beach volley, kite surfing and children's club.
Our ghost walks are exciting and great fun for children.  Other popular activities include bouncy cushions and climbing Towers.

Restaurang Lanterman is fully licensed and arranges shellfish evenings, pop quizzes and troubadour evenings. The menu also includes take - aways. We have fully equipped cottages and large, comfortable pitches.

Bjorkangs Havasbad

Tel:    +46 (0)340 - 421 34
Fax:   +46 (0)340-420 40


Vilsharads Camping - Gullbrandstorp, Sweden

10 Km NW Halmstad, 5 km N Tylosand. Follow the signs to Tylosand and then to Visharad. From
the coastal road, take the turn - off Gullbrandstorp.

Vilsharads Camping
Visharadsv 24

Tel:   +46 (0) 35 -531 15
Fax:  +46 (0) 35 - 531 15


Il Porticello - Mottola, Italy

Il - Porticello
Contrada Marinara 1 Strada Sx

Tel:   099 8867776
Cell:  392 7512544

E mail:

Vecchia Mottola - Mottola, Italy

Vecchia Mottola
Via Mazzini 16

Tel:   099 8866424
Fax:  099 4508373
Cell:  349 3213266

E:    info@vecchia

Hotel Villa Francesco - Mottola, Italy

Hotel Villa Francesco
Viale Jonio, 63

Tel:   099 8863401


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Forge Antiques - Coleraine, UK

Jewellery, silver porcelain, clocks, paintings, furniture and bric-a-brac.

Opening Hours:  Mon - Sat:   10.00am 12,30pm
                                       and   1.30 pm - 5.30 pm
                            (Closed Thursdays except during December)

Forge Antiques
24 - 26 Long Commons,
Coleraine  BT 52 1LH

Contact:  Graham Walker

T:   028 7035 1339

Donluce Gallery - Bushmills, Ireland

A modern Irish Art Gallery with paintings by Northern Irish artists.
Also an  antiques shop, with a selection of mainly small items, which offers a porcelain restoration
service on the premises.

Open:  Mon - Thurs  10.00am - 5.30 pm
                       Sat      2.00 pm - 6.00 pm (or by appointment)

Dunluce Gallery
33 Ballytober Road,
Bushmills  BT57 8UU

Contact: Clare Ross

T:  028 2073 1140


Sarah Rose Antiques - Aghadowey, Ireland

Selection of antique pine and collectables.

Opening hours:  Sat 10.30am - 5.00pm

Sarah Rose Antiques
53 Ardreagh Road,
Aghadowey BT 51 4 DN

Contact: Dorothy Mc Caughey

T/F:  028 7086 8722

Agriturismo Iacoviello Antonino - Andria, Italy

Agriturismo Iacoviello Antonino
C Da Lama Caminata
Loc. Montegrosso

Tel:    330 355354
Fax:   0883 766523
Cell:  368 7885930
          320 5703208

B&B Vittorio Emanuele - Monopoli, Italy

B&B Vittorio Emanuele
Via Cialdini, 34

Tel:    080 7427714
Cell:   328 9781067

Hotel HR - Modugno, Italy

Hotel  HR * * *
S.S.96  KM 119 - 300

Tel:    080 5057029
Fax:   080 5057026


Casa Per Ferie S. Antonio - Alberobello, Italy

Casa Per Ferie S. Antonio
Via Isonzo, 8/A4

Tel:   080 4322913

B&B Top Class - Bari, Italy

B&B Top Class
C.So De Gasperi, 513/8

Tel;    080 5008224
Cell:   339 2603832

Restaurant Georges - March, UK

Georges was transformed in 2011 into a modern, community -orienatated tavern.

.....quality food, fine drink and great music.....

Visit in the evenings to relax and unwind with your friends while listening to the live music, or perhaps take part in some of Georges' other entertainment, including party bingo, karaoke,Georges' retro remix of 70s and 80s disco and open mic. sessions. Just be sure to indulge in Georges' fine food from the extensive bar and restaurant menus.

Open: Sun - Weds    8am -11pm
                     Thurs  8am - midnight

Food served :   Mon - Sat    8am - 9 pm
                                    Sun   noon  - 5 pm

61 High Street
March  PE15 9JJ

T:   01354 650 551




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