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Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Cathedral of Bergamo - Italy

The Cathedral is the centre of the religious life of the town and of the diocese: it is the Bishop's church, the home of his "cathedra", the symbol of his ministry as a pastor and as a master.  It is a living church, where the christian community gathers to pray and to celebrate the Sacraments and where the Bishop's presence marks the most solemn days of the liturgical year and of the pastoral life
of the Bergamasque Church.  The Cathedral, therefore, is not just a monument:  all the art treasures housed here are a symbol of faith, a means to glorify God and to teach mankind the truth that leads to
heaven. it welcomes you with its impressive baroque interiors, as in a heavenly dream. You will not only find valuable artworks, but also the peace and the calm breath that only holy sites are able to offer.  Do not haste to spot a masterpiece or to discover some amazing details.  Whether you believe in God or you are just looking for as hope, respect this house as if it were your home, as if it rekindled a never-ending sense of nostalgia: this is the very reason why it was created.

The Martyrdom of Saint Alexander  is at the high altar, catches the eye of the visitor.


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