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Friday, 14 April 2017

Steve Mc Curry Leggere - Brescia, Italy

Magnum's First Magnum LaPremiere Fois

The exhibition is linked to the successful series of images that McCurry has gathered in the magnificent volume LEGGERE, a wardrobe best seller.  Compared to the book, the exhibition in
Santa Guilia hosts a much larger series of images: 70 photographs of people from all over the world absorbed in the intimate and universal act of reading, from prayer locations in Turkey, to the street-markets in Italy, from the noise of India to East-Asia silences, from Africa to Afghanistan, to the United States.

2006, Innsbruck a few boxes covered in dust. What came to the light is a real treasure: the original images - complete with captions - of the first magnum group' exhibition, Gesicht der Zeit / The face of time, proposed in 5 Austrian cities in 1955-56. Probably the boxes were ready for the next venue of the exhibition, but something prevented it.  83 vintage prints in black and white accompanied by eight texts signed by Henri Carter-Bresson, Marc Riboud, Inge Morath, Jean Marquis, Werner Bischof, Ernst Haas, Robert Capa and Erich Lessing.
Today in Santa Guilia that exhibition comes back to life

The first time, Premiere Fois, indicates that particular moment in which the artist takes away from his teachers and invents its own language, its aesthetic, its grammar.  The first time is strongly evocative
for the great photographers too, stars of the exhibition in Santa Guilia, Magnum, la premiere fois is a unique exhibition: 131 photographs and 11 projections in which each of the 20 carefully selected Magnum's authors is represented by that specific group of images, that specific report which precisely
marks the magical moment when the skilled photographer evolves into a true artist.

Open:  7 March - 15 June

From:  Tuesday to Sunday  - 9.30 / 17.30

            16 June - 3 September

            Tuesday to September - 10.30 / 19.00

Information:    Santa Guilia Museum
                        Via Musei 81/b

T:   030 2977833 - 834




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