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Monday, 5 June 2017

Pastoral traditions in Bearn - Pau, France

Pastoral traditions in Bearn

At the beginning there was the Gave... and the ford and the end of the Ossau Valley. Descending from their  valley  along the small river. Soust, shepherds would cross the ford every year to migrate towards the flat lands of Pont Long that provided vast areas of pasture both for local communities and the shepherds descended from the Pyrenees foothills.  Every year, they would take this path when it came time to migrate towards Bordeaux to sell their flocks.  Over 10,000 sheep came down from the valley every year.  These pastures were so important for shepherds that they finally settled there and after  many battles, were able to get recognition of propriety over certain of these territories.
our local history was therefore marked by the footprint of Ossau valley shepherds....

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