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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Bed & Breakfast San Rocco - Bergamo, Italy

The "San Rocco" B&B is located in Capo di Ponte, among the Brescia pre-Alps. It's halfway up the Camonica valley, along the course of the Oglio River, nestled between the sacred mountains of the ancient Camuni: the <Concarena> and <Pizzo Badile>  In such a rich natural landscape there are
numerous walks of different difficulties with stops in protected areas, forests, pastures and old farmhouses that express the unique relationship between man and nature. The ancient prehistoric village is at the heart of the natural reserve of rock cravings which is preserved natural open-air museum and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most famous of these engraving is the famous
<Rosa Camun> symbol of the Lombardy Region.  The churches of St Rocco,St Salvatore, St Siro and
St Faustina and Liberata are also worth a visit, as they are beautiful examples of the Romanic and Burgundian art.

The B&B San Rocco is located in this exclusive setting, it offers mini-flats which combine with a discrete and personalized service.  The bedrooms are spacious and full of light, named after the ancient churches of Capo di Ponte.

We're looking forward  to welcoming you, so do come and visit us soon.

B&B San Rocco
Via XXV Aprile, 30
25044 Capo Di Ponte (BS)

T:  +39 036442517
     +39 036434531419
     +39 3364 12435

W:  www.sanroccobedandbreakfast

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