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Monday, 10 April 2017

What To See At San Viglio - Bergamo, Italy

The San Viglio funicular takes you away from those usual tourist routes to discover a less known but most beautiful area.  The view of the upper and lower towns and the plain is the main attraction when you reach the top of the funicular. The castle is certainly the most important landmark and the highest point in Bergamo, at 496 metres above sea levels.  Its strategic location offers 360' panoramas of the surrounding territory and its underground passageways hide remains of its fortifications, which were
transformed and enlarged over medieval ruins by the Republic of Venice between 1550 and early 1600s

The upper station of San Viglio funicular is an ideal starting point or relaxing strolls into secluded
corners of old streets and panoramic views.

1. The Castle

From the funicular, Via Castello takes you to the square  at the foot of the castle, which well deserves
a visit.  On the east side of the square, Via Cavagnis leads to Largo del Pozzo, where you can make
a complete tour of the hill top.  Via San Viglio takes you back to the station.

2. Monte Bastia

Via San Viglio leads to Largo del Pozzo, where you can take Via Scalvini and make a complete tour of Monte Bastia by following the road sharing the same name.  This route is recommended for the
beauty of its secluded spots which you can find along the way.

3. San Sebastiano

    After following Via San Viglio to Largo del Pozzo, take Via Monte Bastia and turn left into Via del
    Rione. This lane runs through ancient farmland, some left abandoned.  The little church of
    San Sebastiano marks the end of this road and offers a beautiful panorama.  Via San Sabastiano
    takes you back to San Viglio.

4.  Scorlazzone

     The church of san Sabastiano also marks the start of "Via dello Scorlazzone", which is one of              Citta' Alta most famous "flights of steps"which were old short cuts from the lower town.
     These steps take you down to Via Sudorno, which leads to Porta Sant' Alessandro and Colle               Aperto.

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