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Friday, 7 April 2017

City Archaelogical Park Of Seradina - Bedological Brescia, Italy

Capo Di Ponte
Provincia Di Brescia

Sito 84

Patrimonio UNESCO

SERADINA   Orange Itinerary

The first visit area in the Park is Seradina ll, a richly engraved zone with signs dated between the Bronze Age (2000 b.C) and the Iron Age (1000 b.C)
Rock 21, that has huts, scenes of duets and an inscription in North-Etruscan alphabet (IV-1) on, and
Rock 18 with series of "coppelle" (that are rounded engravings considered minor prayers made by common people) are extremely important.

SERADINA  Brown Itinerary

After the orange itinerary you can find, on the left, the steps that will guide you to the brown signs.
Rock 9 shows a lot of superposed signs.
In particular Rock 11 has on it a kind of net, that perhaps indicates a sort of labyrinth.
On rock 8 is visible a cross, Christmas sign in opposition with the engravings considerated a pagan signs.

SERADINA  Red Itinerary

The area through which passes the red itinerary covers an important role in the archaeological
studies because some material traces have been found here.
"The mother rock" (12) that is the biggest and most engraved stone of all the Park, is here.
The smooth surface of "Vernucano Lombardo" as always, has given the ideal surface to
produce scenes of duels, hunters, prayers, country job scenes and some sort of animals.

BEDOLINA  Light blue Itinerary

Over Seradina's area we can find Bedolina, where a lot of very important rocks, with "topographic" maps on, are located, such as the famous "Map of Bedolina" that could probably indicate a part of the Valley downstairs,
On the left side of the Map it is possible to find the only representation of "Rosa Camuna" present
in the Park. This symbol has been used by Lombardy Region like an identification coat of arms.


In Capo di Ponte you can find also the new camper area "Concarena"in Prada's Locality, in the quiet
zone of the Graffitipark.  The camper area is rounded by the green area of a big thematic park and is embraced by the mountains, such as Monte Concarena and Pizzo Badlle

City Archaeological Park Of Seradina - Bedolina
Comune di Capo di Ponte

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