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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Discover Valle Camonica - Italy

Bienno - BS -

Bienno is renowned for its long tradition in iron working, forges and mills situated along the Vaso Re
a mountain stream crossing the village.  The town centre is full of Renaissance and medieval
buildings, hidden in a gird of small alleys.

Cerveno /Via cCucis - BS
A must stop is the wonderful Via Crucis. preserved in the chapels of Cerveno:  an artwork of wood and plaster made of 198 statues dated 1752 - 64, created by the sculptor Beniamino Simone from
Saviore with Donato and Grazioso Fantoni. A religious  tribute to the population made prosperous by
the mining activity.

Cividate Camuno  - BS -

Cividate Camuno is a small town in the middle of the Valley, built by the Romans about two
thousand years ago.  It houses a national archaeological park with roman ruins (theatre, amphitheater
and forum) and the Museum, with many valuable remains, mosaics, inscriptions and statues, as a great Minerva Igea on marble, found in the Spinera Sanctuary.

Incision Rupestri - BS -

Localita'  Naquane - Capo di Ponte

Localita' Darfo Boario Terme

In Valle Camonica there is is a countless amount of symbols carved on the rocks, from Mesolythic
to the last centuries.
The Valley is the first Italian Unesco Site included in the World Heritage list since 1979. The images
tell a lost world with hunting scenes, dwellings, weapons, animals and other mysterious figures.

Lovere - BG -

In the northern end of Lake Iseo, where the Valle Camonica begins lies Lovere. This elegant city boasts the Basilica of Santa Maria in Valvendra , the Accademia Tadini with important works by Antonio Canova, the Torre Civica with internal climb,the Sanctuary of Lovere saints, Gerosa e
Capitano and the marina, one of the biggest and most modern on the European lakes.

Pisogne - BS -

Pisogne is an ancient fishing hamlet at Lake Iseo shores, in the historical centre, the medieval Bishop's tower and the late Gothic church of St Maria della Neve, frescoed by Girolamo Romanino,
one of the best Renaissance North Italy painters.

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