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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bethlehem visits Schonbrunn - Vienna, Austria

A special experience is in store for visitors from far and wide at the award-winning Christmas Market SchloB Schonbrunn until 26 December. Held for the 23rd time, it once again offers numerous attractions.  Among the 80 booths are ten new ones.  For the first time there will be olive wood
products from Bethlehem and greeting cards on hand-made paper, as well as many other diverse and high-quality products - from handicrafts to culinary delights.  Unique items specially designed for the Schonbrunn Edition will also be available once again.
The POLKA design studio is responsible for this year's mug, dedicated to Marie Theresa, who celebrates her 300th anniversary in 2017.  An 18 -meter high spruce from the national forests in Brixental in Tyrol will tower over the market, lit by 1,000 low-emission LED lights.  On the stage in front of the tree, visitors can get into the Christmas spirit with daily musical performances by choirs,
brass bands and music groups of all types.

Spread happiness

A new charity campaign offers visitors the opportunity to enable socially disadvantaged children
to fulfill a wish.  Once again donation boxes will be available at food stands for the SOS Kinderhof
147 Rat and Draht hotline for children and juveniles.

Even more games

The popular photogenic stilt figures will be appearing this year in the guise of shepherds helping
young visitors to look for lambs.  They will be home in the new Children's Hut.  In the Christmas workshop children can make marzipan figures or decorate gingerbread. Poldi the Palace Ghost
invites them to his workshop in the Children's Museum, and Santa Claus will be visiting
Schonbrunn on 5 and 6 December

Friday, October 20, 2017

Origins of the Christmas Tree

What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree?  The present day-tradition, now an integral component of the festive season, originated from a combination of various old customs.

The ancient Romans and Germanic peoples used to have evergreen plants in their houses in winter. In
honour o Saturn, the god of fertility, the Romans decorated their houses with mistletoe, ivy, laurel and
fruits. The Germanic peoples used fir twigs to ward off evil spirits.

Decorated trees were used in the Middle Ages at various festivities.  The Christmas tree was also originally a festive decoration of this nature, which gradually assumed increasing importance, over the years, gold- painted nuts, biscuits and sweets replaced or supplemented apples and pears.

Hanging Christmas trees

Decorated Christmas trees were used in the 16th century, particularly in city guilds and associations
and then, after the Thirty Years War, in the houses of wealthy citizens, but without candles, which did
not appear extensively until the 18th century. Hanging Christmas trees were also popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.

It was not until the 19th century that this form of tree began to disappear.  Wealthy households sometimes had several trees - one for each member of the family - and in some places a decorated
box tree also served the purpose.

Household item

Although Christmas trees today seem to have been around forever, they have only been a household
item for the last century.

The designation "Christmas tree" was introduced in the late 19th century when in view of its great
popularity, the church decided to include it in the Christian Christmas tradition.  Since thern
Christmas trees have become an industry in their own right.

Changing decoration fashions

Tree decorations have always been at the whim of fashion.  While Jugendstil Christmas trees had
white and silver decorations as a reflection of a new attitude to art,  after the Second World War people used let-over pre-war decorations.

The Tree

Tyrol spruce

The perfect Christmas tree for Schonbrunn was sighted during a special expedition to Tyrol in September.  It is a 58-year-old, 25-meter high spruce growing 950 metres above sea level in Brixental forest.  The gift from the Austrian Federal Forestry Department made the 400 km journey from
Tyrol to Vienna in early November.  Decorated with 1,000 low - emission LED lights, the
magnificent tree can be admired by visitors of the Christmas Market for six weeks before being
professionally lowered and cut up to enjoy a dignified end as a festive treat for the animals in
Schonbrunn Zoo.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Colture Olivcole Terra Di Leuca - Salve, Italy

Colture Olivcole Terra Di Leuca
Piazza S Marina
Loc Ruggiano Di Salve
Salve 73050

Tel:   0833 742917
Fax:  0833 742917
Cell:  334 4104698

Email:   donato@libero it


B&B Casodda - Manduria, Italy

B&B Casodda
Via SA.S. 7 Ter Taranto - Lecce
Manduria 74024

Tel:   392 1364300

Agriturismo Scalelle - Italy

Agriturismo Scalelle
Statale Otranto - Uggiano
Otranto 73028

Tel:   0836 804653

Fax:   0836 804653

Email:   scalelle@libero,.it


B&B Dimora Litara' Di Lezzi Annunziata - Sternatia, Italy

B&B Dimora Litara Di Lezzi Annunzuiata
Via Milano 14

Tel:   0836 666817

Cell:  380 7349067



Locanda " A Casa Tu Martinu " - Taviano, Italy

Locanda "A Casa Tu Martini" * * *
Via Corisca, 95

Tel:   0833 913652

Fax:   0833 919482

Cell:   335 452065

Email:   info@a

Web:      www.acasatumartinu.con

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hotel Miramonti - Fasano, Italy

Hotel Miramonti * * * *
Via San Donato28
Selva di  Fasano

Tel:   080 4332294

Fax:  0804332310



Agriturismo Azienda Agricola Bellolio - Carovigno, Italy

Agriturismo Azienda Agricola Bellolio
C da Acciano
Carovigno  72012

Cell:   347 4083231


Hotel Von Kroemer - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotel Von Kroemer
Von Kromers alle'26

Tel:   +46 18 495 99 00


Hotel Villa Anna - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotel Villa Anna
Odinslund 3

Tel:   +46 18 580 20 00


Hotel Uppsala - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotel Uppsala
Kungsgatan 27

Tel:   +46 18 480 50 00


Gasthem Someeriten - Uppsala, Sweden

Gasthem Somaritem
Samaritergard 2

Tel:   +46 18 56 40 00


Dai Rio-Days Suites - Texas, USA

Dai Rio-Days Suites
3808 Veterans Blvd
Dai Rio  TX 78840

Tel:  (830) 775 0585


Forest - Days Inn - Mississippi, USA

Forest - Days Inn
1-20 Exit 88
1280 Hwy 35 South
Forest  MS 39074

Tel:   (601) 469 2500


Monday, October 16, 2017

Columbus - Days Inn - Mississippi, USA

Columbus -Days Inn
Columbus AFB
1133 Highway 45 North
Columbus MS 39705

Tel:   662) 329 4545


Dallas - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Dallas - Days Inn & Suites
13954 Trinity Blvd
Euless TX 76040

Tel:   (817) 399 9500


Sunday, October 15, 2017

SPArty - Bath Party - Budapest, Hungary

You know you can't miss visiting a famous thermal bath once you're in Budapest. And you surely don't want to miss out on its parties.  The most amusing way is, of  course,  mixing the two, check out the elegant Szechenyi Bath turning into Sparty every Saturday night.  Dip and dance in the steamiong hot pools to special DJ sets and enjoy the visuals and the night sky with a drink in your hand.

-   Liquid wonders of the city

-   Enchanted party in hot pools

-   Special D j - sets and bars

The Point Budapest

Tel:   +3 70 335 5442

#thepartybathpartybudapest # thepoint

Steady Experience - Budapest, Hungary

Do you love collecting travel experience and memories in your life?  Well, of course you do and you keep the best one on your body forever?  It is always a good day for a new tattoo. They have a power and magic all their own.  Don't miss having your unique "souvenir" from Budapest that you are going to wear forever, and get the coolest from one of the best tatoo artists.

-    5 tattoo artists

-    5 styles

-   5 stars

The Point Budapest

Tel:   +36 70 335 5442


#steadyexperiencebudapesrt #thepoint

Grand Hotel Hornan - Uppsala, Sweden

Grand Hotel Hornan
Bangardsgatan 1

Tel:   +46 18 13 93 80


Radisson Blu Hotel Uppsala - Sweden

Radisson Blu Hotel Uppsala
Stationgatan 4

Tel:   +46 18 474 79 00


First Hotel Linne' - Uppsala, Sweden

First Hotel Linne'
Skolgatan 45

Tel:   +46 18 10 20 00


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hotel Villaggio Plaia - Ostuni, Italy

Hotel Villaggio Plaia * * *
Loc Fiontelle - Villanova
Ostuni  72017

Tel:    0831 308890

Fax:   0831 308952



Agriturismo Pino Grande - Andria 76123, Italy

Agriturismo Pino Grande
S.p. 234 KM 20 920
Fraz Castel Del Monte
Andria  76123

Tel:   0883 569864

Fax:  0883 569864

Cell:  338 7137443



Albergo Tripoli S.R.L 3 - Corato 70033, Italy

Albergo Tripoli S.R.L 3
Via Atelli 6/8/10
Corato  70033

Tel:   080 8986828

B&B Censi Luciano - Alberobello, Italy

B&B Censi Luciano
Via Bovio, 55/57
Alberobello  70011

Agriturismo Lama di Luna - Andrea, Italy

Agriturismo Lama Di Luna
C Da Monachelle Murge
Fraz. Montegrosso
Andria  76123

Tel:   0883 569505

Cell:   3280117375

Haus des Meeres - Vienna, Austria

Marine Animals

The largest fish tank in the 'Haus des Meres', contains more than 300.000 litres of seawater  and is home to whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, butterfly fishes and a sea turtle named Pappi, who has been
everybody's dating for more than 30 years.
(colourful coral reef fishes from the Indian  Ocean, corals, Mediterranean and amazing deep-water
species are just a few of the many marine animals to be found. The latest attraction is an aquarium which simulates breaking waves and enables visitors to feel like they are in the middle of the sea.

Tropical houses

Particular highlights are our two houses inhabited by free flying birds, fruit bats and monkeys.  As
there are almost  no barriers between humans and animals, a walk through the tropical houses is an
unforgettable jungle adventure.  Birds singing, monkeys screaming and the comforting sound of a
waterfall make you feel like you are somewhere else.  Both tropic houses are elaborately and
lovingly decorated with tropical plants and provide a beautiful home for crocodiles, fishes and various turtles.

Reptiles, amphibians and insects

A huge leaf cutter ant colony is another highlight of the aqua terra zoo.  Separate chambers for fungi,
food  and waste are situated on the first and second floor and are connected via 80 metres of transparent glass tubing system - a great experience for visitors. The fauna is our terrariums is
particularly diverse.
Beautifully coloured frogs and toads, tarantulas, impressive lizards and tortoises in all sizes are just a
few of many more eye catchers.
Many visitors are  fascinated by poisonous snakes or boos, distinguished by their split tongues and a
length of up to 6 metres or more.


Our indigenous freshwater fish section displays familiar species such as carp, pike, or wels catfish.
As a highlight, the more exotic looking Kol carps are kept in a special aquarium which allows the visitors to pet these tame and beautiful fish.

Infamous piranhas, tetras and colourful cichlids are among our tropical freshwater treasures. Because
they often have young and are graceful in appearance, the freshwater stingrays turned out to be a
constant crowd puller.


 1  .   Snakes, saurians, leaf cutter ants

E   .   Shop, atlantic seaweed tank, indigenous fishes and Koi tank.

11.    Ocean' sky , cafe' events

10 .   Hammerhead Shark Tark,  " Remembrance from within"  Presentation - Room

 9    .Amazonian Rainforest

 9     Roof terrace - Leopard tortoises

 8     Chameleon Site, artifical dripstone height

 7     Gila Monster Site, New Guinea Paludarium, Pacific  Eye

 6     Chinese Giant Salamander and indegenous fishes

 5    Large shark aquarium and deep sea tanks

 4    Large shark aquarium, Cafe Sharky   Entrance to the Tropic house.

 3    Tropical sea life, Coral reef, Stone corals, garden eels, etc.

 2    Mediterranean sea life, tropical fresh water fishes  Entrance to the Tropic house and Crocodile

Flak tower

The almost 48 metres high giant concrete structure was built in 1944 as one out of six  Flak towers a
in Vienna.  From 1957 onwards, this war relic has been filled with life and is now the only publically
accessible flak tower in Austria's capital.

View and staircase

Climbing the 192 steps up to the 35 metres high terrace is a sporty challenge worth accepting. The
300 m terrace is one of Vienna's most popular lookouts with an amazing view on the highlights of
the city.  Tickets for terrace only are available for a few Euros.  Open daily.

The "ocean ' sky on the tower's rooftop offers a wide selection of refreshments , pastries and snacks
along with a breathtaking view of the city , friendly service and a modern feel.

Cafe Sharky

At the 4th floor you will find the self-service buffet, Sharky" with a selection of refreshments and
snacks.  A  children's play area and an Internet surf station provide additional entertainment.

Opening Hours

We are open 365 days a year
Daily from 9 am - 6 pm
Mondays    9 am - 9 pm

Feeding The Animals

For more information about our feeding hours please check our website.

Public transport       U3 (Neubaugasse), 13A, 14A, or the 57A ( each with station Haus des Meeres)

By Car               Wilpark garage situated near by reductions with a "Haus des Meeres" entrance  card.

Haus des Meers - Aqua Terra Zoo
Platz 1 /1060 Wien

Tel:   +43 1 587 14 17

Fax:  +43 1 586 06 17




Thursday, October 12, 2017

Beer Bike - Budapest

Pedal Baris a unique way to drink fine beer while riding a special beer bike. Check it out with your friends, drink ice cold draft beer and party to your favourite music.  Pedal by the most famous sights of Budapest, a fantastic atmosphere guaranteed, which all people on the street will be envious of.
Different bike sizes available or smaller and bigger groups.

-   Min 4 max 16 people / bike

-   Music service on board

-   Sober driver provided

-   Meeting point:  Heroes' Square

-   Start:  need to book in advance

The Point Budapest

Tel:   +36 70 335 5442 at the reception/ promoter


#beerbikebudapest #thepoibt

Segway Tour - Budapest

Roll around the city with Segway. Get a fantastic orientation of inner Pest and fabulous views of the Buda Castle District while you glide around Budapest lead by professional guides.  The tour starts with a 20 - 30 minute orientation session (not included in quoted tour time) where you will have time to practice on the Segways so that everyone feels comfortable and ready to go out and conquer Budapest.

-   It's new, it's fun, it's unique

-   Learn how to ride on a self balancing electric scooter

-   Guided city tour which goes in all whether conditions

The Point Budapest

Tel:   +36 70 335 5442 at the reception/promoter


#segwaytourbudapest #thepoint

Bike Tour - Budapest

Sightseeing by bike is an innovating entertaining and intimate way to get orientated with the city and its history through our grand roads and bike pathways.  Bike tours are small personal groups and generally do not have more than 15 participants, making them interactive and personal.  They give you plenty of chances to ask questions and get to know your guide plus them up for local ideas of where to go and what else to do.  Bike around Budapest!

-   Bike hire and optional helmet included in the tour

-   Stops for photos and refreshments

-   English speaking guide

The Point Budapest

Tel:   +36 70 335 5442 at the reception/promoter


#biketourbudapest #thepoint

Park Inn by Radisson Uppsala - Uppsala, Sweden

Park Inn by Radisson Uppsala
Stargatan 30

Tel:   +46 18 68 11 00


Hotel Odalgarden - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotel Odalgarden

Tel:   +46 18 66 66 00


Hotell Kvarntarget - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotell Kvarntarget
Kvarntarget 3

Tel:  +46 18 24 20 08


Eklundshof - Uppsala, Sweden

Eklundshavagen 7

Tel:   +46 18 55 01 00


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Franklin - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Franklin - Days Inn
Rt 58
1660 Armory Dr
Franklin  VA 23851

Tel:  (757) 562 2225


Jackson - Days Inn - Mississippi, USA

Jackson - Days Inn
Byram/1-55 Exit 85
Byram  MS 30272

Tel:   (601) 371 7111


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Schmetterlinghaus - Austria

Austrias First Tropical Butterfly House

Hundreds of live free flying tropical butterflies in a fantastic re-creation of their natural environment.

April - October        10 am - 5 pm

November - March  10 am - 4 pm

Schmetterlinghaus Burggarten  Tel:  533 85 70

Parking in Vienna - Austrtia

Short-term parking zone

In the Old City (1st district) Monday to Friday  9 am - 7 pm max permitted parking period 1 1/2 hours

Districts 4 to 9 Monday to Friday  9 am - 8 pm max permitted parking 2 hours.

Short -term parking permits to be filled in and placed behind the windscreen can be obtained at most
tobacconists, some banks, at rail stations and Vienna Transport Authority.

A permit for half an  hour 's parking costs ATS 6.

There is unrestricted parking for handicapped drivers in the short-term parking zones, (place I D
card behind windscreen)

Ask about the parking card ("Parkkarte") at your hotel this costs ATS 50, and enables you to park for a day at the short-term parking zone

Hernando - Days Inn - Mississippi, USA

Hernando - Days Inn
Southhaven/ Memphis Area/1-55 Ex0
943 East Commerce St
Hernando  MS 38632

Tel:   (662) 429 0000


Llano - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Llano - Days Inn & Suites
609 Bessemer Street
Llano  TX 78643

Tel:   ( 325) 247 1141


Emporia - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Emporia - Days Inn
1-95 Exit 11 b
921 W Atlantic St
Emporia  VA 23847

Tel:   (434) 634 9481


Salem - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Salem - Days Inn
1-81 Exit 141
1535  E Main St
Salem  VA 24153

Tel:   (540) 986 1000


Monday, October 9, 2017

Hotell Kungsangstorg - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotell Kungsangstorg
Kungsangstog 6

Tel:   +46 18 444 20 10


Devon Hotell - Uppsala, Sweden

Devon Hotell
Dragorbrunngatan 69

Tel:   +46 18 56 40 35


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Schonbrunn Zoo - Vienna, Austria

Welcome to the world;s greatest Zoo.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The palace, the park and the Schonbrunn zoo are the most visited cultural, and recreational attractions
in Austria.

The zoo was founded in 1752 and is regarded as the oldest zoo in the world.

Over an area of seventeen hectares, animals from all continents make their home in the Vienna Zoo
In the ambience which is partly baroque, visitors can encounter giant pandas, koalas, rhinoceros, elephants, seals, orang- utans, giraffes and more.

In total more than 700 species of animal find a home in the Schonbrunn Zoo, including some of the world's most seriously endangered species.

Today,  The Former Holy Roman Emperor's Imperial Menagerie Is A World Class, Internationally
Recognised Zoological Garden.

A Year Round Attraction

The zoo has tropical oases are well worth seeing, and which provide a unique experience, especially in the winter months, the aquarium and terrarium building with its unforgettable coral reef, the aviary
and the rainforest building that recreates a Southeast Asian rainforest.

Restaurants And Cafes

In the historic centre of the zoo, visitors are greeted by the imperial breakfast pavilion , a jewel of the baroque from the eighteenth century, which today is a cafe and restaurant.

Discover Schonbrunn By Train

The yellow and green trains all of the important points in the Schobrunn Palace Gardens, grounds and zoo.  The trains run from April to October dailyfrom 10 am till 6 pm, and then November to March upon request.

The Schonbrunn  Panorama Train can also be exclusively booked for private functions or for tour groups.

Protecting And Preserving Species

Each visit you make supports the species conservation projects at the Schonbrunn Zoo, which  is
working towards the survival of many endangered and threatened species under the motto.
' Protect  and Preserve Species;


Public Transportation

-   U U 4 Station Hietzing

-   Trains 10, 58, 60

-   Bus 10 A, 51 A, 56 A, 56 B, 58A

Parking Seekendolt- Gudent Weg
         (Entrance to the Tirolehof)

Opening Times

-   February 9.00 - 17.00)

-   March, October till end of summertime  9.00 - 17.30

-    April to September  9.00 - 18.20

-   November to January  9.00 - 16.30


Tel:   +43 1 877 02 94 0

Fax:   +43 1 877 86 41



Member of Imperial Austria



Lord Chambray Craft Brewery - Gozo, Malta

Making that kind of flavourful beer we want to drink.

Al Lord Chambray 's craft beers are unpasteurized and bottle conditioned.

Blue Lagoon Wheat

This refreshing straw-coloured wheat beer, with hints of coriander and notes of orange peel, is rich in
flavour and deep in character.  A wonderful benchmark of the style that  is sure to please at the table, So,take a sip ana say cheers.

San Blas English IPA

This full-bodied English IPA is packed with energy and attitude.  Brewed with a blend of hops to obtain  a more aromatic and appealing aroma of grapefruit and orange flowers, this English IPA strikes a balance between malt and hops for a more rounded flavour.

Fungus Rock  Dry Stout

Combined with the happy bitterness of IPA, the dark roasted  malt we use produces this dry full
bodied thick beer with coffee notes and a light chocolate finish. This beer guides across the palate
giving you everything you are looking for.

Golden Bay  Blonde Ale

With its deep gold colour, this Blonde Ale has a sweet malty aroma with hints of caramel on the nose. Golden Bay is full of flavor as a perfect year-round beer, should be. Refreshing in summer and
satisfying in winter.

Special Bitter 

As the name suggests this traditional.  Special Bitter lifts the spirits by infusing classic, British hops.
A true bitter beer with distinctive fruity caramel notes to quench the throat.

All Lord Chambray's Craft Beers  are unpasteurized and bottle conditioned.

Gozitano Agricultural Village
Mgarr Road,
Xewkija  XWK 9014

Book your brewery tour  Tel:   +356 2153 4324



Saturday, October 7, 2017

Casino - Wien

A date with Lady Luck!

Exciting games, fascinating atmosphere and international flair,  Faites vos jeux - only at Casinos Austria

Daily from 3 pm (Jackpot Corner from 11 a.m)

Tel:   +43 1 512 48 36

B&B Casa Biasco - Maruggio, Italy

B&B Casa Biasco
Via Per Mare, 80
Maruggio  74020

Tel:   099 676514

B & B Bianco Vito - Alberobello, Italy

B&B Bianco Vito
Via Olmo, 5
Alberobello  70011

B & B Leggieri Domenico - Alberobello, Italy

B&B Leggieri Domenico
Via Olmo, 34
Alberobello 70011

San Antonio - Days Inn - Texas, USA

San Antonio - Days Inn
Downtown / Riverwalk
1500 IH - 35 South
San Antonio, TX 78204

Tel:  (210) 271 3334


Laredo - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Laredo -Days Inn & Suites
7060 N San Bernardo Ave
Laredo   TX 78643

Tel:   (958) 724 8221


Emporia - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Emporia - Days Inn
1-95 Exit 11 b
921 W Atlantic St
Emporia  VA 23847

Tel:   (434) 634 9481


Worthington - Days Inn - Minnesota, USA

Worthington - Days Inn
207 Oxford St
Worthington MN 56187

Tel:   (507) 376 6155


Gammel-Granome hembygdsgard och STF vanrarhem - Uppsala, Sweden

Gammel - Granome hembygdsgard
och STF vanarhem
Stavby Alunda

Tel:   +46 174 131 08

         +46 707 59 40 89


Clarion Hotel Gillet - Uppsala, Sweden

Clarion Hotel Gillet
Dragarbrunnsgatan 23

Tel:   +46 18 68 18 00


Hotell Fyrislund - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotel Fyrisland
Fyrislundgatan 81

Tel:   +46 18 10 88 70


CityStay Hotell - Uppsala, Sweden

CityStay Hotell
Tradgardgatan 5 A

Tel:   +46 18 12 10 00


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

B&B Carone - Oria, Italy

B&B Carone
Contrada Santoro
Oria 72074

Tel:   0831 845230


Hotel Margherita - Margherita Di Savoia, Italy

Hotel Margherita * * *
Piazza Liberta' 4
Margherita Di Savoia

Tel:   0883 3354657

Fax:   0883 654657

Hotel Belvedere - Margherita Di Savoia, Italy

Hotel Belvedere * * *
S.P. 141 Delle Saline KM 35,20
Margherita Di Savoia 76016

Tel:   0833/852841


Mexico - Days Inn - Missouri, USA

Mexico - Days Inn
2902 S Clark
Mexico  MO 65265


Burviks golf & resort - Uppsala, Sweden

Burviks golf & resort
Burvik Knuby

Tel:   +46 174 430 60


Klangen Rooms to Rent - Uppsala, Sweden

Klangen Rooms
Klangs grand 7

Tel:   +46 707 63 12 55


B&B Bjarkdala Gard - Uppsala, Sweden

B&B Bjarkdala Gard
Vasteroker Bjork

Tel:  +46 18 39 92 70

        + 46 70 955 92 70


Hotell Charlotte - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotell Charlotte
St. Johannesgatan 31 C

Tel;   +46 18 51 04 14


Best Western Hotel Svava - Uppsala. Sweden

Best Western Hotel Svava
Bangbdgatan 24

Tel:   +46 18 1300 30


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lisbon - Days Inn - Ohio, USA

Lisbon - Days Inn
40952 State Route 154
Lisbon  OH 44432

Tel:  (330) 420 0111


St. Clairsville - Days Inn - Ohio, USA

St Clairsville - Days Inn
Wheeling West / 1-70 Exit 220
52601 Holiday Dr
St Clairsville,  OH 43950

Tel:  (740) 695 010


Portsmouth - Days Inn - Ohio, USA

Portsmouth - Days Inn
8340 Ohio River Rd
Wheelsburg  OH 45694

Tel:  ( 740) 574 8431


Macedonia - Days Inn - Ohio, USA

Macedonia - Days Inn
1-Exit 18
275  E Highlight Rd
Macedonia  OH 44056

Tel:  (330) 467 1516


Jackson - Days Inn - Ohio, USA

Jackson - Days Inn
972 E Main St
Jackson  OH 45640

Tel:   (740) 286 3464


Kingsville - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Kingsville - Days Inn
715 South US Hwy 77
Bishop  TX 78343

Tel:   (361) 584 4444


New Market - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

New Market - Days Inn
Battlefield / 1-81 Exit 264
9360 George Collins Parkway
New Market  VA 22844

Tel:  (540)  740 4100


Dumfries - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Dumfries - Days Inn
1-95 Exit 152 B
16925 Old  Stage Road
Dumfries  VA 22026

Tel:   (703) 221 6300


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Gamla (Old) Uppsala Museum - Uppsala, Sweden

Open:  Mo Wed Sat Sun  12 - 4 pm

January  closed

Groups welcome other hours by engagement .

Entrance:   SEK ..... Under 18 free admission   Students   SEK......  Seniors  SEK....... 

For possible deviations from normal hours  visit


Tel:   018 - 23 93 20

          018 - 23 93 12

Gamla (Old) Uppsala Museum

B & B Kungsangstorg - Uppsala, Sweden

B & B Kungsangstorg
Kungsangstorg 6

Tel:   +46 18 444 20 10


Bed and Breakfast Agency - Uppsala, Sweden

Bed and Breakfast Agency

Tel:    +46 18 42 10 30

          +46 760 03 96 96


Hotell Centralstation - Uppsala, Sweden

Hotell Centralstation
Bangdagatan 13

Tel:   +46 18 444 20 10


Akademhotullet - Uppsala, Sweden

Ovre Slottgatan 5

Tel:   +46  18 15 51 90


Hotel Tenuta La Baronessa - Tuglie, Italy

Hotel Tenuta La Baronessa * * * *
Strada prov.le Tuglie - Alezio
Loc Casino Novello

Tel:   0833 597340

Cell:  348 1532700

Fax:   0833 598227



Poconos Mountains-Days Inn - Pennsyavania, USA

Poconos Mountains - Days Inn
Tannersville / 1-80 Box 501
Route 715 P.O. Box 501
Tannersville  PA 18372

Tel:  (570) 629 1667


Pittsburgh - Days Inn - Pennsylvania, USA

Pittsburgh - Days Inn
Harmarville  /Pa Tpke Exit 48
6 Landings Drive
Pittsburgh  PA 15238

Tel:  (412) 828 5400


Lebanon - Days Inn - Pennsylvania, USA

Lebanon - Days Inn
Lickdale / Jonestown/1-81 Exit 90
3 Everest Lane
Jonestown  PA 17038

Tel:   (717) 865 4064


Pittsburgh -Days Inn - Pennsylvania, USA

Pittsburgh - Days Inn
Harmarville / Pa Tpke Exit 57
2727 Mosside Blvd
Monoreville  PA 15146

Tel:  (412) 828 5400


The Boat House Restaurant - Xlendi, Gozo

Restaurant - Mediterranean Cuisine

We are open daily between 1 April and 31 December (12.00 - 22.30 last order)

For detailed opening hours between 1 November and 31 March one might
Visit our website under events section on face book page

The Boat House
Xlendi Bay

Tel:  2756 7207
        2156 9153
        2155 7661




F:         TheBoathouse Group


Monday, September 25, 2017

Relais Villa S, Martino - Martina Franca, italy

Relais Villa s Martino  * * * * *
Via Taranto 59 Zona G
Martina Franca

Tel:   080 4805 152

Fax:  080 4801026


Web:      www.relaisvillasanmartino

B&B Sotto Al Duomo - Martina Franca, Italy

B&B Sotto Al Duomo
Via Caracciolo 11
Martina Franca

Tel:   080 485946

Cell:   339 2545452 - 339 3644995

Fax:   485 9846


B&B Valle Incantata All' Alba - Martina Franca, Italy

B&B Valle Incantata All' Alba
Via Cisternino  Zona m, 147
Martina Franca

Tel:   348 8091420

Cell:  348 8091420



Sanmarco Roberto E Matilde - Maruggio, Italy

Sanmarco Roberto E Matilde
Piazza San Giovanni 36

Tel:   099 675003

Fax:  099 675003

Firkasz Restaurant and Coffee-house - Budapest

Restaurant and Coffee - house

Tradition - Tasty dishes

-  Dining

-  Meetings and conferences

-  Catering services available

-  Phone   06 1 450 - 1118 
                06 1 789 - 4644
                06 1 789 - 4661

-  Fax       06 1 450 - 1119



Every night Otto' Okros is playing at piano   7.00 pm - 12.00 pm

Hungary's best bar - pianist

1136 Budapest, Tatra str 18

Open every day from 12 am - 12 pm

Gozsdu Courtyard - Budapest,

Culture Fun Style

Come and see the most popular and trendy location of the Budapest nightlife.

Gozsdu Udvar (Gozsdu Courtyard) is a place where locals and tourists come together to have fun every day of the week.  Thanks to its cosmopolitan nature it attracts more than 1 000.000 visitors per

Gozsdu Courtyard is a part of the historic downtown of Budapest.  The building is unique and is considered a famous architectural work both in Europe and around the world Gozdu Courtyard was a part of the Jewish ghetto of Fest and the last piece of the ghetto wall has been preserved up to this day to mark this episode of the Courtyard's history.

Find us at     www.gozsduudvar


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hotel De L'Opera - Bordeaux, France

Hotel De L' Opera
35 Rue Esprit des Lois
33000 Bordeaux

Tel:   +33 5 56 81 41 27

Fax:   +33 5 56 51 78 80



Hotel Des 4 Soeurs - Bordeaux, France

Hotel Des 4 Soeurs
6 Cours da XXX Juillet
33000 Boulevard

Tel:   +33 5 57 81 19 20

Fax:  +33 5 5601 04 28



Masaniello Ristorante e Pizzeria - Bordeaux, France

Open 7 / 7  lunch & dinner

Masaniello Ristorante e Pizzeria
10, Rue Maucoudinat

Quartier St Pierre, pres de la Place Camille Julian

Tel:   05 57 30 61 50

Web:   www.pizzeriamasaniello .com

Facebook:   pizzeria restaurant masaniello

B d B Le Bar du Boucher - Bordeaux, France

City centre enter la Place de la Bourse and rue St Catherine.

Open everyday until 2 h

B B Le Bar du Boucher
5, Rue Du Parlement Ste-Catherine
33000 Bordeaux

Tel:  05 56 81 37 37


Galeries Lafayette - Bordeaux, France

Open Sundays  11 h to 19 h

Monday to Saturday  9 h 30 to 20 h

Galleries Lafayette Bordeaux
11 - 19 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Magasin Homme
12 Rue Porte Dijeaux

Tel:   +33 (0)5 56 90 92 71

HBEO - BW Best Western Plus - Bordeaux, France

Be at the heart of the Bordeaux way of life.

Conveniently located in the Golden Triangle

HEBO* * *
BW Plus Hotel "Bayonne Etche Ona" Bordeaux
4 rue Martignac et 11 rue Mautrec
33000 Bordeauc

Tel:   +33 (0)5 56 48 00 88


De Seze Hotel - Bordeaux, France

Spa   Restaurant   Lounge   Golf

De Seze Hotel * * * *
Allees de Tourny

Tel:   05 56 14v 16 16


Quai Des Marques - Bordeaux, France

Boutiques & Restaurants

Open all year.  Tuesdays to Sundays   10h to 19h

Hangars 15 to 19 - Quai des Chartrons a' Bordeaux

Parking - enter Hangers 15 to 19

Tramway Ligne B VCUB - Stations Cours du Medoc' ou Les Hangars

BATCUB - Ponton les Hangars

Quai Des Marques

Val Malga - Sonico, Italy

Val Malga
Localita' Val Malga
25050 Sonico

Tel:   (+39) 347 0040445


Area:  Valle Camonica
Apertura:  Maggio - Settembre
Come arrivare:  con auto da Malonno o Sonico
                                         da Rino di Sonico strada forestale +500m  1h 15 min
                                         da Garda di Sonico Strada foresdtale + 150m  1h
                                         il rifugio e' raggiungbile anche con MTB

Baita Iseo - Brescia, Italy

Baita Iseo
Localita' Prato di Natu'
25050 Ono S Pietro

Tel:   (+390)  0364 339383



Riferimenti CAI:   CAI Iseo  +39 030 980703
Area:  Valle Camonica - Gruppo della Cocarena
Apertura:   Giugno - Settembre
Come arrivare:e sentiero, in 1.30    da Ono S Pietro prosequire in localita' Valatu'
Da Ono S Pietro, localita' prosequire in localita' Valatu' e sentiero n.98 (2.15h). Da Pescarzo sentiero
Ascensioni principali:  Cima dei Ladrini, Gruppo della Concarena
Traversate:  Scgilpario

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hotel Ibis Budget Bordeaux Gare St Jean - Bordeaux, France

Hotel Ibis Budget Gare St Jean * *
60 rue Eugene Le Roy (Saint Croix - Saint Jean- Paludate)

140 rooms

Tel:   +33 8 92 70 02 39



   A > Gare Saint Jean

Hotel Gambetta - Bordeaux, France

Hotel Gambetta * *
66 Rue Porte Dijeaux ( Meriadeck - Hotel de Ville)

31 rooms

Tel:  +33 5 56 51 21 83



   B > Gambetta

Hotel Du Theatre - Vieux Bordeaux, France

Hotel Du Theatre * *
10 Rur De La Maison Daurade
Vieux Bordeaux

23 Rooms

Tel:   33 5 56 79 05 26



F  A > Grand Theatre

Colombe' - Brescia, Italy

Localita' Monte Colombe'
25050 Paspardo

Tel:   (+39) 328 7978334



Area:     Valle Camonica

Apertura:  Maggio - Settembre

Come arrivare:   da Paspardo sent n117 ore 1.30 +700m, in MTB in 45'

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Travel & Living Di Mansi Emanuele - Trani, Italy

Travel & Living Di Mansi Emanuele
Via Aldo Moro 17
Trani  76125

Tel:     0883 481245

Cell:   348 0064887

Fax:    0883 481245



B & B Le Due Civette - Ruovo Di Puglia, Italy

B&B Le Due Civette
Via F Loria 3
Ruvo Di Puglia

Cell:   393 2021105

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

B&B Borgo Antico - Monopoli, Italy

B&B Borgo Monopoli
Via Barbacana NC
Monopoli  70043

Cell: 338 8339771 - 349 1472711


Masseria Le Fabriche - Maruggio, Italy

Masseria Le Fabriche * * * *
S.P 130 Torincella-Maruggio Km 39
Maruggio 74020

Tel:   099 9738284
Fax:  099 9738284
Cell:  335 495173



Simblija Care Home - Naxxar, Malta

Care - Compassion - Competence

Simblija Care Home
Triq il-Forga,
Naxxar  NXR  2025

Tel:   2235 1000

Web:   www.simblijacarehome,com

Monday, September 18, 2017

Protect Yourself from Head Lice

Protect yourself from Head Lice
with the powerful healing properties of Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil.


100% Tea Tree Oil being a strong antiseptic will kill lice and their eggs.  Too clear lice and eggs , add
5 to 10 drops of 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil to measure of Daily treatment Conditioner: Then comb out the hair to remove lice.
Repeat process 2 to 3 times a week for up to 2 weeks.


The back-to-school is at hand.  Apply a couple of drops of 100% Pure Tree Oil behind your child's ears and around hair line. Tea Tree Oil will act as a repellent without damaging the skin.

Join the head lice free zone with Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil
Sadly head lice are a very common problem and we tend to see them especially on kids between 3 years to 12 years

Try Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil samples by calling Biocare Company ltd on

T:   21 42 44 01/2


Strauss & Mozart - Vienna, Austria

Enjoy the wonderful music of Strauss & Mozart.

The Kursalon, built from 1865 - 1867 in the Italian Renaissance style, is one of the most splendid
buildings in Vienna.  This is where the true Viennese Johann Strauss Jr. earned his title as the
"Waltz King" for which he was perpetauted with the famous golden statue in front of Kursalon,
"Sound of Vienna" keeps this lovely tradition alive with classical music concerts at the highest level.

The "Salonorchester Alt Wien", one of the best -known interpreters of Viennese classical music, performs a sparkling selection of the loveliest melodies of waltz king Johann Strauss and of the most important representative of the Viennese classicism, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Virtuoso musicians
superb opera singers and enchanting ballet soloists present an evening  full of Viennese charm, with swinging waltzes, polkas, arias and duets of the highest artistic level.


New Year's Eve Gala

Celebrate the New Year's Eve Gala, followed by the Strauss& Mozart concert, waltz workshop and dance music after midnight provides an ideal scenery for a memorable New Year's Eve.  The highlight of the evening is the musical fireworks show at midnight after which you can enjoy the rest
of the evening by joining the New Year's party.

Johann Strauss (1825 - 1899)

With his compositions in the field of so-called light enertainment , Johann Strauss (Son), the "Waltz King", cast everything in the same genre into the shade.  His career began in the year 1844, whwn he made his sensationally successful debut with his own orchestra in Dommayer's Casino in Hietzing.
It was the beginning of an unprecedented triumphal progress that among otherthings led him, together with his brothers Joseph and Eduard, to the Kursalon Wien. From 1856 onwards,the concert tours which were organised on a grand scale throughout the whole Europe, and the American tour of
1872 , triggered real "Strauss hysteria", His popularity was unsurpassed, impressed by Offenbach's
operattas, he started to compose his own works for the stage on a concert grand of the Austrian piano
manufacturer Bosendoefer .By this means, the waltz and other types of dance such as the gallop[,polka, march and czardas became integral parts of Viennese Operetta. The Golden era of the Viennese Operetta reached its climax with "The Bat" (1847) and "The Gypsy Baron" (1885)

Wolgang Amadeus Mozart  (1756 - 1791)

Like no other composer, Mozart and his music radiate an undiminished fascination right up to the present day.  At the tender age of three, Mozart was already learning to play the violin from his mentor and teacher, his father Leopold Mozart.  His first compositions came into being in 1761.
He undertook many journeys: among others, three to the then leading musical country of Italy, and
from 1969 to 1781 he occupied the position of orchestra leader at the court of the Prince Archbishop of Salsburg. Because of a disagreement with Archbishop  Colloredo, Mozart left Salsburg and went to Vienna.  Despite his early death, his oeuvre comprises more than 600 compositions including sacred music, operas, lyrical  dramas and other stage works, ballet music, concert arias, songs and canons, dances, symphonies, divertimenti, serenades and chamber music for widely differing ensembles and concerts and sonatas.

Sounf of Vienna
im Kursalon Wien
Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Wien

T:   +43 (0)1 512 57 90

F:   +43 (0)1 512 57 91


W:   www.soundof

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Popeye Village - Mellieha, Malta

Film Set Opening Hours:                     Nov - Mar:  9.30 - 16.30
                                          April - Jun, Sept - Oct:   9.30 - 17.30
                                                               Jul - Aug:   9.30 - 19.00

Facebook :  fpopeyevillagemalta

To get to Popeye Village using Public Transport:
take any bus that leads to Mellieha (Ghadira) Bay or
Cirkewwa mainly bus numbers X1, X1A, 41, 42,
49, 101, 221, 222 and 250 and get down at
Mellieha (Ghadira Bay. Then change to bus number 101 to Mgarr that stops at Popeye Village.

Ta Cenc IL- Kantra Lido - Gozo, Malta

Bar and Restaurant

Ta Cenc IL-Kantra Lido

IL-Kantra Lido -  +356 7987 3787

Hotel Ta' Cenc -   +356 2219 1000



Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lancaster - Days Inn - Pennsylvania, USA

Lancaster - Days Inn
34 Eastbrook Rd
Ronks  PA 17572

Tel:   (717) 390 1800


Malta Tourism Authority - Gozo

We make it easy for you

-  Restaurants

-  Visitor Attractions

-  DMCs

Malta Tourism Authority

GOZO 360, Citadel Cinema

Island Of Joy

A spectacular show!

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday :   10.00 hrs - 15.00 hrs

Public Holidays           10.00 hrs - 13.00 hrs

Sundays open on request for groups

Citadel Cinema

Tel:   2155 9955


IL- Kcina Ghawdxija - Xlendi, Gozo

Traditional Gozitan Cuisine

IL - Kcina Ghawdxija
Xlendi Waterfront,
Xlendi, Gozo, Malta

Tel:   +356 79539117



Fliegu - Nadur, Gozo

Dining / Drinks / Panoramic Views

Open for Lunch & Dinner, Closed on Tuesdays.

"Where breathtaking meets mouthwatering"

Find us on the road from Nadur to Mgarr overlooking the Gozo Channel

Triq L-Mgarr,
Nadur Gozo

Call:   +356 21550055Triq L=Mgarr

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Stage Proms on the Sea - Mgarr Marina, Gozo

A spectacular concert reminiscent of London West-End shows and evergreen masterpieces from the proms, audience may enjoy a galore of excerpts and medleys from musicals as also classic encores gozo performed  in the BBC proms final night held at the Royal Albert Hall.

Mgarr Marina

Monday 11th September, 2017  - 8.30 pm

With the participation of Ludwig Galea and Sarah Bonnici

Info and Reservation:   79 421 611 99 421 611


Lancaster - Days Inn & Suites - Pennsylvania, USA

Lancaster - Days Inn & Suites
Conference Center
1492 Lititz Pike
Lancaster  PA  17601

Tel:   (717) 390 1800


Nacogdoches Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Nacogdoches Days Inn & Suites
2724 North St
Nacogdoches  TX 75965

Tel:   (936) 715 0005


Martinsville - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Martinsville - Days Inn
3841 Greensboro Road
Ridgeway  VA 24148

Tel:   (276) 638 3914


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

B&B Villa Ricci - Martina Franca, Italy

B&B Villa Ricci
Via Tranto C/Da Madonna Del Pozzo Zona F  34
Martina Franca

Tel:   080 4805534

B&B Villa Ferreri - Martina Franca, Italy

B&B Villa Ferreri
Contrada Franzullo Zona G 11 544
Martina Franca

Tel:   338 7216313 - 349 8745565



B&B Residenza Margherita - Fasano, Italy

B&B Residenza Margherita
Via Teano, 23 - Montalbano

Tel:   080 4810374



B & & Palazzo Pesce - Mola Di Bari, Italy

B&B Palazzo Pesce
Via N Van Westerhout 24
Mola Di Bari, Italy

Tel:    080 4734666

Cell:   329 7182130


Doswell - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Doswell - Days Inn
At Kings Dominion
16220 International Street
Doswell  VA 23047

Tel:   (804) 612 8880


Dallas - Days Inn & Suites - Texas, USA

Dallas - Days Inn & Suites
1-35 & Nw Hwy
2334 W Northwest Hwy
Dallas  TX 75220

Tel:   (214) 350 5800


Clinton - Days Inn - Mississippi, USA

Clinton - Days Inn
Jackson Area/1-20 Exit 36
482 Springridge Rd
Clinton  MS 39056

Tel:   (601) 925 5065


Minneapolis - Days Hotel - Minnesota, USA

Minneapolis - Days Inn
University of Minnesota
2407 University Ave SE
Minneapolis  MN 55414

Tel:   (612) 623 3999


Monday, September 11, 2017

Hotel Lowen Am See - Zug, Switzerland

A modern, 4 star city hotel in the low-traffic Zug Old Town, right on the lake.
All rooms are air-conditioned. The hotel has a fire safety certificate from the Zurich Institute of Safety.
The railway station is a ten minute walk away.

Hotel Lowen Am See ** * *
Landsgemeideplatz 1 Zug

Tel:      +41(0)41 725 22 22

Web:    +41 (0)41 725 22 00



City Garden Hotel - Zug, Switzerland

The City Garden Hotel stands out or its attractive design and modern materials, which are in harmony with the given surroundings at the edge of the forest.

City Garden Hotel * ** * *S
Metalistrasse 20

Tel:   +41 (0)41 727 44 44

Fax:  +41(0)41 727 44 45



Parkhotel Zug - Zug, Switzerland

The Parlhotel is located in the heart of Zug and offers its international guests as well as individual travelers 112 modern rooms

Parkhotel Zug * * * *S
Industriestrasse 34

Tel:   +41 (0)41 727 48 48

Fax:  +41 (0)41 727 48 49




IL Vecchio Bastione Restaurant - Catania, Scily

Seafood and Pizza

IL Vecchio Bastione
Via del Vecchio Bastione, 27
(Zana Archi della Martina)
96131 Catania

Tel:  +39 096 310903

E Mail:

Friday, September 8, 2017

Gozo Adventures - Gozo, Malta

Discover The Year Round Natural Playground

-  Sea Kayaking Day Trips

-  Active Island Tours

-  Climbing Tours

-  Biking Tours

-  Hiking Tours

-  Eco Tours

All tours are led by experienced guides, making them suitable for all levels of ability including
beginners, and group sizes are kept small.

The price includes being met at the Mgarr Ferry Terminal if needed, all the sporting and safety
equipment hire, and a packed lunch.

For information on group rates :

Tel:   00 356 99994592



Or Find us on Facebook

Cornucopia Hotel - Xaghra, Gozo, Malta

Poolside Barbecue

Live Entertainment Spectrum

Every Friday from 7.30 pm

-   Home-made Soup & Pasta + Beef Steaks

-   Chicken - Fish  - Pork Spare Ribs - Lamb Chops

-   Sausages - Assorted Salads and Rice

-   Baked Sachet Potatoes - Vegetables

-   Fresh Fruit - Ice Cream - Sweets - Coffee

Booking Essential

Cornucopia Hotel
Gnien Imrik Street,
Xaghra XRA 1521  Gozo

Tel:  (+356) 21556486, 21553866 , 21552633, 21552634



Ea' Cenc IL- Kantra Lido - Gozo, M\lta

Bar and Restaurant

Known for hundred of years as 'il-Kantra' , because of its savage beauty and its limpid clear waters, it
is located in the rocky fjord inlet of Mgarr ix-Xini, nestling on part of ta' Cenc Territory.

While enjoying a breath taking view of the Maltese Islands for Lunch or Dinner, il- Kantra Restaurant
offers a variety of Sicilian as well as Local Cuisine rich with a fresh fish and tender meat specialties..

Sun beds, Umbrellas and Showers / Toilet facilities are also available

Bookings Recommended

Hotel Ta' Cenc & Spa
Kantra Lido

Tel:   2219 1000

Mob:   7987 3787


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Killeen - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Killeen - Days Inn
1602 E Centex Expwy
Killeen  TX 76541

Tel:   (254) 554 2727


Lexington - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Lexington - Days Inn
Keydet General
325 West Midland Trail
Lexington  VA 24450

Tel:   (540) 463 2143


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lexington - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Lexington - Days Inn
2809  North Lee Hwy
Lexington  VA 24450

Tel:   (540) 463 8131


Monday, September 4, 2017

Kalidria Grand Hotel - Castellaneta, Italy

Kilidria Grand Hotel * * * * *
S.S 106

Tel:   099 8201001

Fax:   099 8201008



Hotel Blu Salento Village - Nardo', Italy

Hotel Blu Salento Village * * * *
Via Leuca /Loc Sant' isidoro

Tel:  0833 834511

Fax:   0833 834545



B&B Villa Sitrie Di Maggio Antonio - Muro Leccese, Italy

B&B Villa Sitrie Di Maggio Antonio
Via Veneto, 151
Muro Leccese

Tel:   0836 341542

Cell:   320 0863888



Hotel Parco Del Marchese - San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

Hotel Parco Del Marchese * * *
Contrada Coppe
San Giovanni Rotondo 71013

Tel:   0882418032

Fax:   0882450364

Killeen - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Killeen - Days Inn
Fort Hood
810 E Central Texas Expy
Killeen  TX 76541

Tel:   (254) 554 2727


Colonial Beach - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Colonial Beach - Days Inn
On The Potomac
30 Colonial Ave.,
Colonial Beach  VA 22443

Tel:   ( 804) 224 0404


Kilgore - Days Inn - Texas, USA

Kilgore - Days Inn
1-20 Exit 589
3505 Hwy 259 N
Kilgore  TX  75662

Tel:   (903) 983 2975


Christiansburg - Days Inn - Virginia, USA

Christiansburg - Days Inn
1-81 Exit 118c
2635 Roanoke St
Christiuansburg VA 24073

Tel:   (540) 382 0261


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Escape Room - Budapest

Think fast and best the clock!
Real -life room escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which a group of friends are
locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and escape the room within one hour.  Everything could have significant meaning?  A scratch on the wall,
a set of numbers , a cryptic message in the radio.  You will need teamwork, creativity and
resourcefulness to escape in time.

-  Work in a team

-  Minimnum room topics to choose from

-  Different room topics to choose from

-  Start, Depending on availibility

The Point Budapest

Tel:   +36 70 335 5442 at the reception /promoter


     #escaperoombudapest #thepoint

Pleasure Flights - Budapest

Let's admire the capital from a brand new point of view!  Budapest has one of the most wonderful
landscapes of the world, divided by the most Danube into the hilly, Buda side and plain , Pest side.
Get an experience with an unforgettable pleasure flight above the city.  Enjoy the sights of historic
buildings , amazing bridges and the river which makes our metropolitan celebrated.  Accept the wings
for your best memory in the air!

-  Memorable flightseeing in 600 m  height

- 2 outgoings of pleasure flight

- Opportunity to try yourself as a pilot

The Point Budapest

Tel:   +36 70 335 5442 at the reception/promoter


  #pleasureflight #thepoint

Friday, September 1, 2017

Tour in Piemonte Day Guided Excursions

Saturdays and Sundays
One-day excursions travelling by bus with Italian and English speaking guides.

Wine & Truffle Tour
Departure Alba, 10.30 am (Piazza Sarti, in front of Hotel I Castelli.

Castles & Wines Tour
Departure Alba, 10.30 am (Piazza Sarti, in front of Hotel I Castelli
The first departure of every excursion is also in Turin at 9 am
[Piazza Carlo Felice, in front of Hotel NH Ligure]

For information and reservations;
VIC Very important Customers Tour Operator
Alba - Via Rio Misureto, 8

Tel:   +39 0173 442638 - 349 1037312
Fax:  +39 0173 366968