Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Lublin Summer Festivals - Poland

Lublin is one of Poland's most popular regions during the summer.  While many make the journey to the area just to see its authentic Old Town , it is also home to four unique festivals, as part of the celebrations for Lubin's 700th anniversary. And best of all ages can enjoy these festivals for free!

Between 3 - 4 June , there's the Night Culture, where 300 events take place all over town. Interesting
street installations and rooftop concerts are just a few things you might encounter.

Then there's East of Culture. Different Sounds. This inspiring music festival takes place between 8-9 July and features rising stars and world -class performers, including Juno Reactor and Nouvelle Vague.  The festival also showcases ambitious cinema, literature and contemporary art.

Between 27-30 July there's Carnival Satukmistraow, Poland's biggest festival featuring top-quality
theatre and new circus performances.  Finally, you can check out the Jagiellonian Fair from 12 - 15 August.  This fair presents different aspects of traditional Polish culture in a contemporary format, from
arts and crafts to music and theatre.

Lublin Summer Festivals

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