Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Fjardlang och Myggskaren - Sweden

Fjardlang - the site for adventure

Fjardlang is a nature reserve.  The varied archipelago landscape unexploited and the site is ideal for
hiking. You can, for example, explore the highest lookout area, 36 metres above sea level.

The island is perfect for families. There is a small shallow beach by the harbour and you can  go swimming from breathtaking cliffs around the island.  You can rent fishing rods, kayak and rowing boats.  The island boasts fields of mushroom and berries, as well as a rich wildlife.

You can travel to Fjardlang with cruisers during the day or you can stay at a youth hostel, cottages or in tents.  Here you will also find summer cafes and kiosks.

Myggskaren - Wonderful skerries which you can only reach with your boat or kayak.  There are two open sheds with beds.  These cannot be booked in advance.

Haninge kommun

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