Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Banjaluka - Warsaw, Poland

If you haven'f heard about us yet, you should know that we have been on the Warsaw gastronomy scene for over 13 years, moving from Makalow to the centre of Warsaw.  We're inspired by colorful, diverse yet still undiscovered Balkans.  Our gourmet kitchen is open late into the evening, with live music every day.  Sunday animations are the reasons for which our guests appreciate us the most.

However, if you already know us, then you have probably heard about our famous lamb chops.  In the words of our chef Olaf Michalczyk.  "I'd put these lamb chops above all other cutlets in the city"  You'll have also heard of Mrs Kate's apple pie and Mrs Anna's cheesecake which are the talk of the town.  And we're sure you'll know the regional takja.  Croation and Slovenian wines and beer from Basnio too.  If that's the case, we are sure we will see each other very soon.

Banjaluka  Est  2002

ul Szkolnaa/4 Warzowa   Tel:   +48 22 828 10 60 WWA

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