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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Uppland in bloom - Sweden

There are beautiful green parks and gardens to visit all over Uppland. You can stroll through the romantic English park on meandering paths, admire the geometric designs and pruned hedges of the baroque park, inspect Linnaeus' carefully selected plants or discover the nature-lover's playground. Or smell the flowers in dazzling flowerbeds, have a picnic shaded by centuries -old trees and enjoy
the well -kept gardens.

Carl Linnaeus lived and worked in our flower-rich Uppland. He wandered here on excursions with his students, and exchanged garden plants with his friends and colleagues.
We invite you to come and enjoy the parks and gardens of Linnaeus' Uppland.

You might like to delight your senses with a fragrant profusion of flowers, and build happy memories in pleasant company in a historic setting.  You might want to buy flowers and plants from the garden centre or take home a unique souvenir created by Uppland's local crafts makers.

Whatever your preference, we can promise you uplifting, life-affirming experiences.

Parks and Gardens of Upplaqnd and Uppsala at


Tourist Office
Kungsgatan 59, Uppsala

Destination Uppsala
Stationsgatan 12, Uppsala
Tel:  +46 (0)18 7274800

Visit Uppland
Regionforbundet,, Uppsala lan/Visit Uppland
Kungsgatan 41, Box 1843, SE -751 48 Uppsala

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