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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Marias Camping / Bengts Stugby - Sweden

Cottage Accommodation
Celebrate your holiday in a peaceful and relaxing environment.  All our cosy cottages one fit for living in during the winter and are beautifully nestled in a pine forest.  Food shop, cafe', golf and tennis courts, as well as sound and jogging tracks in a nature reserve are all within walking distance.
Approx  10 km to famous salmon fishing in River Logon.

Open:  30/4 - 28/8
Tel:   +46(0)430 285 85   Fax:  +46(0)430 273 2

Our peaceful family campsite is located in direct connection to 12 km seemingly endless sandy beach offering lovely swimming with and without swimsuit.  The entire area is subdivided by birch hedges which lend a cosy, leafy character.  Many excursions and activities available in the surrounding neighbourhood

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