Sunday, 7 January 2018

Restaurant KIOSK - Budapest

KIOSK is the creative merging of a delicate restaurant, high-class bar and relaxing patio, perfect for almost any occasion.  It's a metropolitan meeting point, where locals meet visitors, foodies taste Hungarian specialities, and friends celebrate life.  Located at Marcius 15, ter 4, on the Pest side of Erzebet Bridge, KIOSK is a shrine to sharing.  You order together, and your plates are served in the middle of your party to enjoy.  Grab a seat with a spectacular view of the Danube, relax with a glass of Hungarian spiritzer and a take a sweet bite of delicious pastry or home-made ice cream.

Restaurant KIOSK Budapest
Marcius 15, ter 4 Pest

Tel:   +36 70 311 1969

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