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Friday, 21 July 2017

Smaland - Sweden

Discover the province of lakes Smaland

Smaland has 53 SCR- affilated campsites.

This is a province of more than 6000 lakes, and there's hardly a campsite that isn't near fishing, rowing boats, paddling and swimming.. This is a mecca for pike and perch fishing, with options for those who prefer not to spend their time bobbing in a rowing boat - the ever magical Smaland forests
are never far away. Whatever you choose, this is a holiday paradise if you're looking for peace and quiet.

Top places to visit

High Chaparral - The real Wild West on Swedish soil.  The gun-powder smoke lies thick on the                                        ground, and there are action-packed and explosive shows with masked train robbers
                             and Lucky Luke throughout the day.

Adventures At The Children's Castle -  In the summer, Kalmar Castle  becomes the Children's Castle
                             Here, the children can challenge the Black Knight, go on treasure hunts with the
                             jester and meet the castle princess.

Astrid Lindgren's World - In the theatre park  in Vimmerby, everything that happens is based on
                          Astrid lindgren's stories.  After the performances, the children can play with  Pippi,
                          Ronja, Karlsson, and the others.

Smalandet Moose Park In Markaryd - An exciting experience for all the family. The small train puffs
                           through the Smaland forest among the moose and bison, and visitors can feed the
                           animals with branches through the open windows of the train.

Barnfilmbyn  Mariannelund - Welcome to Katthult and other well-known filming locations for
                            Astrid Lindgren's classic films about E mil in Lonneberga.  View the settings and
                            have a look behind the scenes.

Sweets from Granna - Granna is classic Smaland. Discover Visingso and feast on rock candy when
                             camp at Grannstrandens Camping.

Adventures High Up - Hestra is a place for thrill- seekers. Book Isabergs Mountain Resort's
                                  adventure package to experience the wilderness.

City Camping In Kalmar - Kalmar is full of exciting architecture and nice restaurants. Experience the                                    city from Stenso Camping within walking distance of the centre.

SPA and Circus - Tingsryd Resort offers everything from spa experiences and riding to
                             adventure swimming and summer circus on site.


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