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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Gekas Ullared - Sweden

Cottage accommodation

Holiday village within walking distance of the superstore.  12 accommodation options of different standards, sizes and prices.  The cottages are self-catered. Sheets, cleaning and breakfast available toe book.

The hotel opens its doors in  2013 and has 115 rooms, a breakfast rooms, conference room and parking garage. The hotel is just 250m from Gekas superstore.

Scandinavias's biggest visitor attraction biggest visitor attraction - Gekas superstore - is located in the heart of Halland's forests.  It attracts almost 5 million visitors annually and offers a shopping experience out of the ordinary It comprises 35,000 sq m of shopping area with ' everything for the home that you can fit in a car'.  Also restaurants, hairdresser, photographer, playland and relaxation area outside the store.

Gekasbyn is a stone's throw from the superstore. It is a year-round campsite and holiday village for any group, the girls, the family, the couple or a conference party.  Since 2013, there has also been a hotel with 115 rooms here.
Complete the shopping experience with your group by staying the night and cooking together, trying on your new clothes, bathing in a hot tub or challenging the others to a round of minigolf.

Book in plenty of time for stays of weekends and during the summer.  Welcome
Open:  All the year round

Pitches / Seasonal:  600/-   Cottages / Rooms :  250/115

Gekasbyn Ullared
Ulla Smidjes vag 20
SE-311 60 Ullared

Tel:   +46 (0)346 -375 01



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