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Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Langhe Roero Heritage - Ital

Castles, Churches, Towers and boroughs......
across Langhe Roero are amazing. They mirror the art and culture of this region and bear witness to its history, from the Roman era to the Middle Ages, from the age of Napoleon to the nineteenth-century days of splendour seeing prominent noble families in this territory.
The heritage of past is perceivable in the allure of old churches, the singularity of architectural elements, and the legacy of great personalities who played a key role in the history of this hilly land as well as that of Italy.
At the Wine Museum of Barolo the heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the future, and becomes material culture in the nearby Royal Residences open to the public.  The region's sites of memory of the Risorgimento also bring the past into the present, especially this year, as Italy marks the 150 anniversary of its unification.
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Strada Romantica delle Langhe e del Roero

You don't need to be in love to travel the Strada  Roamantica delle Langhe e del Roero but you may fall in love with the landscapes you'll see on your way from Roero to Alta Langa passing by Langa del Barbaresco and Langa del Barolo, and eleven of the more fascinating sites within this region.

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