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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Friluftsliv - Outdoor Life Sweden

You can experience the beautiful countryside and view the historic monuments in Sodertalje muncipality in a range of ways..You can walk along the Sormland Trail, Halsans stig (the Health Trail), the Talje Trail or around Lake Masnaren, for a few hours or be out for several days.  Visit a nature reserve, a park, a garden or a jogging track.

Other sporting activities to pass the time include tennis, mini-golf or a go in the skate park. During the winter  it is possible to ski on the jogging tracks and to skate, either on the ice rink or long-distance on one of Sodertalje's waters. If you want to try your luck at fishing, you can do so, with the chance of catching pike, sea trout. Baltic herring or rainbow trout. A fishing permit is required for most of Sodertalje's waters, see below where you can buy one.

Boule                                                                          Kusens
Lillehallen Petanque (Vid bolhallen)                          Falkvagen, Sodertalje
Tvetavagen 10, Sodertalje
08 550 111.84                            Molnbo IP
                                                                                    Rosendalsvagen, Moinbo
Bagskytte, Sodertalje Bagskytteforening
Lina Atrop, Sodertalje                                                 Tvetasparet                                                   Tveta Friluftsgard, Tvetavagen, Sodertalje
Curling, Sodertalje Curlinghall                                                                              
Manskensrinken, Erik Dahilbergs vag 17                    Ostertaljesparet
Sodertalje,  08 550 375 55                                            Ostertalje IP, Gartunavagen, Sodertalje

Kajak /Kanot                                                                 Enhorna IF
Sodertalje Kanocenter                                                   Friluftsgarden, Enhorna
Uthyrning av kajaker och canadensare                
08 550 170 73                                                                    

Holosparet                                                                      Parkourpark OCH Skatepark - vid Sydpoolen
Holo IP, Eriksbergsvagen, Holo                                     Ostra Kanalgatan 2, Sodertalje

Jarnasparet                                                                     Bangolf, Sodertalje Bangoliklubb
Ljungbackens IP, Ronnavagen, Jarna                            Bergviksgatan 20, Sodertalje
                                                                                       08 550 652 68,

Bowling, Badminton, Tennis
Bolhallen i Sodertalje, Tvetavagen, Sodertalje
08 550 860 10

Fiskekort - Fishing Permit

Gosens Sportfiske
08 550 129 20

Bilsten Turinge
08 552 403 40

Eklundsnas Campin
08 550 365 35


08 523 060 30



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