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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Experience Nykvarn - Sweden

- Taxinge Castle-   Enjoy northern Europe's largest spread of cakes and tarts with over 60 varieties, all
                            home-made. In the summer you can have coffee in the castle park over-looking                                     Gripsholm Bay

- Cartie Country (Ladbilsandet) -  The children's favourite. Children can drive around in their own                                                              cars here and take home their very own drivers license.

- Mangfaldens Hus - inspiring interior design and gift shop with a nice cafe' in the yard.

- Steam Train Taxinge-Mariefred - Travel on the historic steam train from Taxinge to Mariefred and
                                                         experience an old-fashioned trip on a provincial railway.

More tips for excursions are available on
where you can also order and downland our tourist guide.


Nykvarns turistbyra                                             Centrumvagen 26, Nykvarn
Kundcenter Nykvarns kommun                           +46 (0)8 555 010 00

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